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review 2018-01-19 17:14
Girl Waits with Gun - Amy Stewart

Constance wants paid for the accident that destroyed their farm cart but instead she and her sisters get harassed and threatened by the head of a silk company.  She takes steps to protect herself and her family.


I enjoyed this book.  Constance and her sisters are unusual for the period in which they live.  The story started slowly but picked up as Constance gets more involved in protecting her family and home as well as the mystery of what happened to a young silk worker's baby.  Constance is smart and resourceful.  She learns and is formidable.  I liked her. 


I will be reading more of this series.

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review 2018-01-18 18:10
Girl in the Water
Girl in the Water - Dana Marton Girl in the Water - Dana Marton

This is, so far, my favorite of Dana Marton’s books. The story is heart wrenching in places and the intrigue is palpable. Such a good story. Don’t miss this one. 

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review 2018-01-16 18:31
Review: The Hanging Girl
The Hanging Girl - Eileen Cook

I received a copy from Netgalley.


A fun twisty YA mystery novel.


The heroine, Candi “Skye” Thorn, goes by her middle name “Skye” (can’t say I blame her there) does tarot reading for her classmates at school as a way of making some extra cash. She and her best friend Drew have this idea that when they graduate they’ll finally be able to ditch their small home town and head off to New York and live in an apartment together. BFF comes from a wealthy family, Skye lives in a crappy apartment with her mom and money is an issue.


So Skye has a regular job and reads tarots for extra cash. Skye is fake, she reads off intuition and good guesses. She’s not part of a crowd, pretty much a loner and has a somewhat blunt personality I quite liked. She’s a lot more down to earth than most girls her age, and has a fairly logical sense of reality. (I.E. not all convinced that this dream of going to New York is really going to happen) Skye does come across as rather cynical. But given her circumstances it’s believable for her character arc. Her mom is actually convinced she is a real psychic. And appears to be kind of a flake.


When a popular, rich girl of a local very important Judge, Paige goes missing, Skye starts having “psychic” visions relating to Paige and her disappearance. She winds up working with the police one really grumpy and dismissive detective and one who seems a lot nicer and more inclined to listen to what Paige has to offer. Especially when some of Skye’s “visions” start panning out and yielding actual results. Basically the old good cop, bad cop routine. And of course Skye’s mom is thrilled her daughter is exhibiting “psychic” abilities.  And eventually Paige’s parents come into the plot.  Along with an angry ex boyfriend of Paige’s who doesn’t believe a word of what Skye says and is convinced there is more going on.


He’s not far wrong.


Skye has gotten herself involved in something that turns out to be darker than she had ever imagined. Initially it seemed like a good idea to make a bundle of money. Only the drama has escalate and things are going badly wrong and people are turning out to be nothing like she expected. Nothing goes according to any sort of plan and then a dead body turns up. And now Skye is thrown into a murder investigation.


Which reveals even more twists. It was quite a tense and fast paced plot, and very well written. Interesting characters, and I will say I didn’t actually guess what was going on in this one. The last few sort of twists were pretty damn good, and I liked the way it all wrapped up and concluded.


I’ve liked everything I’ve read by this author so far so this is definitely one that will be going on my auto-buy list.


Thank you to Netgalley and Bonnier Zaffre/Hot Key Books for approving my request to view the title.

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review 2018-01-16 00:54
The Girl With The Red Balloon
The Girl with the Red Balloon - Katherine Locke
What a great story! The story was very creative in using time-travel, balloons, and passengers. As they entered the underground cavern where the creative process was taking place, I couldn’t wait till they opened the door. I was all over that scene! I had this image, this impression all staked out in my head.
When Ellie arrives, I didn’t know what to think. She’s confused and my own mind was going as I wouldn’t know what to do either, if I was in her shoes. She’s no longer on a spring break trip with her classmates, she has traveled back in time. Ellie is in 1988 and she’s standing by the Berlin Wall. Ellie is witnessing history first-hand and yet she cannot mention how the world changes in the future, as no one knows these things but her. If she mentions the future, anything that anyone does based on her comment, could have drastic effects on the future. Ellie wants desperately to go home yet no one knows how she arrived. As they work on figuring out a way to get Ellie home, Ellie begins to fit in and build relationships. The answer for Ellie was not coming. I couldn’t see her staying but people began dying, people that had also time-traveled and they could not find a reason for that either.
I liked the concept for this novel. It took me a bit to understand what was really happening but once I understood it, I thought it was very interesting and I couldn’t put the novel down. I would have liked more of Benno’s story.
I won a copy of this novel from Albert Whitman Teen in their Albert Whitman & Company YA gift set. Thank you for this novel.


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text 2018-01-14 06:05
Reading progress update: I've read 508 out of 508 pages.
Tiffany Girl: A Novel - Deeanne Gist

Done! I also read the author's note at the end - Gist always includes lots of information about historical details she included that were true, things she completely made up, and details she fudged. She fudged quite a few things this time around, but I loved reading about the stuff that was true. Well, except for the one very sad story about the one Tiffany Girl who committed suicide shortly after leaving to go marry her fiance. It turned out that he'd never had any intention of marrying her at all. :-(


I'm going to have to think about my rating. When I started reading, I was worried about the length - I figured it'd take me weeks to finish it. Instead, it turned out to be so engaging that I kept coming back to it and reading large chunks at a time. My main issue with it is that Flossie and Reeve spend a lot of time apart later on in the story. They need to, in order to grow, heal, and figure things out. But I missed getting to see them together, and then things moved really fast (page count-wise) when they finally made up.

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