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text 2019-01-11 10:36
Indonesia Email Database

indonesia email database


Indonesia is an attractive destination for marketers around the globe. Blue Mail Media’s Indonesia Email Database can give you access to complete marketing information to connect with your prospects and customers via email, mail or telephone. 


You can send an enquiry at sales@bluemailmedia.com and Contact us now at 1-888-494-0588 to know more about mailing list.

Source: www.bluemailmedia.com/indonesia-business-executives-list.php
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text 2019-01-04 10:22
Pocket WiFi: One Of The Effective Ways to Access Reliable Internet Overseas

Traveling is one of the important activities of our lives which boost happiness and relieve our stress. Moreover, traveling to any international destination develops new skills and make you learn new languages, culture, and gain new experiences. For your next international trip, if you're confused or unable to decide which place to visit, then you can think of visiting Indonesia.




Indonesia, a fascinating southeast Asian nation known for its beaches, volcanoes, jungle sheltering elephants, and other amazing landscapes. It is the perfect place to spend some lazy-crazy days with family and friends. However, staying connected with their loved ones while traveling through Indonesia is a major concern in the traveler's mind.


With various connecting options viz international SIM card, Indonesia pocket WiFi rental, public WiFi, it's quite tricky to arrive at a final decision.


Why pocket WiFi is the best option?


While spending leisure time abroad, your business and all other activities in the host country will totally depend on the reliability and speed of your Internet connection. Thus, admiring pocket WiFi for an international tour is the best way to enjoy continuous 4G Internet services, without worrying about appalling phone bills.


Although many public places and hotels have free WiFi, but still it is convenient to opt for international pocket WiFi rental services as this gadget is convenient and serves you regardless of any geographical boundaries. This tiny wireless device is the ideal solution for group traveling. It allows the person to share connectivity with 5-10 devices( smartphones, laptop, camera, tablets) at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Rent a pocket WiFi device for your upcoming international trip.


However, there are dozens of firms offering pocket WiFi on rent. Some of them are providing these devices online whereas other via physical stores. We recommend you to get pocket WiFi from an online store so that it is super easy for you to collect and drop-off this device. One trusted virtual store is Pinjam WiFi. It is one of the leading firms that offer WiFi hotspot rental services in over 120 countries. Here, you'll find small, pocket-sized WiFi devices which offer fast and unlimited data services at reasonable prices. Their devices offer Internet connectivity up to 10 devices. So, explore their devices on their website and pick the one that befits your needs.


For more details, visit Pinjamwifi.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2BXiDxC

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text 2018-12-21 10:12
Why Portable Pocket WiFi Rental is the Best Option for International Travel?

Peregrinating to a foreign land is very exciting. There are so many incredible places in this world to explore. Nowadays, people quite often make trip plans to wander to new places, new country and meet new people. When we plan a trip to explore a new country, there is a long list of information we make ranging from finding best hotels to stay, good restaurants to eat and list of places to visit so that we may don’t face any problem while exploring. However, while traveling to a new country or continent where you don't know anyone, language become a barrier to communicate. In this situation, the Internet is the best friend one can have on foreign land.



When people are on foreign land, they customarily don’t know much about the nearby hotels, restaurants, and new places to explore. And in such situations, access to the Internet becomes very much paramount. High rates of international data utilization can be a quandary for travelers and may cause them to restrict their data utilization.


So now, one question comes to mind is, how to stay connected to the world and access the Internet on a foreign land without paying hefty roaming charges? Well, with advancement technology, there are many high-tech devices are available in the market that are designed to make our life easier while traveling. Pocket WiFi Indonesia is one such portable device that can connect to the Internet using the mobile network. It is a small pocket-sized handy device that can be easily fitted in your backpack.


Let’s see why it is beneficial to carry pocket WiFi hotspot rentalwhile traveling abroad:


  • AVAILABILITY: Portable WiFidevices have network field that covers about 10 to 15 meters. One doesn't have to worry about inconsistently erratic network signals as the pocket Wi-Fi provides high-speed connectivity wherever you travel.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: These devices are astronomically facile to install and are compatible with most digital devices including laptop, tablet and more.
  • POCKET SIZE: Portable pocket WiFi device is small in size, therefore, it's easy to carry them around and is the ideal option to carry while traveling internationally.
  • HIGH-SPEED INTERNET AND REDUCED COST: Portable Wi-Fi devices offer high-speed internet access at a very nominal cost and eliminate the high roaming charges that most of the telecom companies charges for international data usage.

