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review 2018-10-20 08:50
Audiobook Review: Leather and Lace (The Virgin Diaries, #2) by Lauren Landish (Author), Melissa Moran (Narrator), Tor Thom (Narrator)
Leather and Lace - Lauren Landish,Tor Thom,Melissa Moran



Leather and Lace is classic Lauren Landish. She can push the envelope like no other author can. Add in narration by two of the most sultry voices to grace audio and the temperature goes off the charts. Leather and Lace tells the story of a naive girl finding her voice as a woman. Adrianna has a lot of fire waiting to break free, she just needs to find the match to light the fuse. Liam is her greatest temptation. He represents every fear she holds deep inside, but could he also be the safety net that breaks her fall. Looking for spice, this naughty read delivers the goods.

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review 2018-09-29 21:05
Audiobook Review: Satin and Pearls (The Virgin Diaries Series, Book 1) by Lauren Landish (Author), Melissa Moran (Narrator), Tor Thom (Narrator)
Satin and Pearls - Lauren Landish,Tor Thom,Melissa Moran


Call it taboo. Call it spicy. Satin and Pearls is addictive reading. Landish has a way of enticing the devil on your shoulder while laying claim to your hearts desire. With the help of Thom and Moran, she breathes life into a wicked fantasy.

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review 2018-06-07 20:17
Audiobook Review: Secrets at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers) by Addison Cole
Secrets at Seaside - Addison Cole,Melissa Moran


Sometimes you have to let go to find the path you are supposed to walk. Amy is one of those people, you can't help but love. Ever optimistic, always encouraging and a wonderful friend. Yet underneath all the smiles lies a deep pain. Will she ever get her happily ever after? Tony and Amy take readers on an emotional ride on the road to finding their way back to each other. Addison Cole shows us her heart and the enduring power of love through the eyes of the surfer dude and his shy girl.

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review 2018-06-04 17:10
Audiobook Review: Sunsets at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #4) by Addison Cole
Sunsets at Seaside - Addison Cole,Melissa Moran


On the surface, Jamie and Jessica have nothing in common. He's a workoholic, she's a sheltered musician. Yet it's their differences that make the similarities stand out. Sunsets at Seaside is the rhythm you hear in your heart, when the radio stops playing. It's the tune you can't forget. 

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review 2018-03-17 18:45
Audiobook Review: Nights at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers) by Addison Cole and Melissa Moran
Nights at Seaside - Addison Cole,Melissa Moran


Nights at Seaside is a work of art.  Addison Cole has created a beautiful watercolor that spans multiple canvases.  Her delivery is like the sweetest melody. Not easily forgotten.  Skye and Sawyer blend artistry and poetry to create an ever changing masterpiece. A metamorphosis of heartbreaking moments, life changing revelations and an enduring love.  Melissa Moran takes this emotive coming of age journey and runs with it.  Her's is a voice of hope that shines a light when times are at their most heart-aching. John Michael Montgomery said it best:  "Life's a dance.  We learn as we go!" It took a bit of practice, but Skye and Sawyer finally got it right.





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