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review 2019-07-29 09:40
I Have Lost My Way
I Have Lost My Way - Gayle Forman

I might have liked this book more if I’d read it before David Levithan’s Love is the Higher Law. I feel like it’s trying to do something similar, but Levithan did it better (and in fewer words). I was annoyed by the tense changes and the switches from third person to first, and while the present tense wasn’t terrible, it still bugged me. I also didn’t get enough closure to satisfy me, but at the same time I have no interest in a sequel (which is good, since to my knowledge there isn’t one).


This is the third book I’ve read by Forman. Much like what happened when I read my third Lauren Beukes book, I think the time has come to admit I like Forman’s story concepts more than I like her actual writing and I need to either give up on her books or adjust my expectations.

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review 2018-11-29 23:10
I Have Lost My Way (audio)
I Have Lost My Way - Gayle Forman
I listened to this audio and I felt that the story was over before I knew it. It was a sweet story, a story that felt unbelievable at times yet you didn’t want it to go any other way and a story where the unexpected happens.
The beginning of this story was unique. It begins with Freya literally falling off a bridge and landing on Nathaniel, who was standing down below. Harun, is a bystander who witnessed the incident and immediately, he becomes a part of the picture.
I found it amazing how civil these three individuals handle themselves after this event. Minutes before Freya’s fall, each of these individuals were already pondering major issues. Now, facing a new peculiar crisis with complete strangers, they have something else to add to their minds.
As they come together, they find comfort in one another and that perhaps, this was no accident. That perhaps the answer that they have been searching for, is right there in front of them.
As I listened to this audio, I found some scenes too unrealistic for me. I did like the friendships that evolved and how the characters grew. How everything occurred in one day was a miracle but I guess, it could happen. 3.5 stars


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review 2018-06-10 18:06
I Have Lost My Way
I Have Lost My Way - Gayle Forman

Given the news headlines these days, I walk away with some philosophical messages from I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman. No matter how different we are from each other, more unites us than divides us. Emotions are universal as the young people in this book learn. Although the circumstances of each are completely different, they see reflected their own sadness and loneliness in each other. It is that recognition that says to them that no matter how bad things may seem, you are not alone.


Reviewed for Penguin First to Read program.

Source: www.memoriesfrombooks.com/2018/06/i-have-lost-my-way.html
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text 2018-05-11 16:10
If I Stay - Gayle Forman

I enjoyed reading this book; the concept is absolutely fascinating.  However, I was disappointed with the ending.  I know there is a second book, but I just did not like how the ending did not give any conclusion whatsoever.

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review 2018-04-04 12:47
I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman
I Have Lost My Way - Gayle Forman

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

Have you ever lost your way? I have. I don't mean those times when I needed to stop and ask for directions when I was trying to find a location although I have certainly been that kind of lost. I am referring to the kind of lost where your life has hit a point and you can't think of what to do next. Those times that you have no idea where you can even go from where you are. I have lost my way. More than once. I am happy to say that each time I have been lost, I have been able to eventually find a new direction to go.

I have very little in common with the characters in this book but I was still able to relate to them. I understood Harun's need to please his family and his fear of losing their love if he shows them who he really is. I also understood Freya's fear of losing the one thing that is such an important part of her identity. I understood Nathaniel's need to not be a bother to anyone while living his life under the radar because "it's all good" anyway. I haven't been in the situations that Freya, Harun, and Nathaniel find themselves in during this story but I found each of their characters very easy to like and I really wanted to see them find what they needed in life.

I really did enjoy reading this book. This is the first of Gayle Forman's books that I have had the chance to read so I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started. I have to tell you that I loved her writing style. I sat down to read just a chapter of this book because I had things around the house and the next thing I knew it was 200 pages later. I was drawn in by the words and the images that they painted of these characters. 

I really liked that the story was hopeful. These three characters are all at a low point in their lives and meet through a chance encounter. It turns out that meeting each other is exactly what they needed. I enjoyed watching them come alive and reach out to each other. Their bond developed very quickly but it felt completely authentic. I knew that they would be able to find their way together.

I would recommend this book to others. This is a pretty quick read that packs a punch. I wanted to know exactly what brought them to the point where they feel lost and cheered them as they started to connect with each other. I can't wait to read more of this talented author's work in the future.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Viking Books for Young Readers via Bookish First.

Initial Thoughts
This was the first book by Gayle Forman that I have read. I really enjoyed her style of writing and found myself not wanting to set this book aside. The characters were great and I loved seeing their bond grow. I really enjoyed this story.

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