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url 2018-09-22 13:18
FREEBIE: "Yanni's Story" (The Spencer Cohen Series, #4) by N.R. Walker


~ Currently FREE on Amazon. ~

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text 2018-09-03 17:15
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The USA is celebrating Labor Day this weekend, giving us an extra day to read.

Here is a list of recommendations by BOOKS GO SOCIAL:


Sign up on the website (I did) and see the newest book offers in the genres you enjoy. Read about the hottest new books at  https://booksgosocial.com/

You may discover an author whose work you absolutely love to read. Hopefully, you’ll let the world know about any book you like by writing a review


Happy reading!


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text 2018-06-27 21:59
Don't Touch Me!! DNF, stuffed, awful

I entered this book into the database but it won't connect to this post.






Text of email sent to content-review @ amazon . com, with additional comments in [brackets]:
Book title: Love at First Touch
Author: S. J. Mullins
This is a collection of stories, not a standalone book.  There is no table of contents to indicate how many stories there are, where they are, how long they are, or anything else. 
Title story ends at 7% of the book.  The second story is titled "Burning Love," which happens to be another Kindle book also by S. J. Mullins.  [Indication of "bonus content" is required by TOS.  Said bonus content is limited to 10% of total book.]
Book title: Burning Love
Author: S. J. Mullins
The "Burning Love" contents lasts to the 73% mark, to be followed by "3 Dates A Billionaire Romance Story."  This story is also a standalone title.
Book title: 3 Dates A Billionaire Romance
Author: S. J. Mullins
ASIN:  B07415H495
There are several links to "subscription" sites, and at the very end of the book there is another link that says
Click Here To Read The Twists In The Final Chapters…

Mullins, S.J.. Love At First Touch (A Billionaire Romance Story) (Kindle Locations 11448-11449). Kindle Edition.
Overall, the formatting is  not conducive to comfortable reading on a standard Kindle device, due to double spaced paragraphs.  There are numerous typographical errors that a good proofreader should have caught.  I could have put up with that, but I am really disappointed with all the duplicated content.
So-called bonus content is not supposed to be duplicate of other published material.  Without actually reading the stories, I couldn't tell if they were m/m, m/m/f, m/f, or what.  Isn't that kind of like basic?
The AMZ listing blurb isn't helpful either.
Kyle is a young well-bred billionaire who does everything by the book including going on the several dates that her mother sends him to.
One night however, everything changes for him, after spending the day at the best friend’s wedding he gets him feeling emotional and after working through the night decides on a night cap. In the kitchen eh bumps into Maggie a sweet young ambitious girl who is studying for her classes. He is immediately impressed by her and strikes up a connection with the help. Sadly for him, Maggie comes with baggage, a whole bucket full of baggage. He tries to stay out of it but Maggie does not stay out of his head. Will he get involved? Or rather play it safe and by the book?


  •  This is the kind of crap that's clogging up Amazon these days.


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text 2018-06-27 16:07
Not a review, but a chuckle
The Gray Warrior's Bride - Emma Atwell

Disclosure:  I obtained this Kindle novella (?) when it was offered free on Amazon.  I do not know the author nor have I ever communicated with her about this book or any other matter.  I am an author of historical and contemporary romance and non-fiction.


This isn't a review of the text of this story.


Emma Atwell may or may not be a real person.  A bunch of her short books -- novellas or novelettes -- have been published on Amazon in the past few days, and they have a lot in common with some of the "stuffer" material that shows up in books designed to generate high volume page reads for Kindle Unlimited.  Amazon has started to crack down on this process, and within just the past few days has removed a number of high-ranking contemporary romance authors and their books.


Emma Atwell's short novels do not appear to be "stuffed" with extraneous matter, but her titles may violate another of Kindle Direct Publishing's Terms of Service: the prohibition against "keyword stuffing" in the metadata.


Stuffing a bunch of keywords into the title can have unintended but hilarious results.



Really?  Male pregnancy?  Do tell!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-06-27 15:19
Not suitable for work - Not suitable for stars, either
Cowboy's Secret Baby - Piquette Fontaine

Usual disclosure:  I obtained this free, I don't know the author (and don't want to).


This is basically a fuck book.  That's all that goes on.  I don't think there is so much as a single line of dialogue.  Romance?  Uh, no.  Just fucking.

(spoiler show)
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