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text 2019-01-16 09:31
Purchase Pocket WiFi Rental for Your Next International Trip

Are you planning to visit abroad?


Well, it is always good to take out some time from busy work life and explore unknown places. When you plan an international trip, there are certain things that need to be fixed prior to your departure. Starting from booking hotels and flights to getting visa and more. For doing all this stuff, there is one important thing required is an Internet connection. While it is easy to access the Internet when you are in your home country, unlike in foreign countries where finding the reliable Internet connectivity option becomes quite difficult. And not having access to the Internet can make your trip a little bit difficult. To avoid such situations, renting the best pocket WiFi service is a great option to get a 24*7 Internet connection.



The Internet connection in foreign countries is quite expensive especially when you are traveling to Japan. You have to pay hefty roaming charges that can imbalance your international trip budget. On the other hand, pocket WiFi rental Japan is a small handy device that offers you with 24*7 internet connectivity at very affordable plans. Data plans for pocket WiFi falls under 2 categories: prepaid and postpaid plans. So you are going to only for what data you have used on the trip. There are no hidden charges available in pocket WiFi rental. Also, pocket WiFi is designed using advanced technology features that allow you to connect up to 10 devices at a time. It is very easy to install and carry device that offers 4G network speed so that your journey becomes hassle-free. From exploring maps on the foreign streets, checking for nearest restaurants to connecting with your loved ones on your homeland, pocket WiFi rental is the best device to carry in your backpack while traveling abroad.


To buy this amazing device, you can visit your nearest physical data store or can buy it online. There are many online data card stores available that offers a wide option to choose for pocket WiFi rental Hong Kong. One such trusted reliable data card store is Y5 Buddy. They offer a comprehensive collection of pocket WiFi to get unlimited internet access while traveling abroad.


For more information, visit - Y5Buddy.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2HfeI5g

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text 2019-01-08 09:06
Why You Should Consider Buying a Travel SIM Card For Your Next Trip Abroad?

Traveling abroad is all about looking at new places and gaining fresh experiences. With the progress in technology, travel has changed a lot. Today, all the information is immediately available to us with the use of smartphone and the Internet.


If you are planning for an international trip and unable to decide where to visit? Here is the answer. You can consider visiting Hong Kong. One of Asia's prominent cities famous for its vibrant atmosphere and energetic nightlife. With lots of fascinating landscapes and histories to explore, this place is probably one of the most lovable places of tourists.




However, being a globetrotter, one major question arises how to stay in touch with family and friends back home? Well! There are many options to do so. As technology has improved which give travelers more choices from which it is quite tricky to select the most reliable and economical option. One such way is buying a Hong Kong tourist SIM card. It is the best way to ensure that your phone bills are not touching the sky.


These SIM cards are generally prepaid so it is quite easy to avoid any hidden charges that might surprise you later. You charge for exactly what you're getting. Contrary to the popular belief, many providers offer unlimited data services so that one can use the Internet everywhere even on the go without relying on public WiFi. With Hong Kong cheapest SIM cards, you can access ultra-high speed data anytime and make your trip more memorable. You can share your holiday snaps with your friends and colleagues in your host country, navigate routes, transact online, identify things and can make your overall journey seamless.


Buying an international SIM card in advance to your trip at familiar rates is quite better than any other option to keep up with everything back home. So, if you are planning for an international trip a few days ahead and looking for a reliable store to buy China data prepaid SIM card or any other SIM, consider connecting with Trip Sim Card. It is a wholly Hong Kong owned and operated firm which offer international travel SIM cards at affordable prices which in turn reduces your calling and data expenses up to 95%. Also, this firm delivers the best class customer support to their clients. So, explore their products and pick the one that befits your needs.


For more details, visit Tripsimcard.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2SGm9DJ

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text 2019-01-02 09:45
Choose the Best Pocket WiFi Service While Traveling Abroad

Nowadays, traveling becomes a more convenient and safe that people from all around the world love to travel to get a break from their hectic schedule and explore unknown places. But when we travel to any foreign country, it becomes difficult to keep up with the Internet because of hefty roaming charges especially when you are traveling to any Asian country like Hong Kong. The easy solution to this problem is opting for Hong Kong WiFi rental.



