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review 2017-01-25 22:05
Finding Love Down Under ~ Donna Jay
Finding Love Down Under - Donna Jay

Reeling from a volatile break-up Claire has no idea what she’s in for when she spies the beautiful brunette alone at the local McDs. Zoe, also recently scorned, can’t believe her luck in the form of a kind stranger and scores a “house-nanny” job in exchange for room & board.

Tucked away among the serene country-side, Zoe and Claire’s friendship blossoms slowly. These two have both had their trust irrevocably betrayed and fate has chosen them to cross paths to learn: life does go on.

The writing of this story was absolutely breath-taking! I could smell the lilac hanging in Zoe’s room and could breathe in Claire’s earthy scent from hang drying her laundry. Not to mention the comfortable description of my absolute fantasy home! I would love to live in a cottage with high beam rafters and exotic wood throughout the place.

And what's more, it was one thing to have a houseguest, and another to be sharing her sanctuary with someone who evoked so many emotions in her. The young woman was as skittish as a newborn foal and brought out every protective instinct in Claire.

Claire and Zoe’s relationship bloomed slowly yet realistically. No insta-love here; each woman fell in love naturally after their initial attraction. Although mostly a romance, there were some super hot spanking scenes that will make any reader blush and I found the circumstances of how each woman came to be scorned very unique. The past betrayals of each of their exes involved taboo instances and were unlike any other plot line I’ve read.

One thing that did stick out to me was I didn't feel Claire was necessarily true to age. Her age in the book was 27 yet I felt she was characterized to be more in her mid 30s. Her dress, mannerisms, and the way she held herself seemed overly mature in my opinion. Overall not a detractor but I did connect with Zoe more than Claire.

I love reading stories like this one that absolutely consume you and are so detailed and well-characterized you almost feel familiar with the setting and characters. Highly recommended for erotica or romance readers alike. xx

*Received an arc in exchange for an honest review*

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review 2016-12-23 05:46
Sexy but blah
Bad Boys Down Under - Nancy Warren

This book includes 3 contemporary romance novellas, vaguely connected by a place (Australia) and a surf board company all characters are linked to. The protagonists are different in all 3 stories, but all of them represent the type of romance I dislike. The hero and heroine meet, feel instant and irresistible lust, fall into bed soon after, and boink each other for the rest of the story. The plots are almost non-existent, and nothing is more important to both protagonists than getting their sexual satisfaction.

I like my romance with more action, with an actual story taking center stage and less heated coupling. Even though the writing was professional, the book didn’t work for me.


Note: It served as a book set in Australia – Task #10 – for my BL bingo 12 tasks of holiday season.   

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review 2016-11-20 15:11
The Twelve Tasks of the Festive Season -- Task the Tenth: The Holiday Down Under
Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates - Kerry Greenwood

- Read a book set in Australia or by an Australian author,  or read a book you would consider a "beach read".


Well, I can see how a screen version of this might work rather nicely, but alas, as written, it wasn't really for me.  I liked Bert and Cec, and Dr. MacMillan, and Dot (once transformed, though her transformation was perhaps a bit of a rapid one) ... but I couldn't much bring myself to care for either Phryne herself, or the narrative voice, or the story as such.  And I'm afraid the author already lost me right at the beginning, where there is an IMHO not-very-successfully-executed attempt at an Agatha Christie / Arthur Conan Doyle supersleuth-style "instant solution" of a crime committed in Phryne's presence (which then, even more implausibly, serves as instant motivation for one of those present at the scene, who doesn't until then have seemed to know much about Phryne, to entrust her with the both expensive and rather delicate task of travelling all the way to Australia to look after his daughter's wellbeing).  Moreover, both the author and Phryne seemed to share a sneering tone, talking down to the reader and half the other characters alike, which I found rather grating, particularly in a book billed as a "cozy" mystery.  Fundamentally, though, what I found fairly preposterous was the notion that a young woman, who hasn't been to Australia since her childhood days (when she moved in quite different circles from those in which she is moving upon her return, and who therefore can't possibly know or anticipate all the pitfalls of her commission), only needs to show up in Melbourne and, in the space of a mere couple of days, manages to solve not one but several crimes that have had the Melbourne police all up in arms for months ... and all this by pushing buttons that, in the case of both of the chief criminals, should have stared any halfway competent policeman and / or the criminals' own associates in the face within about the same amount of time it ended up taking Phryne to discover them.  (But then, Phryne has virtually no faults at all to begin with -- she is Superwoman incarnate, which is one of my major pet peeves anyway.)  Add to all that the super-clumsy drop of a clue as to the final reveal fairly early on in the story -- the sort of clue that, if used by Christie or Conan Doyle at all, is bound to be a means of the most skillful misdirection, not the sort of dead giveaway it is here -- and I was seriously underwhelmend all the way through.


Still, as I said, there were characters I enjoyed, and the writing, narrative voice and major plot implausibilities aside, flowed nicely -- and judging by the popularity of  both the book and the TV series, I decidedly seem to be in the minority here as far as my overall opinion is concerned ...





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review 2015-05-09 00:00
Love Down Under: Eight New Zealand & Australian Feel-Good Beach Romances
Love Down Under: Eight New Zealand & Australian Feel-Good Beach Romances - Joanne M. Hill,Serenity Woods,Diana Fraser,Kris Pearson,Annie Seaton,Rosalind James,H.Y. Hanna,Tracey Alvarez At one time or another I have read ever author in this series. So when I saw that a boxed set was being released, I jumped at the chance to read it. Receiving an ARC for an honest review was even better. These are stories that will make you smile and touch your heart with a little sex appeal. Each author in this series does what they do best. Love Down Under is a box set of stories by authors who take you on emotional feel good journeys. Worth reading.
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review 2015-05-03 00:00
Forever Down Under (Down Under #3)
Forever Down Under (Down Under #3) - S.M. Phillips A fabulous conclusion to Max and Jess's story.

Max is as smouldering as normal, but he has issues he still needs to work through, he also needs to open up to Jess about the the dark things that bother him, but being a man he doesn't find that easy!

Jess is having issues with her Mum as well, so they both have troubles. Max is also trying to sort out the problems at Stantons. Amidst all the drama gong around there time for romance and love ❤️.

I thought I would be sad to see the end of Max Wild, oops I mean Max and Jess's story, but It finished in a very satisfactory way and I'm happy to let them continue there lives in fictional world.

Looking for a romance split over two continents, full of lust, love and of course some angst, look no further. Make sure to start with Escape Down Under first.

5. Loved it stars.

** I received an arc for an honest review.**
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