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text 2018-01-23 12:59
An experienced, skillful securities fraud attorney and an investment fraud lawyer for Texans: Obtaining a recovery based on negligent misrepresentations

Stock prices have been moving upward for years.  From the perspective of some observers, including those who possess a minimal level of experience in the financial markets, there is no end in sight.  To them, downturns in the stock market are nothing but a distant memory.  Confidence reigns supreme!  Regrettably, some stockbrokers have unfairly taken advantage of these dynamics.  Stated otherwise, dishonest financial advisers have employed unethical practices so as to capitalise on the robust level of confidence that exists among stock market participants.  Succinctly put, they have gone to great lengths to portray themselves as seasoned investment professionals, but in reality, they have regularly imparted investment advice that can scarcely be viewed in a respectable light.  All too often, they have disregarded the professional obligations they maintain by steering clients into stocks that carry too much risk.  And, significantly, they have not disclosed such risks.


If a stockbroker acts in an intentionally deceptive manner, he – no doubt – engages in securities fraud.  Significantly, however, the Texas Securities Act provides for liability even if the underlying misrepresentations or half-truths are completely devoid of fraud.  Granted, hard core fraud can make a case more compelling, but it does not serve as a prerequisite to a financial recovery.  In Texas, liability can stem from negligent misstatements.


Over the years, manyTexas investors have fallen prey to dishonest stockbrokers.  In the process, they have become victims of securities fraud in Texas. Nonetheless, consistent with the discussion set forth above, Texas law recognizes that financial losses resulting from advice that is carelessly formulated can have equally devastating consequences.  To that end, it may provide for a financial recovery even if the evidence establishes nothing more than ordinary negligence.


If you live in Texas and you are in need of an experienced, successful investment fraud lawyer, contact Chris Bebel. He is a veteransecurities lawyer who has repeatedly targetedfinancial adviser fraud in Texas.  Once he “rolls up his sleeves” and digs into the case, he may determine that the underlying losses are not the product of fraudulent conduct, but as previously noted, that will not bar a recovery.


Chris Bebel has been focusing on securities fraud cases for over 30 years.  Along the way, he has served as a federal prosecutor and an SEC attorney.  Plus, he is the author of various securities fraud publications.  Mr. Bebel works closely with Bradley Ellison, a retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant who has earned three graduate degrees.  It is important to understand that the number of cases Mr. Bebel has rejected greatly exceeds the number of cases he has accepted.  Consequently, it is important that you highlight any facts that may warrant special attention.


Based on the extensive trial experience he amassed while serving as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mr. Bebel is no stranger to the courtroom.  To the contrary, he eagerly embraces the advantages that are offered by a courtroom setting.  Viewed in that light, it is fair to say that the scope of his practice differs substantially from securities lawyers who lack trial experience — and thus confine their work to the securities arbitration arena.  The depth and breadth of his experience makes Chris Bebel a uniquely qualified investment fraud attorney.  If you, or perhaps your parents, are a victim of financial adviser fraud, reach out to Chris Bebel, a distinguished Texas investors attorney who has repeatedly capitalized on his knowledge of the written and unwritten rules governing the securities industry while building a record of success.  And remember, a so-called securities fraud attorneycan utilize Texas law to win a case regardless of whether fraud is actually proven.

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text 2018-01-10 10:44
A Superb Securities Fraud Attorney With A Strong Success Record

Several generations ago, most retail stock market participants came from the wealthiest levels of society.  Suffice to say, the composition of stock market investors which exists today has gone through a radical transformation.  Under the current dynamics, ordinary citizens regularly buy and sell securities. On many occasions, these transactions encompass assets that have been set aside for retirement.  Recognising that many investors lack the requisite knowledge and experience to make astute decisions in the financial markets, fraudsters have displayed a tendency to take advantage of them. 


In doing so, they have regularly placed a special emphasis on initiatives that are designed to mislead elderly retirees.  If you are a victim of securities fraud, we are here to help.  Chris Bebel is a highly-regarded investment fraud attorney who can help you recover your losses. He practices in the areas of securities litigation, securities arbitration, financial fraud, breach of contract, and business disputes.