The power of revolutionary technologies made our lives so easy that it doesn't matter which corner of the world you are, one can easily stay connected to their loved ones if they have access to the Internet. In this digital age, there is a wide range of gadgets available like a pocket WiFi that is a small handy device allowing travelers to connect their smart devices to the Internet. Let’s talk about some of the excellent features of pocket WiFi devices:


Easy to Install


Being a pocket-sized small device, pocket WiFi devices are easy to install in a hassle-free manner as compared to the wired WiFi routers. When you have such amazing easy-to-use device, all you have to do is keep this handy device in the pocket and you are ready to go to explore the world.



High-Speed Internet Connectivity 


Pocket WiFi devices are designed to provide 4G high-speed Internet connectivity while traveling abroad. And data access can be shared with more than one devices with the same lightning fast speed. The best pocket WiFi service provides 24*7 Internet access wherever you travel.




Nowadays, in most of the places like shopping malls, banks or restaurants it is easy to access public WiFi. But when we talk about security, it is a big concern as public WiFi are always in the eyes of hackers to steal information and misuse it. On the other hand, pocket WiFi rental Japan devices are designed using high tech technologies to keep security as the premier constraint. It allows the user to set a password that prevents any unauthorized access to the device.


So if you are planning to travel abroad, rent a travel pocket WiFi to avoid sky-high roaming charges. The best store to buy a pocket WiFi is Y5 Buddy. It is one of the leading and reliable stores that offers a wide range of pocket WiFi device at very competitive rates. Their devices provide unlimited high-speed Internet that can be shared up to 10 devices.


For more information, visit Y5Buddy.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2TpwT9y

Source: www.y5buddy.com
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video 2018-12-20 12:20

How to Stay Connected to the Internet Where Ever You Travel?

A 4G pocket WiFi Hong Kong is a great option to connect to the Internet while traveling. Y5Buddy offers a wide range of 4G pocket WiFi rental with unlimited data.

For more information, visit - http://www.y5buddy.com/

Source: www.y5buddy.com
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text 2018-12-06 07:11
Advantages of Using Pocket Wi-Fi Rental in Japan and Hong Kong

In this age of digital era, we all know that the world is completely revolutionized around INTERNET. From banking and entertainment to shopping and traveling, everything revolves around the internet.


best pocket WiFi service


In modern times to pace with this digital age, the internet becomes the most reliable thing especially while traveling abroad. With the advancement of technology, we have a roomy range of portable devices available like travel pocket WiFi. Finding free public hotspot in foreign countries like Japan or Hong Kong to access the internet is quite difficult. By using pocket WiFi rental japan, one can easily access the internet at any time anywhere in the world. A pocket WiFi is a small device that allows travelers to connect their smartphones, tablets or any other virtual device to the internet. With this handy device, you can connect up to 10 devices.


Advantages of Using Portable Pocket WiFi While Traveling:


· Easy to Use

Designed to be pocket-friendly, this portable device is very easy to use that makes it the first choice of any traveler for accessing the internet. All you need to do is turn on the switch and your smartphone, tablets or laptops are connected to high-speed internet.


· 24/7 Internet Connection

Compare to other web connections, the best pocket WiFi service provides you with 24/7 internet connection and gives you the freedom to access the internet wherever you go at any time.


· More Secure than Public WiFi

Nowadays, you can easily access public WiFi at places like shopping malls, restaurants, banks. But when we talk about the security of using public WiFi, then it is a big threat. Many public WiFi are on the list of hackers to steal personal information and misuse it. So to get better security, using pocket WiFi is always recommended while traveling.


These are some major benefits of carrying pocket WiFi while traveling to abroad to stay connected to the world. So, if you are planning to make a trip to Japan, Hong Kong or any other country, then opt for carrying portable pocket WiFi devices. You can easily purchase or rent through the online store. One such reliable and trusted online store is Y5Buddy that offers the best pocket WiFi services at competitive rates. Their hong kong WiFi rental plans include unlimited data access that can be shared up to 10 devices.


To know more, visit Y5buddy.com.

Credit : https://bit.ly/2PnNN5N

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