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review 2015-05-30 01:24
The Long Way Home - Louise Penny

I read this tenth installment of the Three Pines Mysteries  through immersion reading with both kindle and audible books. The narration by Ralph Costran is absolutely flawless. The book I would probably rate 4, maybe 4.5, stars and the audiobook 5 stars.

You either love the characters and their world or you don't and I am enamored of Three Pines.

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review 2015-05-21 14:00
Patterns Everywhere
Pattern Crimes (Foreign Detective Series Book 1) - William Bayer

Pattern Crimes by William Bayer

Pattern Crimes is an interesting mix of an Israeli detectives hunt for a serial killer while delving into mysteries surrounding his own family. The Jerusalem of the  book, even with its unique religious background, comes across to this reader as a big city with big city problems for cops. It is a very well-written police procedural offerring glimpses into Israeli life

I read on kindle voyage while listening to the audible book for several hours and I am glad I did as some of the Israeli names would have tripped me up had I not seen them in print. The kindle book is poorer for not having a table of contents and not having x-ray enabled. X-ray, in particular, would have been very helpful to check on past actions of a character.

The narrator, Dick Hall, did an outstanding job with the characters and the accents involved. 

I bought the kindle book and received the audible book in exchange for an honest review through Audio Book Blast.

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review 2015-05-15 02:47
Past Life Romance
Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation - Samyann

Yesterday: A Novel of Reincarnation focuses on Amanda and Mark and their search to learn about their past lives in order to understand how it is affecting their present.


The novel is well-written but the main character, Amanda, comes off as flighty in parts of the novel. Mark is a bit too well versed in Gaelic and Irish lore for a current day Chicago native.  It comes off as contrived after a while. If the goal was imbuing the story with authentic  Irish characters and atmosphere, promoting the myth about corned beef and cabbage being an Irish dish rather than an Irish American dish could have been left out.


Despite these relatively minor irritations, the story was enjoyable overall. I bought the kindle book and was given the audible version by the author in exchange for a review. I alternated reading and listening through whispersync and the story line kept me  intrigued enough to finish it in a day.

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review 2015-04-01 14:47
Well done action thriller
The Child Taker - Conrad Jones



Child Taker is a British action thriller focusing on the efforts of a grandfather and his pals to recover his kidnapped grandchildren. Five year old fraternal twins Sarah and Zak are abducted from their tent while on a family camping trip. Their mother, Hayley, is understandably distraught and welcomes her father's help in trying to find the children. The Major, a counter terrorism agent, and his elite team pull out all the stops in their search for Sarah and Zak.


When I began listening to and reading The Child Taker, I was leery that a female narrator could pull off a believable action thriller. In spite of my reservations, Julia Farhat does, in fact, do a splendid job with the multitude of characters in the book. The pacing of the novel and the narrative performance kept me so involved I devoured the book in a single day.


Anyone with issues regarding child and sexual abuse should look elsewhere as those themes are integral to this story.


I bought the Kindle book and received the Audible book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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review 2015-03-01 19:04
Immersion by Lee Thompson
Immersion - Lee Thompson

‘The walls blurred and darkness deepened and a demon made of night screamed.’


I’ve had Immersion sitting on my shelf for quite some time now and I’ve got to say I never picked it up purely because I wasn’t overly enamoured with the front cover, stupid boy, I never fucking learn. This is Lee Thompson, caliginous and playing with your mind as he does best, your feelings, you are never quite sure if it’s real, if it’s thought, nightmare or crazed delusions. And I love it, it’s one of those reads I could put down, pick it up a week later and be completely gripped all over again.



'My reflection....

Something stirred beyond it, a dark patch over it's shoulder like a raven ruffling its feathers, gleaming against the golden counterweight as the grandfather clock tolled the hour.'


Leroy lives in Jonah’s Reef, he’s enjoying an affair with the married Keri and arranges to meet her at midnight but she never turns up. Yet she does turn up, dead. Focus goes to the visitors at Hansen Field, the Church of a Thousand nights, like people from another time, ghosts of long dead settlers.


I saw my reflection in shattered pieces scattered across the floor. It said, This is your fault. You’ve immersed yourself in lies and selfishness and pain.’


Death follows Leroy round like shadow in the moonlight, heading for the unwanted visitors in the field, mind stumbling but clarity comes from Immersion and that’s what he must do.


Yes, I do just recommend this novella, Lee Thompson portrays the damaged goods of life better than anyone.

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