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text 2017-03-26 19:08
I'm left hanging in the breeze!
The Gold Eater (The Gold Chronicles) - D. Girard Watson


There is no third book damnit.

I'm never going to know what happened.  :  (


Did David survive the weird mind splitting thing he did or not?


Does the Calliope make it back in time to warn the American govt?

Do the Spanish get the upper hand in the war against the Americans?

Does the Empress smack them both?


Do David and Lara get together?

Or is he stuck fending off the nutty rich girl and her daddy on his own.


THIS is why I rarely start a series unless I know it's finished.

Argh!  sigh

Stupid TBR challenge.

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review 2017-03-19 16:01
"Nazi Gold", by Tom Bower
Nazi Gold - Tom Bower

This book was first published in 1997 and republished as an Ebook by Open Road Media in March 2017. I received an invitation by the publisher to read and review this book via NetGalleys.

Tom Bower, a British journalist, chronicles the 50 years of greed between the Third Reich and the government of Switzerland and the Swiss banking industry. Millions of dollars, gold pilfered from occupied country including gold teeth extracted from the mouth of those murdered were hidden away in Swiss bank accounts. The crimes didn’t end with the end of the war. The Swiss authorities hid the wealth from the rightful owners for the next half a century. Finally when a class action was launched by the Wold Jewish Congress against the Swiss banks a settlement was reached and millions of dollars were released in the late 90’s.”Nazi Gold” tells how it took a huge amount of time and patience to reach a fair conclusion.

Mr. Bower not doubt has put his heart into writing an account in great details. It seemed well-researched with first rate sources to back his statements. I was quite interested for part of the book but after a while the narration became too technical, highly colourful and particularly overwhelming. I found to presentation to be done in a journalistic manner: rather cold and in a sharp tone. Mid way, I thought things were going in circle and I lost interest, the writing was somewhat repetitious so I kept skipping parts to see the outcome in this grizzle chapter of history. Even if I was not totally captivated by this book it nevertheless gave me a better appreciation of the Swiss government involvement with Germany and the perfidies of the Swiss banking system.

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review 2017-03-19 07:38
Gold for Horses, El Vasco, Book 1, A Novel by Eduardo Suastegui.
Gold for Horses (El Vasco Book 1) - Edua... Gold for Horses (El Vasco Book 1) - Eduardo Suastegui

Gold for Horses, El Vasco, Book 1, A Novel by Eduardo Suastegui. This is a page-turning, fast-paced western. It caught and kept my attention. It also made me think about what would happen next. I gave it five stars.


Marlene and her cousin, Valentina are traveling with a wagon. Valentina has a shotgun and Marlene has a Colt .44.


"They’d seen plenty already. A bloody shattered head, and a torn out side through which life had gushed out, a crimson hollowed chest, and a shredded throat. That didn't count the dead Palomino. More than the four dead men, that one bothered Marlene the most. If life had proved anything to her, she’d take not four but forty dead men over one dead horse."


They came across the wounded Ignacio and took him home to where they both lived with Martha. Later Marlene and Ignacio went into town with the wagon for supplies and taking a palomino with them. They learned a lot about themselves and Ignacio.


I received a complimentary Kindle copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Gold-Horses-El-Vasco-Book-ebook/dp/B06XPNVS6X

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review 2017-03-17 14:43
Vein of Love (Blackest Gold) (Volume 1) ... Vein of Love (Blackest Gold) (Volume 1) - R. Scarlett

