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text 2020-08-14 03:17
Here’s How Gold Buyers can Help You in Financial Crunching

Gold never truly goes out of fashion, and has significant reasons for it too. Gold jewelry is wonderful, astonishing, and wearer-friendly. Gold coins and bars, on the other hand, have a lot of inborn value and can have significant worth. Gold is a highly-valued non-perishable metal and thus, holds its price over time. And that may be the reason people consider buying gold as an investment too.


However, being stuck or hanging on to unwanted or broken gold doesn’t make much senses, especially during a financial crunch. The better choice would be to sell this yellow metal against cash! Now the question arises, “Where you will get cash against gold in delhi?” When it comes to gold, silver and diamond buying, Jewels Planet is one of the best places in Karol Bagh! They already have a very strong and satisfied customer base from a plethora of places like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Haryana, Punjab, and many more to their list. And, this long list is a proof of the trust that visitors vest upon them. People don’t have to sell their gold very often, and whenever you do so make sure you choose an authentic buyer. An authentic gold buyer will clear all your doubts and can help you financially too, if the situation demands it. To make you more clear in what situations we are talking about, below are some of the most common of them when you might need to (and should) sell gold for cash.


Situations When Gold Buyers can Help You


Extra Cash Required
One of the most common situation people face is an urgent requirement of extra money. Whether you are trying to save up cash to purchase a new home or go on that long late vacation, selling your used or unwanted gold items can assist you make it happen! In addition, if you are in need of some emergency money, selling your gold is a way to rapidly fill your pockets up. Maybe you are in want of some vehicle repairs after an auto accident or had an unforeseen tragedy— regardless, selling gold can assist you to make the extra money that you need.

Jewelry is Not Getting Sold (at the right price): Selling used jewelry is challenging these days. Rarely any person would like to purchase your old jewelry as it is at the correct price, except a trusted gold buyer. The other person will either opt to purchase a new piece of jewelry with that money or will provide you a very low price for gold. Again, you have a strong reason to visit places like Jewels Planet, where you can get cash for gold Lajpat Nagar, at the right price and without any hassle.


Scrap Jewelry: If you have gold jewelry that has become scrap and thus, unwanted, then you have each and every valid motive to alternate it for cash. Scrap or unwanted jewelry might not hold any value to you or others. However, it can be used by gold buyers online for various purposes.


It’s the Right Time To Sell: There will be times when, even if you want to sell your gold jewellery for cash, you will not be able to get a good price due to steep fall in rates. And, there’s no time better than now to sell your gold as gold prices currently are skyrocketing.


If you ever get into any of these situations and want to sell your gold for cash, then you can anytime come to us. What? ... Why? ... Keep Reading and you’ll get your answers.


Why Jewels Planet?

All your issues and doubts associated with selling gold will come to an end the moment you’ll walk-in at Jewels Planet. We have no other branches and thus unlike others, our expertise is not divided into different stores. Visit us to experience the best services on cash against gold and get the best in industry prices. 

Source: telegra.ph/Heres-How-Gold-Buyers-can-Help-You-in-Financial-Crunching-08-14
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text 2020-08-11 01:16
How to get Optimal Value for your Gold

​Gold, a precious metal, is interwoven intricately for every occasion. Gold is not just shimmer and glitter but actually sweat, blood and hard work of our clients. It is precious, rare and offers a great value for money. Gold is a great investment, a trusted insurance for tough times.
Given the financial worth of this yellow metal, there is no dearth of gold buyers in the market who are willing to buy this precious metal in exchange of cash for gold. From jewellery stores to even private gold buyers, there are numerous places where you can sell gold for cash.

