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text 2017-07-01 18:25
You Need this Weekend Read
Mr. Either/Or - Aaron Poochigian

Independence Day weekend is here in the U.S., and Canada Day weekend celebrations are happening 100 miles north of my location. There are still a lot of summer weekends to fill with reading at the lake, on the beach, or just on your deck or balcony. And have I got a title for you . . . 


My friend, Aaron Poochigian recently published "Mr. Either/Or," a novel in verse (Etruscan Press). Get it online from Powell's http://www.powells.com/book/mr-either-or-9780997745528/62-0 or have your favorite locally-owned, independent bookstore order it through Consortium. 


Now, I know what you're thinking: "A novel in verse? How can that possibly be a summer weekend read, Carissa?" Okay, imagine this: A classic film noir (Act I), combined with a super-episode of "The X Files" (Act II), with characters that will make you miss "Alias," and a climax worth of a Marvel movie. 


Mr. Either/Or is either an ivy-league college student soaking slacking his way through higher education, or he's a government spook, running business as a secret operative for some shady characters. Well, he's both. And this novel is a pretty rollicking adventure that makes full use of the classic landscapes of Manhattan. 


You've never read a novel in verse? Don't worry, I had only read one before this myself (more about that in a future post). You don't read much poetry at all? Well, I won't chastise you for that here. Just let me say: Don't let it stop you. 


If you're just getting started with poetry, read the novel sentence by sentence. Don't worry about things your Intro to Poetry teacher insisted you pay attention to - line endings, rhyme, rhythmic feet, caesuras (what the heck were those again?). Poochigian's sentences are not opaque, and you'll feel them fine. 


What the verse does here is provide a be-bop jazzy soundtrack to the story. It highlights fun word play and pop-culture references. And most importantly, it keeps the pages turning. 


Try "Mr. Either/Or" - you'll like it, and you'll be passing it around your campfire to other readers in your crowd before Labor Day.



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text 2014-03-30 22:27
Either / Or

I was tagged by Martini – thank you, and apologies for only getting around to this now! (The bookshelves shown in this post are mine.)

Booklet or Tome?

These days, both. For the longest time, I used to prefer brick-like tomes to shorter books; especially those that would take me to a world far removed from my own, either in terms of time period or geography (or both).  But at times when you don't have a lot of time to read – which has been the case more and more persistently in my life in recent years – it occasionally also feels good to actually have finished a book, which of course with shorter books is easier to accomplish than with longer tomes. More fundamentally, though, I think these days it comes down to whether a book feels (too) long or (too) short to me; i.e., whether I think the author could have accomplished as much, or perhaps more, in less words, or whether I would have wanted more elaboration. Neither is good – so as long as a book feels like it's got the right length, color me happy, whatever its actual number of pages!


Pre-Owned or New?

Preferably new, though if it's a new-to-me author or a book that's gone out of print and that I absolutely want to own, I'll resort to used book purchases as well.


Historical Fiction or Fantasy?

Historical fiction – no question about it. History is one of my major interests, so a substantial part of what I read is history-related, both in fiction and in nonfiction. I love Tolkien's Lord of the Rings and other "Middle Earth" books, and there are a few other fantasy authors I read as well (the usual suspects – C.S. Lewis, Tad Williams, Sheri S. Tepper (to the extent you don't want to classify her works as science fiction)), but by and large, it's historical reads hands down.


Hardcover or Paperback?

Hah! Wouldn't it be nice to own a library consisting almost exclusively of hardcover books? I don't think that notion will ever be realistic in my case. I'm a collector of the Library of America series, and those volumes are almost all hardcovers (60 of the 65 volumes I own are, that is – and no, I have not yet read them all. But slowly does it ... and at least I have every intention of getting there one day. Plus, it's nice to know that whenever I do want to pick up one of those books, I already own it!). Similarly, I try to get books that contain a lot of illustrations in hardcover – not just photography and coffee table books, but also, for example, books containing historical maps and other images of historical documents. E.g., many of the books on Shakespeare that I own are hardcovers (though just as many are also paperbacks). Lastly, if it's a special edition hardcover (such as those by the Folio Society), I may end up splurging on it, even if I already own the book. But for purposes of daily digestion, I'm afraid it's virtually almost always paperbacks ... I mean, if it comes down to "I want to read all ten of those books, but I can only afford five of them if I buy them in hardcover," I'm afraid bibliophiliac greed wins the day every single time!


