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review 2015-04-30 16:43
Go The F*ck To Sleep by Adam Mansbach
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach,Ricardo Cortés

I guess as a parent, I did understand what it feels like to just think: ugh..I wish this child would just go to sleep!! Even a few swear words along the way in my head or under my breath..But this book, it's opinions...I'm not quite so sure about. Yeah, I know, many may tell me to stop being so sensitive, but if they knew me, they'd know, I'm far from sensitive. Yes, some things may bother me that doesn't bother them and vice versa. This is not a book for young children. And if you bought this book, not expecting the language and planning on reading it to your children, then get upset about the language, while reading it to your kids...well, um...ahem.,...Next time, read it first before reading it to your children. Now, for me, yes, there were some things in it that bothered me...Not so much that the F-Bomb was dropped, but how often it was dropped..and some of the things that were said period. I'm not a person who never curses, because I've been known to, especially when I'm angry enough...but I am one who tries to limit it...so maybe because of that..I took a bit of "offense" (for a lack of a better word at this moment) to the book..But its a lot more than that for me when it comes to this book...I understand it as a parent...but maybe I'm just someone who thinks a bit differently as well...I cant say this book is wrong...but it just isn't my thing. :-)

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review 2015-03-15 00:00
Go the Fuck to Sleep
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach,Ricardo Cortés An adult book disguised as a bedtime story for children. It describes in a funny and clever way all the problems parents deal to make their children sleep and its written like a book for little kids.
I listened to the audio version read by Samuel L. Jackson and couldn't stop laughing, recommended if your are looking for a good quick laugh.

“I know you're not thirsty. That's bullshit. Stop lying. Lie the fuck down, my darling, and sleep.”
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review 2014-11-23 18:21
LeVar Burton!
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach,Ricardo Cortés

I was just made aware that LeVar Burton read this.   I was used to Samuel L. Jackson's narration, so unsure how I'd feel about this.   (I love Burton, but Jackson nails the narration, so I wasn't sure if this would hold up in comparison.)


It does.   See it here.  Judge for yourself, but for me, this is equally as good as Jackson's narration.   The fact that he was caught on camera, thinking the book was over when it wasn't, was charming, too.   


And no matter how many times I read or listen to this book, it doesn't stop getting funny!

Source: seriouslyreadabook.booklikes.com/post/1050651/go-the-f-k-to-sleep-with-samuel-l-jackson-and-or-levar-burton
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review 2014-11-23 15:57
“Go the F--k to Sleep!” with Samuel L. Jackson and/or Levar Burton
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach,Ricardo Cortés

I actually think my stomach muscles will be sore tomorrow from laughing so hard. So, in summation, listening to Samuel L. Jackson read this is an excellent alternative to going to the gym.


For all you Reading Rainbow fans out there, Levar Burton also nails his narration of this same gem of a bedtime story.


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review 2014-11-19 23:39
Adam Mansbach - pure genius!
You Have to F*****g Eat - Adam Mansbach,Owen Brozman
Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach,Ricardo Cortés

Adam Mansbach writes what I (and perhaps he) would describe as "alternative children's books".  The man is fucking brilliant.  


Yes, I said "fucking".  If you can't get past the profanity, you are not the target audience for these books.


These books are for everyone who has ever loved a child beyond reason.  These books are also for everyone who has ever watched their own child, or someone else's precious darling, disintegrate into Satan's spawn before their very eyes.  


Sometimes you just have to let it out.  You can't be perfect every second of every day.  There are a thousand wrong ways to parent, but no idiot-proof way to get it right.  And I say this as a non-parent who couldn't do your job for five seconds!


Mr. Mansbach reminds us that we are all so very human, and yeah, sometimes we lose it.    And, my sister's warnings notwithstanding, my adorable nieces will NOT be scarred for life if they hear the word "fuck" now and again.  After all, they're allowed to watch Daddy watch football, right?  :-)

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