One has to be smart to find a trusted and established gold buyer who gives you the optimal value for your valuables. Here are some valuable tips to ensure that you make most out of the deal and get maximum cash against gold -


Stock up your stock
Assort your articles carefully. Your collection may include gold coins, single earring, broken pieces, ill- fitting items or even old jewellery that is no longer in vogue. Make a proper list so that you are prepared well in advance to demand the right price for your valuables.
Know the Carat Value
The carat value of your gold pieces may vary from 18K to 22K. An item of 22K means that 22 parts out of the entire 24 parts is gold while the remaining part is any other metal or alloy. You should know the carat value of your items as the buyer will pay cash for gold only and not for any other metal/alloy. The more the carat value, the better the worth of your item.
Know the Purity
Hallmark is a symbol of gold purity; it signifies that the gold is of international standards. Ensure that you know about the purity of your articles lest you get cheated by the gold buyer. Many buyers may deduct a handsome amount if your articles look old and are not hallmarked. It is best to take the receipt with you to prove the authenticity of your articles.
Many times, it may not be possible for you to know the purity of your gold articles. In that case, trusted buyers use modern technology to evaluate the purity of your gold items. They then provide you a computerised certificate that validates the purity of your gold.

Do your Research
Do your homework well in advance. Getting multiple bids from various buyers can leave you confused. Best way is to do your search online- you will be navigated to hordes of buyers. Zero down on a few buyers after an in-depth research. Check their websites, read their reviews and clients’ testimonials before finally settling for a genuine buyer.
You should also know the current value of gold and be realistic in your approach. This way you are well- informed and confident about the entire selling process. This knowledge also helps you also get the most out of the transaction.
Know your Buyer
Trust, fair practice, high ethics and professionalism should be your criteria while looking for a gold buyer. Know your buyer well before you head out for a transaction. Talk to friends, ask google-type-in the keywords - “where to sell gold”, “best place to sell gold”, “genuine gold buyer in Delhi”- and you will be directed to various vendors. Go to their websites, check their online reviews and clients’ testimonials before reaching a final decision. You can even check the credentials of the buyers when you personally visit them to know whether they are a trusted buyer or not. This saves you from getting trapped in scams, and also ensures that when you sell gold for cash, your experience is smooth and hassle-free.
Reliability and flexibility
Reliable buyers test your items for free and do testing in front of your eyes. They use the latest technology to give you the most accurate and precise evaluation of your gold items. They use the least destructive method to assess your gold.
In addition to exchanging your gold with cash, trusted buyers give you the flexibility of paying via cheque or, transferring money online over IMPS/RTGS, as per your preference.
Source: telegra.ph/How-to-get-Optimal-Value-for-your-Gold-08-11
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text 2020-08-05 02:49
Are you Confused about Selling Gold in Delhi?

Selling gold in India is not an easy task. It is, in fact a mission in itself. There are two reasons for this. One that people have a sense of mistrust when it comes to buyers of gold. Secondly, the market is rife with fraudsters who are out to dupe you while selling gold, and rob you of accurate payment against your gold items. Pledging gold, silver or diamond jewelry is not a desirable option as one tends to get burdened under the surmounting interest. With business entities like Jewels Planet, who are there to offer best deal against your precious assets, you can have a peace of mind while selling your gold.


Jewels Planet offers the highest price against your unused assets. As the most reputable and trusted name in the Delhi/NCR area, Jewels Planet buys all kind of gold items and offers optimum value to its prized customers. Jewels Planet ensures best value for all kinds of Gold Jewelry- necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings-new or old, junk or scrap, used or broken, gold coins or gold bars, Silver Jewelry & coins and Diamond Jewelry. If you are looking for best place where to sell gold and your gold assets, then Jewels Planet is your ideal bet. With an invaluable experience of more than 20 years, they command an excellent standing in the market.