Molly was turning nineteen and that was suppose to mean ultimate freedom. But molly felt anything but free. Molly called September and said she was going to Stella’s for the birthday party Stella was having for her. She wouldn’t stay late as she had to work at the museum the next day. Fifteen years ago a ring had been put on Molly’s finger when she was six and no one could seem to get it off her finger. Michael came over to  say hi , he had been the guy who had went out of his way to make her comfortable the first day of ninth grade.But Michael had kept her in the friend zone ever since. Molly would get added strength at random moments and she could never control it. Molly had then been attacked by a woman who had snakes for her hair and just as she was going to bite Molly’s neck a man- Tensley came and broke her neck. Tensley was with a young woman-Lex- about the same age as Molly and they took Molly home Lex told Molly the thing that attacked her had been a gorgon and had her own agenda for Molly.Molly swung hard at Tensley with the poker in the stomach as the ordered they had to get her out of there as Molly was being followed. Then Lex introduced herself and told Molly they were the least of her worries.Lex also told Molly she didn’t have to worry they were going to keep her safe. Tensley then said three hundred years of protection for what? Tensley said he knew a lot about Molly. Molly wanted to know how Tensley knew about her. Derek was Molly’s father and he told Tensley to get out and Tensley reminded Derek of the contract that was made in his ancestor's blood. Tensley’s family had protected Derek’s family for three hundred years in exchange for a daemon who possessed the blessed eyes from Derek’s bloodline. Then Molly took Tensley up to her room and he told her he was an incubus, a demon. Then T^ensley told Molly she was his fiancee. Also that Molly didn’t know it yet but her eyes held a rare power. That as his wife Molly’s power would become Tensley’s as well. Then Tensley told molly Incubi receive power, energy and strength from physical contact. Tensley also told molly if she tried to hide he would break all her father’s limbs. Now Molly felt terror for her family. Tensley’s father came into his office and told him what Dubre Abaddan wanted and he also requested to see Tensley. Tensley knew not to make his father mad but he grew restless from taking orders from someone else. Tensley had been bred to take over the business of serving the Prince. His family was depending on Tensley to resurrect their name after Beau’s scandal. Evelyn had been with Tensley five years then a week ago Tensley told her he had to marry in an arranged marriage. She showed up at his office and told tensley to figure something out soon. Molly’s eyes white eyes glow when her emotions are heightened. Demons are not allowed to feel emotions. Molly’s ring had been keeping her identity hidden but the magic has worn off. Others are able to detect Molly now and wanted her. When Tensley touches her Molly feels something. Molly goes to a  group of demon hunters to help her break the contract.  When Molly went to the demon hunters she didn’t want anyone to die. But molly was making the situation between demons and hunters worse.

I liked this new twist on demons. I didn’t like how Tensley was a jerk but also understood he had to show no feelings. Also Molly could be very stubborn.The story kept my interest all the way to  the end then the cliffhanger ruined it for me so that brought this down to a three. I don’t care for cliffhangers in any form. I basically liked the characters and the ins and outs of  this story but the cliffhanger ruined it for me.

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review 2017-03-10 22:52
Oath of Gold / Elizabeth Moon
Oath of Gold - Elizabeth Moon

I spent the first two chapters of this book crying.  Why, you ask?  Because the second book left Paks in such a hopeless, lonely place and in the first couple of chapters Master Oakhollow takes her in and is SO KIND.  He demonstrates a kindness that’s often missing in our world today.


I had difficulty setting the book down—I really wanted to know what happened.  But I just couldn’t give it 5 stars, despite these two factors.  Once she was healed, Paks went right back to being a Mary Sue character, who could do no wrong and could see her way through all kinds (and I mean ALL kinds) of troubles without getting bent out of shape.  This despite assurances to her on several occasions that she is a better Girdsman now, because she knows how helpless people feel.  Plus she’s gone all religious and holy in the cult of Gird.  For a girl who used to fight & cuss in Duke Phelan’s troops, it was odd to see her go so far to the other end of the spectrum.


Having said that, Moon creates a fascinating world—I would have loved to spend more time with the elves and gnomes and know a bit more about their societies.  The ending, although okay, just kind of petered out.  Rather like a fairy tale, when they just say that everyone lived happily ever after.  A bit more detail in the resolution would have made me feel better about it.


All in all, this was a very enjoyable trilogy and would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys high fantasy.


Book number 249 in my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project.

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