Funny or Sad?

Depends on my mood, but mainly, I think I prefer books that balance both elements – and that also make me think. Sheer nonsensical humor will make me laugh for a while, but I'll find it funny only so long (even if it can be a great pick-me-up when I'm feeling down); and on the other hand, I'm bound to find pure tear jerkers boring pretty quickly as well.


Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter?

Year-round reader here! Funny, I've never even thought about this. At the moment, it mostly comes down to reading in bed anyway – snatching a half hour before turning off the light, and staying in bed reading instead of sleeping in on weekends ... and I've always done that year round, regardless of the season. But even when I have more time to read, I'll just end up taking my books to whatever comfortable place I can find and start reading; no matter whether beach, living room couch, sun-kissed balcony or whatever is available.


Classics or Mainstream?

If I'd absolutely have to pick one of the two, chances are I'd pick classics virtually every single time. There are also contemporary authors that I really, really like, but I got addicted to the classics early on in my life, and I've just never stopped loving them.


Guidebook or Fiction?

Fiction, no question about it. Almost the only guidebooks I own are travel guides (of those, I own a fair amount, however). But I loathe self-help and "lifestyle improvement" books, and with my two left hands I'm totally the wrong target audience for arts & crafts books or manual do-it-yourself guides. If the question had been "fiction or nonfiction" (i.e., for example, political, historical, or scientific/popular science nonfiction), my answer would still have been "fiction" by a long shot, though not as categorical as compared to guidebooks. But we'd at least still have been talking about book categories that do present a true alternative to me ... whereas guidebooks don't even figure on the same playing field as fiction when it comes to my personal library.


Crime Novel or Thriller?

Is that still a clear-cut distinction these days? Certainly the golden-age mysteries of Conan Doyle, Christie, Sayers or, for that matter, Rex Stout and Georges Simenon are something entirely different from thrillers (and I'll take a golden-age mystery classic over most thrillers in a heartbeat). But even the classic noir crime fiction (Hammett, Chandler, Highsmith, Cain, Woolrich), which I love just as much, contains elements typically associated with thrillers, and so do many modern crime novels – and by the same token, thrillers (at least the better ones) have long evolved past mere shock value and into asking questions of society and the individual; something that, at least these days, is very much the territory claimed by crime novelists such as Ian Rankin, George Pelecanos, Dennis Lehane or Michael Connelly, all of whose books I love precisely for that reason. So although my short answer would without question have to be "crime novels," I'll certainly enjoy a well-written, intelligent thriller as well.


Ebook or Print Edition?

For the better part of 6 months now, I've appended the parenthetical "Does not and never will own a Kindle" to my Goodreads profile/user name, and have been using the image to the left as my avatar ... so there! ;) – I dislike e-readers on a gut level, essentially for the reasons that Ray Bradbury states here (except that you can, of course, put a Kindle in your pocket – but other than that, the touch/feel/smell/experience thing is the same). E.g., I just can't see myself switching on a Kindle for a good night read in bed. Also, I have to stare at a computer screen long enough every day anyway for my job, so when I read for pleasure, I am really looking for a different reading experience; all the more since I've noticed that when I read on a screen, I tend to read faster and skim a lot more, which is not at all the way I want to experience the books I read for leisure. And finally, according to the terms of use you don't actually own the books you "buy" to download them on an e-reader, but they are merely licensed to you, and you can't do anything with them that is not permitted as part of the license. If I buy a book, I want to be sure I own it and can do with it what I please ... ultimately it's as simple as that.


Collecting or Clearing Out?

Collecting, no question about it. I'm a hoarder by nature anyway, and I can't even bring myself to throw away a book that's falling apart, or that has its pages all sticking together and its ink running and smudgy because it's gotten soaked (I've once had this happen to books I entrusted to someone for long-term storage ... argh!). As it is, almost every piece of wall in my apartment not taken up by cupboards or other furniture is covered with bookshelves, and I'm constantly rearranging and adding new shelves – will be out of space for more shelves once and for all soon. (As a matter of fact, my mom observed only yesterday that I ought to be looking for a larger apartment in order to be able to store all my stuff ... Since that's not likely to happen, I'll have to find some other solution eventually, though at this point I have no clue what it could possibly be! And don't even mention e-readers in that context ... See comments above.)