Read more: https://uberant.com/article/760944-are-you-confused-about-selling-gold-in-delhi/


Source: uberant.com/article/760944-are-you-confused-about-selling-gold-in-delhi
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text 2020-08-04 11:44
Kennett: Best Ladies and Men’s Designer Watches and Cufflinks

In the world of fashion, everything changes at a fast speed. One trend that was a big hit in the past is now out-dated and this cycle goes on. But among all trends, something that is timeless is watches. To complement each outfit that you wear, there is a perfect watch that can add more charm to your personality. Both men and women prefer wearing a watch to professional and personal events because it is a fashion statement. Now, there are a bunch of brands that make ladies designer watches, but have you given enough thought to a design and the accessories that you can pair up with the watch so that it can enhance the overall appearance of your look? A wrap around bracelet or a cufflinks can go well with a great designer watch.

A watch is one such accessory that defines class and luxury. It can be very subtle but can keep people hooked. It is true what they say - your hand will always miss something if you do not put on a watch. If you are a connoisseur of watches, every watch you own must be very special. And you may be someone who’s on the constant search of finding the next amazing watch.But where can you find it? Well, that is exactly why we are here. We are going to introduce you to the biggest and most prestigious brand in the world and i.e. Kennett.

Kennett is a very British brand that you can simply identify from the designs. Tom Kennett, the owner and founder,discovered his interest in making watches and accessories back in 2009. He was trying to buy a gift for his father who had an extraordinary taste in collecting timepieces. This inspired him to design his first watch and he named it Savro. Today, this design is one of the highly purchased and loved models of Kennett watches. If you want to check out the latest watches for womens collection offered by the brand, you must go and check out its website. It not only has extraordinary designs in watches, but it also proffers products like watch collection boxes, cufflinks, card holders and bracelets that can be paired along with the watches.

The material used by Kennett for manufacturing mens gold cufflinks, watches and other products is imported from international suppliers. They use pearls, ceramic, stainless steel and coating of great quality to deliver you the best designer watches and accessories. The headquarters of the company is based in the United Kingdom where the distribution and assembling of the products take place. You can follow Kennet across all social media handles to get the latest updates on their collections and offers.

For more information, visit https://kennettonline.com/
Original Reference: https://bit.ly/30ramj1
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text 2020-07-30 10:57
Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold

If you are not able to print from the AOL Desktop Gold, then you must fix the issue quickly. There can be various reasons for the occurrence of this error, so first find the cause and then you can resolve the issue. You can go through this blog to fix the unable to print error in desktop software. Or can Install AOL Desktop Gold again on your system by removing the earlier version.


Steps to fix the Unable to Print Issue from AOL Desktop Gold

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps for fixing the issue of unable to print from the AOL Desktop Gold:


Printer working fine with other programs

  • Create a new text document in the notepad and write some text in it and save it.
  • Go to File> File Option > Print
  • A new window will open where you have to select the name of the printer and then hit on the print option to get the document printed.


Enable Required Startup Programs

While starting the computer, several programs get started, and this slows down the system. Therefore, you must disable those programs while turning on the system.

  • Go to Search Bar and write Task Manager
  • Now click on the tab of Startup and then select the programs you want to disable.
  • Click on the button of disable, and then it’s done.


Set the Print Margin

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Click on the File option > Page Setup > Margin.
  • Here you have to enter 0.25 in the field that is next to Top, Bottom, Right and Left option.
  • Click on the OK button to save the print margin changes.


Clear all the pending print jobs

  • You have to click on the Printer icon that is there on the right corner of the Task Bar.
  • In this window, you can see all the active and pending print jobs of your printer.
  • Click on the print jobs which you wish to clear by clicking on the Cancel button.


Print by Using Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and then press Ctrl and P key together to open the Print window.
  • Now click on the Print Preview to see how the document will look once it is printed.
  • You have to select the name of the printer before giving the print command.


Even after executing these troubleshooting steps, if the problem persists, then you can Download AOL Desktop Gold again on your system. However, don’t forget to remove the previously installed software from the system first.


Read more: - Unable to Print from AOL Desktop Gold

Source: www.reinstall-desktop-gold.com/unable-to-print-from-aol-desktop-gold
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