These are some key reasons why many travelers are opting for portable WiFi rental devices. With the increasing demand for this portable device, there are many companies available that offer pocket WiFi rental services. So, it becomes crucial to choose the reliable one which offers affordable services. Pinjam Wifi is one such trustworthy online store offering the best pocket WiFi rental services around the world. They provide a wide range of portable devices that can connect up to 10 devices and will work on more than 120 countries. So if you are planning to travel abroad, rent a WiFi device from Pinjam Wifi and stay connected to the world.


For more information, visit Pinjamwifi.com



Original Source: https://bit.ly/2ByDQ0J

Source: pinjamwifi.com
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text 2018-12-19 11:30
Most Popular Small Business List In Indonesia

Are you looking for some small business ideas in Indonesia? Or want to begin a business in Indonesia that has many opportunities. however, you just see this concept for starting a business. If you think, this article will help you then I recommended you to start reading.

There is some major factor that scares individuals off from beginning their own business-Capital. however, ought to capital very be a constraint? does one recognize that you simply will begin your own business albeit you're broke? Here are some ideas that’s can be your first business in Indonesia. See, Indonesia company registry check



Top 10 Small Business in Indonesia


Here are some Indonesian small business ideas:


Internet Service supplier

Another business plan you'll think about is turning into AN ISP supplier. Reliable and quick net is as necessary for Indonesia because it is in different elements of the planet and considering the number of individuals mistreatment phones and technology gadgets in Indonesia, you'd build tons of cash.


App Developers

App developers square measure raking insensible money of late. you'll be able to become a movable app developer or a package developer. You don’t essentially need to be a school knowledgeable to develop apps, what you wish could be a solid plan and so you'll be able to rent school consultants to develop the thought for you.


Furniture manufactory

A lot of individuals from Europe, America and different continents supply for his or her furnishings from Indonesia. you'll begin a furnishing creating manufactory that you'd export to different countries purchasable. you'll be able to additionally begin a furniture reworking business that involves obtaining broken or recent furniture and reworking them purchasable.


Business Finder

You can additionally build cash from linking consumers and sellers along. for example, tons of individuals need to supply for things from Indonesia however as a result of they need ne'er been there, they won’t recognize wherever to search out what. you'll be able to help such individuals realize things simply mistreatment the web, and earn finders commission for your services.


Travel adviser

Another business plan is to supply support to in numerous variations of individuals UN agency wants to go to the Republic of Indonesia for business or pleasure. you will become a tour guide; providing help to tourists otherwise you can begin an internet practice firm that you'll additionally use to supply visa help, field pick-up and drop-off, building booking, business guide and a bunch of different services.


Business adviser

Another plan is to become a business adviser. There square measure, countless individuals, out there some agency might use some business recommendation and steerage. it'd interest you to understand that a lot of individuals consider business consultants to develop business methods for them, that they might use to propel their business to succeeding level. the nice factor regarding being a business adviser is that it’s a remarkable business and whereas developing solutions and techniques for different people’s businesses, you'd even be developing a lot of skills that might be helpful for you. See how to register a company in Indonesia


Tax adviser

Tax is one factor that offers tons of business owner’s headache. tons of individuals don’t mind outsourcing their tax computation tasks to consultants UN agency wouldn't solely handle it for them however additionally recommendation them on ways that to scale back their taxes. you'll be able to begin one in all such businesses while not an excessive amount of capital.


Dress creating

Another business plan is to begin a dress creating a business. you'll begin an article of clothing line or simply build native Indonesian dresses like Kaftans that you'll be able to sell to individuals from different elements of the planet.



A lot of expatriates, guests and business tourists visit Indonesian frequently. This leaves enough space for people that need to speculate within the touristy business to create cash. You can build cash from beginning your own building to produce accommodation to guests or begin an internet building promoting service wherever individuals can book for hotels previous their visit to Indonesia.


Beef processing and Packaging

Another business concept would positively fly is to begin your own meat process and packaging business. you'll be able to begin Bos taurus rearing so much and so package and method meat from the yield of your far.


Note: If you want to read more about Indonesia company registry you may go our website.

Source: www.sfconsultingbd.com/asia/indonesia-foreign-company-registration-formation/small-business-ideas-in-indonesia
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text 2018-12-17 03:24
Souvenir Natal Terbaik dari Jerman


Meskipun istilah suvenir awalnya berasal dari istilah bahasa Prancis yang berarti memori, maka, sejak itu berkembang dan mengacu pada kenang-kenangan kecil dan penuh makna dan kenang-kenangan yang kami bawa pulang untuk memperkuat petualangan mengakhiri tahun ini dan menyanbut awal tahun yang baru.