Internet or Bookstore?

Both. I can't walk by a bookstore without peeking in (and typically, re-emerging with a shopping bag full of books). On the other hand, I wouldn't want to miss the convenience of internet purchases, either, especially since only a small part of the books I read are in German, and if there's one thing I'm not exactly nostalgic for it's schlepping home whole suitcases full of books that I can't get here from a trip abroad – as used to be my recourse more often than not in the good old days before the internet. (That is, these days I still tend to do this, but now of course it's a whole different matter ... I mean, what are all those beautiful bookstores in places like London and Paris for if not to be patronized?!) I've cut down on ordering from Amazon, however, as I don't particularly enjoy the notion of feeding a monster (one that also eats its own employees, at that, not to mention its competitors and, more surreptitiously, its customers). While I still may look for books there, and use the Amazon wishlist function, my actual online purchases are frequently from other vendors.


Backlist or New Publications?

In 9 cases out of 10, backlist. I hardly ever get around to reading books the same year they are published. For more, see also my answer to the next question (re: best sellers).


Best or Bad Seller?

Well, that meme may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I am suspicious of hype, so the moment something gets labelled a "best seller," it slides a few rungs down on my list of priorities, even if in theory it's a book I might be interested in (unless it's by a favorite author of mine and I know, or have every expectation based on prior experience, that I will enjoy it). Once a supposed "best seller" has gotten onto my "caution: hype" list, virtually the only thing that will then make me get interested in it again is a series of recommendations from friends whose judgment in books I trust, and who know my reading tastes well enough in turn. Even then, however, I will very likely not rush to buy the book immediately, but wait at least a year or two to see how its appeal withstands the test of time.


Cookbook or Baking Book?

I enjoy both and have a fairly extensive collection of cookbooks especially – unfortunately these days I have so little time to do any cooking or baking of my own that only regular dusting keeps my cookbooks and spice racks from collecting dust in the first place! Gone, at least for the moment, are the days when I'd return from a trip abroad with a stack of cookbooks in my suitcase and have friends come over for a "themed" evening with home made food from whatever place I'd been visiting ... These days, unfortunately most of my exploring of foreign cuisines (outside of travel) is via restaurants ...


Who's next? I hope that I don't tag anybody who's already been chosen – and I admit I have no idea whether there's supposed to be a maximum number of people you can tag, so apologies if anyone feels I'm going overboard here!


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text 2014-03-24 17:57
The Either/Or Tag

My first tag!  I got tagged by Peace, Love, Books  http://msbooklover89.booklikes.com/


BOOKLET OR TOME? Booklet, I guess? I read a lot of books in the 250-350 page range, so I couldn't really call that a tome . . .


PRE-OWNED OR NEW?  Pre-owned.  I actually get my books new, pre-owned, and from the library. However, lately I've become addicted to Half-Price Books and have been getting more and more books there, so I've got to say pre-owned.


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY?  Historical fiction.  Here I would say I read both, but I probably read more historical fiction, especially Christian fiction.  Especially historical books dealing with Quakers, Shakers, etc.


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK?  Paperback for many reasons.  They are cheaper, easier to stick in my purse, more of them fit on a shelf, etc.


FUNNY OR SAD? Funny. Again, I would read both, but I read a ton of cozy mysteries which tend to be funny.


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? Winter. I really read all year round, but I will say winter since there is less temptation to go outside and do something besides read.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  Mainstream. This one was pretty easy, I rarely read classics.  Whatever that says about me . . .


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION?   Fiction, no question.  I rarely read non-fiction, just the occasional travel guide or biography.


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Crime Novel - I assume by this they mean mystery, which is my favorite genre.  I do read thrillers as well though. :)


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  Print edition, but I do have quite a few ebooks waiting to be read.


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?   Collecting, I am without a doubt a book hoarder and have over 1,000 physical books at my house.  Yikes!


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Bookstore.  Browsing Barnes & Noble or HPB is one of my favorite activities. I do buy some books online, but the majority at a bookstore.