In recent years, Mr. Bebel has maintained a special focus on Ponzi scheme cases involving the sale of unregistered securities.  Framed in compact terms, the sale of those securities was permeated with egregious acts of deception and deceit.  Along those lines, scores of Texas investors were cheated in connection with the underlying private placement fraud (a/k/a private offering fraud); if full disclosure had been made, it is inconceivable that any of the sales would have taken place.


If you have sustained financial losses in connection with a Ponzi scheme, contact a seasoned Texas investors lawyer who has battled securities fraud for more than three decades.  Call Chris Bebel, a knowledgeable, experienced investment fraud lawyer who has achieved tremendous success in the courtroom, as well as the securities arbitration arena.

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text 2017-12-13 09:39
What You Need To Know About Securities Fraud

You work really hard to earn money to give your family a good life and secure their future. You put some money in fixed deposits, you purchase a house and you also put some money in securities. But when you lose your money because of a securities fraud, it will seem like the world is crumbling down around you. All the hard work you had put in, to raise the money that you had invested, gone in the blink of an eye!


What you might think has happened only to you, is actually something that can happen to a lot of people. As a matter of fact, this happens more often than most people realise, and millions of people lose their hard earned money to such frauds, every year, all over the world. If you are someone who has lost money in the recent past, then there are a few things that you need to know. The first thing you will have to do is report the fraud to the relevant authorities and then you will have to hire a securities fraud attorney.



With an experienced attorney by your side, you might actually have a fighting chance to get your money back. The attorney will be able to help you with all the details and will also be able to locate the loopholes in the documentation. They will tell you what your next steps should be, which could vary from talking to other people who have become victims of the same scam or meeting with the authorities. With your securities attorney, fraud should become a thing of the past soon enough for you.

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text 2017-08-18 13:15
Kevin Ryall from world.edu IS A FRAUD !!!

Hello to anyone who's reading this blog post. I would like to inform you that Kevin Ryall, a  wannabe administrator of the website at world.edu, is a fraud and a scammer who slanders honest people leeching money out of them for services that can be acquired for free! I advise you to stay away from such dishonest, ungrateful and simply loathsome people who have no respect for others.


Here is the contact information of this person:


Postal Address


World University LLC

942 Broadway Street, Suite 314C, Boulder, CO 80302, United States


Tel: +1 303 731 3427




PO Box 849, Nerang, Queensland, 4211, Australia


Tel: +61 7 5641 4587


Telephone Contact


USA: +1 303 731 3427

AUS/NZ: +617 56414587

UK: +44 20 8133 0537


Skype: worldedu


Don't let yourself be bullied by such hypocrites!

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review 2017-06-27 08:40
Before I Say Good-Bye
Before I Say Good-Bye - Mary Higgins Clark

Okay, so this book was really confusing for me at first because there are about a billion different characters popping up all over the place (sorry, slight exaggeration there).  I had a really hard time keeping them straight.  It would start talking about someone (DAN? Dan who???) and I'd have to look back to remind myself who that was. Eventually, I got them all figured out and it got even easier once they started to connect with each other. 


I did like the story and it was better than I expected.  I'm glad I finally read this book.  It was in a box in my garage for a long, long time (in a galaxy far, far away.... and very dusty.)


I think the moral of this story is to always listen to your dad but that doesn't work for me. Okay, maybe a better one would be to make sure you REALLY know someone before you hook up with them. 


I can't really figure out what else to write about this book except that I liked it.  I thought it would be another "eh" book but it was a lot better than I expected.  I suspected some things but wasn't really sure until the end.  I'm glad I read this one. My brain is mush from the long road trip I just got back from.  I was reading two different books and listening to an audio book part of the time in between singing along to "We're not gonna take it!" ....so my gray noodle has the story lines and some lyrics all mixed up with some Alaskan scenery.  Dan may have been in a different book altogether or in Denali National Park!  Good grief Charlie Brown!



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