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review 2017-07-31 00:00
Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1)
Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1) - ... Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1) - Joanna Mazurkiewicz *I received an ecopy from the author through Reading Addictions Book Tours for review, this is my honest review*

A fun fantasy read about dragon/wyvern shifters, and an uneasy reliance with humans. Astri's parents were killed years earlier, and ever since she has dreamed of that night. Only this time she finally remembers the face of their killer...But he's much more powerful that she could have guessed! An interesting take on dragons and shapeshifters following the story of Astri and friends to catch a killer.
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review 2017-07-11 00:00
Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1)
Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1) - ... Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles #1) - Joanna Mazurkiewicz A young Wyvern dragon shifter lives in the basement of the home of her human aunt and uncle who took her in when her mother and father were murdered when she was only eleven years old. They put her in the basement after she started keeping them awake with the nightmares she has of the murder of her parents.

Astri’s aunt and uncle are cruel to her. They treat her as if she is a servant and not family. Astri was injured by the killer and left scarred so her aunt and uncle didn’t want people to know that they were kin to her. They were always verbally abusive to her and they made her clean their house as if she was a servant. Astri works in a shop for a witch and when she is paid she comes home and gives her check to her aunt and uncle to pay for her hospital bills all those years ago. Astri and her little pixie friends thinks she has paid the debt over and over but aunt and uncle says that it will never be paid.

Astri believes that her nightmares are visions that tell her who is responsible for the death of her parents and she has made herself a promise that she will make the person responsible for their deaths pay.

When Astri hears that the Duke is looking for an assistant and that there will be a contest to determine who will get the job she decides to enter. If she can become the Duke’s assistant it will put her in close proximity of the killer and she can make them pay. Astri will have a lot of obstacle to get through to win the contest. With being the only woman she will have to fight harder because men do not like being beaten by a woman.

There was this one guy Sebastian who was also fighting to be the Duke’s assistant who would make me so mad with the things he did to Astri to win with his mean, terrible and cheating ways. Her aunt and uncle would make me mad too. I wanted to reach in the book and give them all a good shake.

I loved Lenin and Jetli. I loved how Lenin wanted to help Astri out and the way he would help her. Oh did I say I loved Lenin? Lenin and his little pixie self, so cute. I can’t wait to read more of Lenin and Jetli and Astri as well as Duke Jorgen. I would recommend Wyvern Awakening to anyone who loves a good book or who just loves reading about dragons and pixies of course.
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review 2014-10-04 00:00
Half Past the Witching Hour
Half Past the Witching Hour - Joanna Maz... Half Past the Witching Hour - Joanna Mazurkiewicz I received a free copy of book from the author for my honest opinion.

Julia is back and she is still trying to get over her break up with her ex-boyfriend Nathaniel the boss at La Caz Corporation. She is dating a giant named Quentin who is an art dealer. Quentin is very nice and wants to move in with Julia but she is not quite ready for that yet. Julia cares for Quentin a great deal but he will never be Nathaniel and he will never make her feel like he does. But she does try really, really hard to be the girlfriend that Quentin deserves.

Just when she thinks she is getting her life back on track she starts having blackouts and when she comes to she has blood all over her. She thinks she is losing her mind. When she starts having visions or bit and pieces of herself killing someone she knows that she is going to have to get her magic under control and find someone to teach her how to control her magic. She is going crazy wondering if what she is remembering is real or not. But when she finds a dead body at La Caz Corporation and it is the same person that she saw in her dreams or visions then has to pull herself together long enough to find out if she is the killer or if it is someone else.

When she starts having visions of her killing her own mother she races against the clock to find out who the killer is if it is her or someone else. She has to find a way to stop her visions coming true. Does she have dark magic inside of her and it may be causing her to commit murder? Can she learn to control this dark magic that may be inside her before it is too late to save her mother?

Julia has some of the best friends in the world that will do anything they can to help Julia find the truth. They will put their own lives in danger to save Julia and she would do the same for them. That is when she is in control of her own self and her dark magic has not taken over. Is Julia running around killing people or is it someone else who is trying to hurt Julia and make her life a living h3ll? Who is killing all these people? Why would anyone want to hurt Julia?

Half Past the Witching Hour is an awesome book. It is filled with murder, magic, witches, vampires, shifters, elves, fairies and more paranormal creatures than I can name. I love the world that Joanna has created with all of the different paranormals. Half Past the Witching Hour will grab you by the seat of your pants and have you bouncing all over the place with Julia and her on again off again relationships. It will take a hold of you with its magical powers and won't let go until you read the very last word and even then it will have you hanging on wanting more.
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review 2014-10-01 00:00
Past the Witching Hour
Past the Witching Hour - Joanna Mazurkiewicz I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Julia wants nothing more than to forget about her ex-boyfriend and just get on with her life. But how is she going to do that when his company La Caz Corporation is Paranormal Personnel's (the company she works for) biggest money making job. If La Caz Corporation wasn't their biggest client it still wouldn't matter because Nathaniel won't leave her alone. If he is not following her around or giving her a ride home then he has his driver to keep an eye on her and to drive her where ever she wants to go. Julia tells him to stay away from her that it is over between them but he won't listen to her. Besides when the two of them are together her magic is all over the place. Julia is a half elf who has never been able to control her magic and so it builds up in her until she is just about to lose her mind. When Julia and Nathaniel make love she starts blasting things with her magic which helps her to get rid of the excess and it makes her feel lots better.