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  New publication.  I really like to keep up with the new releases, but then I get a pile of them going, so I guess they become a backlist . . .


BEST OR BAD SELLER?  Best seller.  I do have a bunch of indie books that I got for free for Kindle, but really haven't gotten around to reading them yet.


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK? Cookbook, although I really don't cook.  I like the 3 or 4 ingredient cookbooks!




I'll just tag a couple of people who hopefully haven't gotten this yet.  Tag, you're it!


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Degrees of Affection http://degreesofaffection.booklikes.com/

Hunger for Knowledge http://hfk.booklikes.com/

The Butler Did It http://mrsbaty.booklikes.com/




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text 2014-03-22 02:22
The Either/Or Tag

Yay!! a tag that's going around booklikes, if you've been following me for some time you know I love me some tags!!


BOOKLET OR TOME?  I've never heard of these words before but going from other answers, it's short or long books. Hmmm... I actually prefer average books answer from 300-500 pages. I've read some long ones but usually they scare me... and also love short books because I read them faster! But I have to pick one... Booklet I guess only so I can read more and more... :D


PRE-OWNED OR NEW?  Pre-owned. I'm so cheap and I have lots of books and can only afford to splurge on used books! It doesn't bother me! The majority of my collection is used books!


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY?  I love both but I have to go with Historical fiction :) I love being in another time-period and/or learning about certain points in history! Love when it's combined with romance or fantasy or paranormal or any other genre I like!


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK?  Paperback because they are more comfortable to read. Specifically like trade paperback. But also like hardcovers sooo...


FUNNY OR SAD? This ones tough because I love light books that make me laugh but also love books that really make me feel and cry. (This description makes me think of the Fault in Our Stars which makes you laugh and cry LOVE) CRAP. I think based on what I read, I'll pick sad. I love a good cry and book that just makes you feel!


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? I am not a seasonal reader, I read all year! I'm not in school anymore so I'm not confined to the summer to get most of my reading done. I love all the reading. But I must pick. I'll say winter because I love the feeling of getting cozy with a book and a hot cup of tea in your bed or comfy chair :)


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM?  Mostly Mainstream. I feel kind of bad but to be honest I mostly read popular books... because they are hyped and I get excited for them, I can talk about them with more people, they are popular for a reason, they may have movies or tv shows... the reasons are endless. So that said I read popular classics too!


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION?  When I think of a guide book I think of a book that shows you the rope when you are traveling in a different county... does it mean non-fiction? Anyway the answer is FICTION :) I love being taken away into another world or life! But I also read non-fiction books :)


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Thriller... I haven't read any books that I'd necessarily deem a crime novel. At least when I think of crime novels I think of John Grisham type books! I haven't read many thrillers either and definitely want to get more into that genre! Especially psychological thrillers!


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION?  Print edition will always win for me. However I got a kindle last fall and am in love with it!!! I used to hate e-readers/books but my thoughts have changed! I have read just as much books on my kindle as print books and it's so fun, there's so many great deals, its great to travel with and sample books! It's amazing! I am so glad I got a kindle :)


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  Let's be honest here, I am a book hoarder! Collecting all the way! Currently have 600 (not including kindle books) and I love watching my collection grow! However, I do like to go through my books and get rid of ones I know I won't read or ones I hated because it can get crazy!


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? Bookstore, I love going into them and the thrill of finding a book you want! I especially like indie stores! Or also going to any used book sales! But I do get a lot of books online as well!


BACKLIST OR NEW PUBLICATION?  I'll go with backlist... I always liked reading but I started really becoming an avid reader in college so for the past 6 years so I have a lot of books I need to catch up on! I also didn't pay much attention to new releases (until this past year) unless it was Nicholas Sparks so I'm expanding!


BEST OR BAD SELLER?  God, I feel so snobby but I'm going with Best. Like I said previously, I read mostly popular books that have better ratings for so many reasons.


COOKBOOK OR BAKING BOOK? Cookbook because I am not the greatest cook but little by little I'm expanding things I can cook. Not much of a baker. I like easy and partially homemade food so I am no expert!




