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review 2017-11-08 05:26
Review: Dirty Games by Samanthe Beck
Dirty Games (Tropical Temptation Book 4) - Samanthe Beck

My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin


Samanthe Beck takes readers on one deliciously naughty tropical getaway in the aptly-titled Dirty Games. While this book has sun, fun, and enough steam to delight anyone looking for a fast and hot read, there’s also a healthy dose of emotion that gives the story heart and makes you want to come back for more.

Quinn Sheridan is a hardworking actress on the verge of making it big, going from popular TV actress to blockbuster movie star. The only problem is, after recovering from a knee sprain she is out of shape and only has six weeks to get into a skintight leather cat suit. When her agent sends her to paradise, it’s not for fun, but for hardass trainer Luke McLean to get her video game heroine-ready. Both Quinn and Luke had me from the get-go. Luke may be strict, but he’s also caring and compassionate. He’s got a good heart and he’s very good with his hands, which makes him a pretty drool-worthy hero. He’s been burned by Hollywood in the past and has no desire to get sucked into Quinn’s world. But there’s something about the spirited, determined actress he can’t help but be drawn to. Quinn is no spoiled diva, but someone who has worked hard to get where she is and who has very real emotional problems that comes from having an addict twin and a mother who enables him. There were times that my heart just broke for Quinn. I loved her mix of strength and vulnerability. She’s not used to being able to count on someone and that sometimes leads her to making mistakes. Her romance with Luke is fast-paced, but the situation Quinn is in means she has to open up relatively quickly to him which breaks down some of his walls in turn. Sparks fly between the two of them from the start, but their trainer-client relationship and all that goes with it means that getting involved is a terrible idea. Terrible idea or not, the sexual tension between them is hot as hell and when that tension boils over… Well, this book isn’t called Dirty Games for no reason.

Dirty Games is has a great mix of passion, fantasy, and emotion. It has all the sparks and sass I’ve come to expect from Ms. Beck’s work and I hated it whenever I had to put the book down. All in all I adored Dirty Games and I cannot wait to revisit Quinn and Luke!

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2017/11/review-dirty-games-by-samanthe-beck.html
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text 2017-11-05 06:18
Reading Update: 50%
Marriage Games - C.D. Reiss

I just wanted to watch her exist.

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text 2017-11-03 17:20
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Wofür so ne Woche krank zu Hause im Sessel lümmeln nicht alles gut ist. Man kann zum Beispiel sämtliche televisuellen Bildungslücken auffüllen. Genau das habe ich dann auch gemacht, und schwuppdiwuppdi alle Hunger-Games Filme hintereinander weggeschaut. Zurückgeblieben ist das nagenden Gefühl, dass man die Bücher doch auch noch mal lesen könnte. 


Gesagt, getan. Zumindest Band 1


Abgesehen von der wunderbaren Dystopie, die zum Zehennägeln kräuseln ist, gefällt mir hier die subkutane Liebesgeschichte ganz besonders gut. Oder man könnte sagen dieses Buch vertritt gleich zwei meiner favorisierten Genres: Negative Zukunftsvisionen und Liebesgeschichten die spannend bleiben, weil sich A und B nur in Paralleluniversen zu finden scheinen. Was will man mehr? 

Noch dazu lässt sich das Buch in einem Rutsch Weglesen und es gibt keine langweiligen Passagen. Das liegt nicht zuletzt daran, dass die Geschichte aus der Perspektive der Protagonistin erzählt wird, die einen ausnahmsweise mal nicht aufgrund nervenaufreibender Naivität in den Wahnsinn treibt (außer vielleicht was zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen angeht). Ganz im Gegenteil sie ist nüchtern, aber nicht Gefühlskalt und es bleiben uns ätzende Sprünge durch diverse Erzählstränge und Handlungszweige erspart.


Nichtsdestotrotz. Mal einen Moment innehalten und darüber sinnieren, was die Autorin hier für eine kranke Welt erschaffen hat. Gruselig. Und dabei gar nicht mal so abwegig.


