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review 2018-03-10 17:15
An Engrossing Sci-Fi Mystery
Micromium: Clean Energy From Mars - Davi... Micromium: Clean Energy From Mars - David Gittlin

Unlimited, clean energy is an elusive goal even in the future, where a company on Mars charged with mining the Mother Lode of minerals finds itself under investigation by an audit team which runs into more than mining operation discrepancies.


Micromium promises to be a solution to the world's clean energy dilemma and an ever-deepening environmental crisis.  One kilo of refined Micromium can power a major metropolitan city for an entire year without any environmentally harmful side effects.  There's much promise - but the team's latest probe may turn out to be their last as truths emerge that threaten not just projects and ideals, but lives.


Micromium may sound like classic sci-fi, but its roots lie just as heavily in a mystery as in its backdrop of Mars. Readers who turn to it expecting the mundane trappings of science fiction will uncover much more as they become involved in a blend of murder mystery, ethical conundrums, and corporate corruption and revelations that heavily impact mining operations and lives.  The story is thoroughly engrossing.


-Diane Donovan—Midwest Book Review

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text 2018-03-01 07:01
Save Money with Solar Power and Energy-Efficient Technology

Solar Idaho consumers know the importance of preserving the environment. Given the dire state which the planet is in currently, more and more people have recognized the need to adopt sustainable practices and use as few natural resources as possible. By doing so, modern consumers can help ensure that future generations are not deprived.


People interested in energy management in Boise and nearby areas would do well to invest in solar energy. In spite of any upfront costs, the long-term benefits of installing solar panels at a residence or commercial space are more than worth it.

Solar energy’s greatest advantage is its renewability. As long as the sun shines in the sky and solar panels are properly maintained, Idaho consumers will have reliable access to power. Solar power does not squander limited fuels and other resources. And thanks to advances in solar technology, people can now end up spending as much as 75% less on installing solar panels than they would have just a few years ago.

Not only does installing PV (photovoltaic) solar panel cost less for people who are concerned about energy management Boise, Twin Falls and elsewhere, it provides fantastic ROI too. Currently, most solar panels are warranted for 25 years. Also, solar cells can now generate almost three times as much power as they could 20 years ago.

People willing to pay the upfront investment for solar power can get most if not all the energy that they could want or need. For example, solar thermal energy can fulfill as much as 80% of a household’s hot water demands. It is at least 50% more efficient than electric or propane heating.

To ensure that they get the most from their solar energy solutions, consumers in Meridian, Boise and other Idaho cities should work with trustworthy PV solar professionals. The best solar panel companies will do much more than install a system. They can also provide guidance to their clients on how best to use those systems. In addition to this, they should be able to educate customers on exactly how much money they save with solar energy as opposed to coal or natural gas.

EvenGreen Technology takes pride in providing Idaho homeowners and businesses with the best solar technology on the market. Headquartered in Meridian, the company has helped clients in Boise, Twin Falls and other locations become more energy-efficient through advanced design and engineering processes, education and much more.

About EvenGreen Technology

EvenGreen Technology is an industry-leading company that provides Treasure Valley and Twin Falls solar energy clients with products and services at competitive prices.

For additional information, visit Evengreentechnology.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/SmzWk

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review 2018-02-01 00:58
The Simplicity of Cozy: Hygge, Lagom & the Energy of Everyday Pleasures - Melissa Alvarez

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
Rarely have I found a book that I cannot find something good to say about. But, this is one. Talking in circles, never actually making a point, trying instead to mystify the reader with buzzwords and mumbo-jumbo.
For example, "now that doesn't mean you'll never experiences (!) difficulties - you will because some lessons chosen prior to birth are hard....". (Sorry, I'm not aware of lessons that I chose PRIOR to my being born!)
Another example, "as you sit there, purposefully imagine the positivity of white light moving though your frequency, your own personal vibration, the energy of all that you are". Yeah, okay. Maybe too much coffee?
I honestly could not finish this book. Maybe somewhere after the first quarter of claptrap the author settles down and makes some sense? Perhaps, but I know I won't be finding out.
Skip it!

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review 2017-11-13 16:34
Anger Is An Energy by John Lydon
Anger is an Energy: My Life Uncensored - John Lydon
Interesting bio from an interesting  man.
I feel like I sat down and had a conversation with Johnny Rotten about his life. I knew a bit about him, the bands he played in and even other things he has been up to. I feel like I know so much more now. Getting glimpses into the backstage part of the show, sort-to-speak.
What a story too! Being a fan I was completely enthralled throughout. Especially in those private moments where he talks about Sid, and Nancy too. I've always wondered about his point of view. Now I have it.
I do feel that he bounced around a lot when telling a story, I mean, if you have ever heard him talk then you probably get what I mean. He gets back to where he needs to be, but often gets sidetracked in the stories. 
It's all good though, and fans, like me, will eat it up!
Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2017/11/anger-is-energy-by-john-lydon-23.html
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