I tag some new people I have met today:


YA Fanatic: http://booksandthings.booklikes.com/

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Lyssa's novel ideas: http://lyssa.booklikes.com/

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Tullia (the sleepy reader): http://tulliathesleepyreader.booklikes.com/


Please check out their blogs and follow :) Anyone else who would like to do this tag should do so too, it's fun! :)


If you want to read more of these check out these:


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Happy Reading :) <3

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text 2014-03-20 17:39
Entweder Oder - Either Or [Tag]

Ich wurde von Trillian getagged - vielen lieben Dank dafür - und auch wenn es ein paar Tage länger gedauert hat, als ich gedacht hatte, bis ich alles durch hatte, präsentiere ich hiermit voller Stolz meine Antworten - viel Spaß damit! ;-)

I've been tagged by Trillian - thanks a lot - and although it took me some days longer than I expected to finish it, I now proudly present my answers - have fun! ;-)


Schmales Buch oder fetter Wälzer? - Booklet or Tome?

Eher ein richtig dickes Buch. Je mehr Seiten es hat, umso mehr Zeit kann ich in der entsprechenden Welt verbringen.

Rather a tome. The more pages a book has, the more time I can spend in its world.


Gebraucht oder Neu? - Pre-Owned or New?

Hauptsächlich neue Bücher. Nur Bücher, bei denen ich mir unsicher bin, ob sie wirklich das Richtige für mich sind, kaufe ich auch mal gebraucht, oder eben solche, die neu nicht mehr zu bekommen sind, weil die Auflage vergriffen ist.

Mainly new books. I only buy them pre-owned if I'm not completely sure if they are the right stuff for me, or if they are no loger available as new books, because the edition ist out of print.


Historisch oder Fantasy? - Historical Fiction or Fantasy?

Selbstverständlich Fantasy! Ich hatte vor einigen Jahren eine Phase, in der ich auch ziemlich viele historische Romane gelesen habe, aber mein Herz wird immer der Fantasy gehören.

Fantasy, of course! I had a time some years ago when I read a lot of historical fiction as well, but my heart will always belong to fantasy.


Hardcover oder Taschenbuch? - Hardcover or Paperback?

Unglücklicher weise hauptsächlich Taschenbücher. Ich liebe gebundene Bücher, aber meistens sind sie mir zu teuer. Es gibt nur einige wenige Autoren, bei denen ich mir die Hardcoverausgabe kaufe, weil ich mir sicher sein kann, dass sie es wert sind.

Unfortunately mainly paperbacks. I love hardcovers, but most of the time they are much to expensive for my taste. There are only a few authors whose books I buy as hardcovers because I trust that they'll be worth it.


Lustig oder traurig? - Funny or Sad?

Das hängt absolut von meiner Stimmung ab. Manchmal wate ich gerne durch das Tal der Tränen, ein anderes Mal brauche ich dringend etwas Aufheiterung. Unglücklicherweise habe ich bisweilen einen etwas merkwürdigen Sinn für Humor, so dass viele "lustige" Bücher für mich überhaupt nicht lustig sind.

That totally depends on my mood. Sometimes I find it suitable to wade through the valley of tears, at other times I desperately crave for something to cheer me up. Unfortunately I tend to have a strange sense of humor, so much that many "funny" books aren't funny to me at all.


Sommer- oder Winterleser? - Do you prefer reading in summer or in winter?

Beides. Im Sommer lese ich am liebsten auf meinem Balkon, wo ich von meinen Pflanzen und Blumen umgeben bin, und das einzige Hintergrundgeräusch das Singen der Vögel ist - naja, bis mein Nachbar seinen Rasenmäher anschmeisst. Im Winter lese ich gerne auf meinem Sofa oder in der Badewanne.

Both. In summer I prefer to read on my balcony, surrounded by my plants and flowers, and only birdsongs as a background noise - well, except for the occasional neighbor mowing their lawn. In winter I like to read on my sofa or in the bathtub.


Klassiker oder Mainstream? - Classics or Mainstream?

Beides und mehr. Einfach alles, was mich interessiert.

Both, and more. Simply everything that arouses my interest.


Ratgeber oder Romane? - Guidebook or Fiction?

Nur Romane. Ich bin mir nicht mal sicher, ob ich überhaupt einen Ratgeber besitze.

Only fiction. I'm not even sure if I even own a guidebook.