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text 2017-10-28 00:06
Surprise, Surprise ...

Excited about the idea of a holidays-themed game?  So are Murder by Death and I.  Before you're getting in gear for exactly the "Twelve Tasks" you remember from last year, though ...


-- there just might be a little surprise in the wings after all.


Since MR and OB are taking a well-deserved and long overdue break from game hosting this holiday season, MbD and I offered to help out this time around.  So ... watch this space over the course of the next couple of days!


Your interim game hosts


Murder by Death and Themis-Athena


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review 2017-10-25 02:56
not for me
Bachelor Games (Tropical Temptation) - D... Bachelor Games (Tropical Temptation) - Daire St. Denis

Becca’s sister Grace was a contestant in the Miss Temptation Pageant .This was the pageant to end all pageants - a mash up between Miss America, and the Bachelor, and Survivor. It was to be Grace's big break.Becca was Grace’s twin but the plain very smart one. Becca runs into Calum as she os getting ready to get on the plane and he is a little rude.  Calum was the youngest billionaire and most eligible bachelor according to a magazine Grace had. Calum was the only judge for the contest. - part of the  the prize was a paid trip to Paris with Calum. P;us there was also a hundred thousand dollar cash prize plus being a contestant in such a big production.  Grace had been doing pageants for twelve years with Becca help for ever pageant. Becca has been taking care of her older sister since they were kids. First it had been bullies then loser boyfriends. Grace was a serial; dater  but also naive and had a lot of  sex and it was her favorite pastime yet Grace was naive and the  guys she dated were losers for the most part. Becca was the plain smart sister and Grace was blonde and gorgeous.Becca had her graduate degree in astrophysics and she had been offered a research position in the Physics department at Cornell University. It was Becca’s dream position.  So Becca was planning to move to NYC where as Grace should head out to LA to be successful.  But Grace had never been on her own and this worried Becca. While on the plane Becca ended up going into first class and was sitting next to Calum and to learn everything she could about him in the next six hours. she was determined. To her surprise Becca wanted Calum. Then Calum and Becca made a bet- after Becca had a lot to drink as she hated to fly-  if she lost she was to join the mile high club and have sex in the bathroom. Becca felt as Calum went it wasn’t fair that he had so many gifts. Becca felt the chemistry for Calum get stronger as time went on. It had been over a year since Becca has sex. At seventeen Calum had graduates from Harvard Business School. Calum and some friends started a small business together buying and flipping houses. They were so successful They were so successful they got into developing condo complexes before partnering with other developers in planning new communities. Once landing Calum was told they had to get rid of some of the girls soon. Fifty was too many. Also there was a meet and greet that night. Then Calum went to his Villa and showered then Jeffery Reid showed up he was the CEO of the resort. But right now Jeffery only knew Calum was a new investor to the resort. When Jeffrey was giving Calum a tour of the resort's grounds he seen Becca and got off the golf cart and he walked down to the beach where Becca was collecting shells. Then they both got knocked over by a wave and Calum ended up over her body to body  then he carried Becca to higher ground and kissed her. Just as Calum was ending the kiss Kevyn yelled to  Calum. Kevyn was the bane of Becca’s HS existence. Then Kevyn asked who the woman was and Calum said no one and Becca thought HS all over again. Kevyn was the only male who had ever come close to destroying her.

I didn’t particularly like this book. I didn’t like how Becca  and Calum interacted in the beginning. Once falling in love with Calum why would Becca be willing to hand Calum over to her sister Grace? Was it just so Becca could go to Cornell and not feel guilty or responsible for Grace anymore? I don’t see why Grace can’t run her own life she was the older sister after all. I think Grace liked Becca taking care of everything for her It didn't ring realistic in anyway to me I know this is a book but still….I like things to be a little believable at least. I like that Calum had overlooked how annoying Becca had been on the plane and also how her looks weren’t that important to him he felt she was good looking But all and all I was very disappointed with this book.

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