Berikut 6 Souvenir Natal Terbaik dari Jerman


1. Lebkuchen

Orang Jerman mungkin hanya menjadi sumber inspirasi variasi kue Natal yang populer, yang telah menyebarluas ke seluruh masyarakat di industri Barat. Sebenarnya, banyak kue Natal tradisional Jerman sangat dikenal dalam konteks ini.

Lebkuchen, kue jahe berbentuk hati yang besar, adalah salah satu jenis yang paling ikonik dari semuanya. Bagi pelancong yang baru saja kembali dari perjalanannya ke Jerman selama bulan Desember, tidak diragukan akan mebeli satu atau dua kue ini dari pasar setempat. Bawa kekasih Anda kembali ke atmosfir yang meriah dengan memberi mereka lebkuchen dengan es halus.


2. Hiasan Natal Pickle

Tidak diragukan lagi, orang Jerman sangat mencintai hiasan natal pickle mereka. Ini sangat banyak sehingga Spreewalde Pickles benar-benar dilindungi di bawah UE sebagai komoditas khusus, cukup dicintai untuk bertahan.

Pickle bahkan telah menemukan diri mereka sendiri dalam repertoar dekorasi tradisional Jerman. Secara khusus, gurke digantungkan dari tali di pohon natal di beberapa daerah di Jerman sebagai hiasan akhir; Anak yang menemukannya pertama akan menerima hadiah tambahan. Kini, tradisi tersebut diperingati dengan ornamen natal berupa pickle. Souvenir ini akan mengundang cerita yang membawa kembali kenangan selama bertahun-tahun yang akan datang.


3. Kalender Advent

Jerman secara tradisional merupakan negara yang cukup religius. Banyak daerah masih dihuni umat Katolik yang taat, sementara banyak bagian sekuler di negara ini juga mempertahankan pengaruh Kristennya.

Misalnya, Kalender Adven adalah perlengkapan khas di rumah tangga Jerman, baik untuk yang beragama maupun nonreligius. Kalender kardus berwarna cerah yang penuh dengan coklat atau pernak-pernik kecil lainnya, menandai setiap hari berlalu untuk menghitung mundur datangnya Natal.

Ikutilah tradisi yang menyenangkan ini dengan membelinya dan membawanya pulang empat minggu sebelum liburan Natal tiba. Biasanya harga kalnder ini cukup murah dan cokelatnya juga.


4. Piramida Natal

Piramid Natal Jerman adalah hiasan kayu multi-tier yang rumit dan diyakini banyak orang sebagai ‘pendahulu’ pohon natal. Asal-usul Piramida Natal dapat ditelusuri kembali ke Erzgebirge, atau Ore Mountains dalam bahasa Inggris.

Setiap bagian piramida berbeda motifnya, termasuk malaikat, pohon cemara dan keluarga suci, yang menunjukkan keajaiban dunia kecil bagi mereka yang melihatnya. Mereka datang dalam berbagai bentuk dan ukuran, tapi tidak sulit menemukan yang bisa dimuat di dalam koper Anda.


5. Alat pemecah biji-bijian

Kehadiran alat pemecah biji-bijian yang diukir dan dilukis agar terlihat seperti pria berpakaian meriah begitu meluas hingga sekarang sehingga orang bahkan mungkin tidak menyadari bahwa itu pertama kali ditemukan di Eropa. Bawa tambahan keaslian dekoratif untuk keluarga dan teman Anda dengan membeli pemecah kacang saat berada di Jerman. Benda ini berhubungan dengan keberuntungan dan pengetahuan menyebutkan bahwa pemecah kacang antropomorfis pertama dibuat oleh pembuat boneka yang notabene permaianan anak, yang kemudian memenangkan kontes untuk desain kreatif dan menawan dari seorang pria berpakaian ‘tajam’ ini.


6. Gelas bir bertema Natal

Kemungkinan, setiap turis yang pergi ke Jerman pasti mencoba sampel sejumlah bir. Cara untuk berbagi keceriaan adalah dengan membawa kembali gelas bir bertema Natal.

Mencoba untuk membawa minuman melalui bea cukai mungkin agak sulit, dan mereka pasti menimbang barang bawaannya, jadi gelas bir adalah hal terbaik berikutnya. Ini akan membuat siapa saja yang bisa minum dari gelas tersebut pada hari Natal merasa seperti bangsawan. Hadiah Natal ini sering hadir dengan gambar Santa Claus, tapi pastinya tidak terbatas pada motif Natal tertentu ini.




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