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review 2019-02-10 17:23
Seth: Futuristic Spy Romance (Cyborgs: More Than Machines) - Eve Langlais

It's been awhile since I've read Aramus's book, but if memory serves, some of this overlaps with that book. Seth was married (and still is) to Anastasia. They have a long history together (were recruits together and later were "chosen" for the "enhancement" program). What led to their breakup was a huge "misunderstanding," orchestrated by the military.
While this is about Anastasia and Seth, I thought some the the underlying story-lines were further explored and will come to fruition in the next 2 books in this series. (Who is the company? Who is really in charge? Where did the nanos come from? An alien life form?). Adam's book promises to pick up where this one left off.

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review 2019-02-06 04:26
When A Beta Roars (A Lion's Pride) (Volume 2) - Eve Langlais

I'm mostly ok with it. The parts I have a difficult time with are the ones where the h is a battered woman, because while she's somewhat hesitant and/or cautious at times, she's not nearly as cowed as one would expect, given that we see glimpses of her past in the form of her nightmares.


Well, that and the lions keep taking her out in public, assuring her she's safe, and she keeps getting kidnapped. Not sure who to blame for that. I *think* in the first book the Furry United Coalition was mentioned so they're in the same universe. Maybe they should have been contacted. Anyway...


That aside, much of the book is entertaining, though the h's hesitance at letting the H claim her coupled with no-one taking steps to ensure her fortune wasn't up for grabs seemed to be calculated to invite unnecessary conflict. i.e. the only reason other wolves were trying to get their hands on her was because her mate's death left her a rich widow. The H was her true mate (as opposed to someone who just claimed her for the hell of it) and while I can understand her hesitance under the circumstances, SOMEone should have taken steps to put her funds in safekeeping. This, btw, was mentioned in afterthought in the epilogue.

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review 2019-02-01 02:40
The Cyborg's Stowaway - Eve Langlais The Cyborg's Stowaway - Eve Langlais

Well...that was amusing. Although...if the nanotech in the original cyborg series meant that they don't die, and this is quite a bit into the future and the beings hunting the nanos are hunting cyborgs...


Anyway...the implications in book one were that something happened to people in engineering that made them less...human. That wasn't quite the case apparently with the H. He'd been gravely injured, and his wife killed in an attack 4 years prior. The captain had gotten him...repaired...and introduced him to the nanos. He's put himself on ice. He didn't want to survive, nor does he feel like moving on.


The h...is an elf. I was bemused by that as usually elves are the domain of fantasy, but this is a futuristic. Oh well; might as well run with it. She stows away to avoid a fate worse than death - being forcibly married to the king of whatever court she was from. Why was this a bad thing? Oh...he's her father... She is unable to control the H, or the captain (she has mind control abilities), so...


Much manipulation later, her father's envoy finds them and...the captain cons the H into marrying her.


I mean; it is entertaining. And short. Not very deep either. Yay?

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review 2018-12-15 00:40
Freakn' Out
Freakn' Out (Freakn' Shifters) - Eve Langlais

I have mixed feelings about this one. Of all the books in this series, this was the most serious in tone (and had the least amount of sexy times). I liked Derrick and thought he actions (attitude) was realistic for someone with PTSD and dealing with life changing events (his paralysis).
I was disappointed in Janine. She had some BIG daddy issues that she hadn't gotten over and (of course) this affected her relationship with Derrick. To a point I understood her, and then not. 
Not the best, not the worst (Jungle Freakn' Bride just pissed me off) in this series.

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review 2018-11-25 18:29
Freakn' Cougar
Freakn' Cougar (Freakn' Shifters, #6) - Eve Langlais

Patricia has loved and lost. She was living in the past. There is someone killing shifters in prison. Ricky and Stu are recruited to help Patricia suss out the killer. 
I really liked Stu's Beta to Ricky's Alpha. I thought that they balanced each other out well. I enjoyed to humor. I would have liked the mystery aspect to have been a little more. It's glossed over. More meat (no pun intended) to that story would have made this better. However, this is still a good story with likable characters.
And this: I don't think someone "almost forty" is that old.

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