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review 2018-09-18 07:35
With Strings Attached - Kelly Jamieson

Corey has a friends with benefits arrangement with her buddy, Matt.  She just does not want him to help her so much that she gets dependent.  Why is she okay to have him help her with orgasms and not other things?


Matt and his buddy Dylan are giving Corey a taste of the forbidden.  As they explore each other maybe all of them can learn what true intimacy is.  Matt is so devoted to all those he cares about.  Dylan has a secret that may rock their world.  


These characters were up to some pretty hot stuff.  I thought the heat was dialing up and up while I was reading.  Is it hot in here?  Anyway, true to form, this author had me hoping for a cool cloth while I enjoyed the escapades of these three.  Start of a great series, cannot wait to read more.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-09-18 07:06
Spin the Bottle - Sara Wylde

This is book #2, in the Fast Times At Ridgemont Hall series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding of the series and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading in order.


Jax and Matt have been best friends.  They are close and tell one another everything.  When she tells him she is ready to lose her V card, he loses it.  Confesses to her she should choose him.  She never thought this was an option and just had not considered this.


Matt is frustrated that Jax has a plan to be intimate with another man.  He has been lusting over his best friend lately and feels they need to talk about the options.  She just is not in the same place.  So he has to have a plan......


This is a fun and quirky approach to the best friends become lovers.  Each person is quite independent, and must seriously consider if this is a move they want to make.  The characters have good banter, and the book goes at a good pace.  If you need to feel good and get a smile, this is the right pick me up for you.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2018-09-13 03:44
Dared and Confused
Dared and Confused - Adara O’Hare

This was sometimes weird, mostly sweet friends-to-lovers short story.


The sweet: Jackson has never been attracted to or interested in anyone, male or female, until his best friend Chet kisses him on a dare during a truth and dare game. And suddenly it's fireworks and Jackson realizes there are things about himself he didn't know that he didn't know. Watching him trying to sort out his confusion and figuring out he's gray-ace was a treat.


Chet was super patient and supportive, and he's clearly been in love with Jackson for years but never said anything so as not to pressure him. There was lots of good tension leading up to the sex scene, which thankfully wasn't too long. Still, I was starting to lose interest by the time it finished.


Jackson's mom was a pure delight, y'all. She was like Christmas in July. :D


The weird: Why would Jackson's dad be so opposed to him wanting to be a veterinarian? You need those on ranches. Just find someone else to run the ranch, geez.


I also didn't care much for the hyper-sexualized truth and dare game at the beginning. There is such a thing as being *too* close to your friends, lol. I did like how it was used later though; it was a nice little callback.


Oh, then there's the Texas-speak that's all over this book like burrs in a billy goat's hide. Darn tootin! :P You can either read it or it'll drive you up the wall, lol.

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review 2018-09-10 02:38
Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of the American Feud by Larry Day and Suzanne Jurmain
Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of an American Feud - Suzanne Jurmain,Larry Day

Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of the American Feud by Larry Day and Suzanne Jurmain is a level S on the Fountas and Pinnell reading level scale. Worst of Friends: Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the True Story of the American Feud is about two friends who had completely different views. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams disagreed so much about how to run the newly founded United States that they created two different political parties to run against each other in the elections. This book has a lot of history and humor, and ultimately shows a friendship that puts aside its difference to keep their friendship strong. This book would be wonderful for a history lesson to show that not everyone agreed on how this country should run, but it is good to have differences to make the best government and rules. Students could write about a time when they did not agree with a friend, and how they resolved the argument.

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review 2018-09-04 02:47
ARC Review: Wight Mischief by JL Merrow
Wight Mischief - J.L. Merrow

I'm super late with this review - my apologies to the author and publisher.

The pairing in this book was a bit unusual - one a somewhat slow but super nice guy, and the other mysterious and vulnerable.

Will is visiting the Isle of Wight with his friend (I use the term loosely here, because I didn't like the guy - a self-absorbed user who didn't seem to care about Will much at all, but kept him by his side to warm the spot when nobody else was available) Baz, a wannabe journalist, helping to research a book on ghosts. Will is a nice guy - reliable, dependable, and slowly coming around to the fact that Baz isn't as good a friend as Will thought, and definitely not worthy of the shine Will's taken to him for years. He's intrigued by Marcus, whom he initially thinks a ghost (!!) when he first sees him on the beach below Marcus' mansion. 

Marcus is a recluse author, orphaned after his parents' violent deaths as a teenager, and having been raised by his creepy controlling guardian, a family friend, he doesn't venture outside of his manor much. Born with albinism, he avoids the daylight as much as possible and only goes outside at night. Marcus has built some massive walls around his heart - partially mortared by his guardian's controlling manner. 

The mystery/suspense was well done, even though it was clear to me early on who the villain was - I didn't mind; I enjoyed the journey to the final revelation (that was a bit of a shock) and dramatic climax. 

The author's writing style just works for me, and there hasn't been a JL Merrow book yet that I didn't like. Vivid descriptions of the island transported me directly to the location - I could feel the moonlight on my face, I could smell the salty ocean breeze. It may be a small island, but it sure sounds like a spot worth visiting - tons of history set amidst a rocky, rugged landscape. 

The romance is by design slow-burn but also fast - feelings develop quickly - as Marcus is torn between wanting to trust Will, wanting to experience what it would be like to be loved by a man such as Will, but also fearing his guardian and opening his heart to love. 

I adored Will. I wanted him to be happy, and I feared for his safety as the plot progresses. I don't want to give too much away here. Just know that this is a lovely story, with wonderful MCs, and totally worth your time. 

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review. **

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