Krimi oder Psycho-Thriller? - Crime Novel or Thriller?

Mehr oder weniger beides. Da ich aber in letzter Zeit kaum etwas aus diesen Genres gelesen habe, könnte ich nicht sagen, dass ich eines davon bevorzuge.

Both, more or less. I haven't read much in these genres lately, so I can't say that I prefer either of them.


E-Book oder Print-Ausgabe? - Ebook or Print Edition?

Immer die Print-Ausgabe. Ich besitze keinen E-Reader. Ich habe zwar eine Reader-App auf meinem Smartphone, aber die nutze ich fast nie, und habe insgesamt erst 24 Ebooks in meinem Leben gelesen. Aber ich lese stattdessen ziemlich viele Hörbücher.

Always the print edition. I don't own an e-reader. I've got an e-reader app on my cellphone, but I hardly ever use it, and I've only read 24 ebooks all my life. But I read a lot of audiobooks instead.


Sammeln oder Ausmisten? - Collecting or Clearing Out?

Ich bin ein Sammler. Ich kann keines meiner Bücher weggeben, noch nicht einmal die, die mir nicht so gut gefallen haben. Mein Bücherregal ist 4,20 m breit und 2,30 m hoch und komplett überfüllt - und ich liebe es!

I'm a collector. I can't let go of my books, even the ones I didn't enjoy. My bookshelf is 4,20 m (13.8 ft.) wide and 2,30 m (7.6 ft.) high and completely crammed - and I love it!



Internet oder stationärer Buchhandel? - Internet or Bookstore?

Wieder mal: Beides. Wenn ich zum Einkaufen in der Stadt bin, kommen eigentlich auch immer ein paar Bücher mit nach Hause. Online stöbern mach aber auch Spaß. Da ich allerdings nicht ganz einverstanden bin mit einigem, was Amazon praktiziert (schlechte Arbeitsbedingungen der Mitarbeiter, fast keine Steuern zahlen, ...) , habe ich vor einiger Zeit einen Onlinehändler entdeckt, der 75% seines Gewinns für wohltätige Zwecke spendet, nämlich www.buch7.de. Eine hervorragende Alternative, mit der ich sehr zufrieden bin. Vielleicht sollte ich darüber gelegentlich mal einen kleinen Bericht schreiben, falls es Euch interessiert...

Again: both. When I'm going to town for a shopping spree, I always come home with several books as well. But online browsing is fun, too. As I don't agree with certain things that Amazon does (awful working conditions of the employees, paying hardly any taxes, ...) I recently discovered a German online bookseller that donates 75% of its profit to charity, namely www.buch7.de. An excellent alternative with which I'm really pleased. Maybe I should write a little post about this, if you are interested...


Backlist oder Novitäten? - Backlist or New Publications?

Eher Backlist als Novitäten. Nur wenn eine neues Buch eines meiner Lieblingsautoren oder einer Serie veröffentlicht wird, kann ich es nicht abwarten, es in die Finger zu kriegen.

Rather backlist than novelties. Only if a new novel of one of my favorite authors or a new part of a series is published, I can't wait to get my hands on it.


Bestseller oder Ladenhüter? Best or Bad Seller?

Sowohl als auch. Alles was meine Neugier weckt.

Both. Anything that piques my curiosity.


Kochbuch oder Backbuch? - Cookbook or Baking Book?

Vorzugsweise Kochbücher. Ich koche lieber als dass ich backe, und ich mag es sehr, mich durch das Lesen der Rezepte zu Neuem inspirieren zu lassen. Allerdings muss ich zugeben, dass ich auch Kochbücher besitze, aus denen ich noch nichts ausprobiert habe.

Preferably cookbooks. I don't like baking as much as cooking, and I love to be inspired to try something new by reading the recipes. Though I have to admit that I have some cookbooks from which I haven't tried anything yet.


Wer ist als nächster dran? In der Hoffnung, dass ich niemanden tagge, der schon genannt wurde:

Who's next? I hope that I don't tag anybody who's already been chosen:


A temple of words

BrokenTune - Reviews & Rants




(ETA: Frieda hat es vor ein paar Tagen schon beantwortet. Ups...


Frieda has already answered it some days ago. Oops...)

Gecko's Corner


Themis-Athena's Garden of Books

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