Julia's boss and friend Rufus a giant disappears the same night that he asks her to go to a networking event. Just when Julia is doing her job of trying to gain more clients and business for Paranormal Personnel Nathaniel interrupts her and causes her to lose their business. He tells her not to worry about it he will make it up to her later, which of course he does.

Julia decides to tell Nathaniel about her boss missing hoping she can get him to help her find him. Her dad is a police officer in the paranormal department but she is thinking that with Nathaniel being half-vampire that he would have different connections than her father would have. Nathaniel agrees to help her in any way that he can to find her boss.

Julia's human friend Ella witnesses a murder of a paranormal it upsets her real bad and healers try to erase her memory of the murder with a spell but it doesn't work on her. Julia figures out that her friend whom she thought was human ever since they were little girls is not human after all or is only half human. Julia tries to explain to Ella that she is a paranormal like herself but Ella doesn't believe her. She thinks Julia is crazy and is lying to her and wants nothing else to do with her ever. But Julia doesn't give up easily on anything or anyone she will fight for what she believes in or wants.

Julia is a tough and very independent woman who doesn't like someone watching over her and trying to tell her what to do all the time. She is very stubborn at times and thinks she can take care of herself and she also needs some alone time. So when she leaves work sometimes after working late or working the night shift she runs into trouble and usually has to call on someone to come and bail her out. She knows that she shouldn't be walking around by herself at night when there are people after her but she gets so mad and fed up at times that her mind just flies right out the window sometimes and won't listen to no one.

I love the world that Joanna has built in the Paranormal Personnel Saga. I love reading about all paranormal creatures living together in the same world. I love the idea of having a paranormal staffing company. Paranormal creatures need jobs and a way to make money just like humans do. If you have not read any of the Paranormal Personnel books then I highly recommend that you head on over to Amazon and grab your copy and get started reading them today.
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review 2014-09-28 00:00
When the clock strikes (Paranormal Personnel Saga #0.5)
When the clock strikes (Paranormal Personnel Saga #0.5) - Joanna Mazurkiewicz I received a free copy of the book from the author for my honest opinion.

Nathaniel La Caz a Dhampir, half vampire and half human; since he was a small child he never really had a father growing up. His father was in and out of his life for most of his childhood until one day his mother couldn't take it anymore and told him to leave and never come back. She couldn't take the pain of him leaving all the time and the things he was doing when he was gone; it broke her heart and she couldn't live with it any longer. Nathaniel's father was a vampire and was turned before he was born. After he was turned he returned home to Nathaniel's mother; a human and nine months later he was born.

When he was older Nathaniel met a girl Isabelle and fell in love with her big time. One day Isabelle disappeared and he searched everywhere for her a very long time. When he found her she had been turned into a vampire and no longer wanted anything to do with him. Her love and loyalty now belonged to her maker/master. It tore Nathaniel apart and swore he would never love anyone else as long as he lived.

When Nathaniel meets Julia, a half elf and half human several years later and on their first meeting he wanted her so bad and not just her blood either. No he wanted more than just her blood he wanted her and he wanted her in his bed. Nathaniel kept wondering what was wrong with him he never actually wanted a woman like he want Julia not since Isabelle broke his heart. Nathaniel was a player he used women for his own purposes and never dated. He only used them for sex and blood and when he was through with them he discarded them like an old dish rag and never felt any remorse for doing so. When Isabelle stomped on his heart Nathaniel learned real quick how to make his heart hard and every time he felt anything he would push it way down in his heart and pack it down like packing dirt so he couldn't feel the pain.

Julia had been taught all of her life to stay away from vampires and that elves and vampires didn't mix. Julia was a good girl and didn't pass herself around from man to man night after night so to speak. Besides the fact that Nathaniel was a vampire she had just broke up with her boyfriend who liked being in charge. Julia is a woman of her own and doesn't like being told what to do. With all the things that she went through with her ex she wasn't quite ready to start dating again herself either.

But after witnessing someone take her cousin Claudia Julia decides that she has to do everything in her power to find her before it is too late. After meeting Nathaniel she realizes that he might be able to help her find Claudia and that he would probably have more or different connections than her father does as a police officer. Nathaniel and Julia start investigating her cousin's kidnapping and run into a little bit of trouble and find out more than they bargained for. When more elves and fairies start coming up missing Julia gets very worried about her cousin and knows that she probably only has a certain time frame to find her cousin.

I love reading anything with magic, vampires, witches, fairies, elves or any paranormal creature. I love the Paranormal Personnel saga or the books that I have read so far. I love the world that Joanna Marzurkiewicz has created in the Paranormal Personnel sage. I love that she has created a world where all paranormal creatures has learned to live together and the fact that they can get along most of the time even though there are some that have not opened up their minds and still live by what their parents taught them instead of opening their minds to what is around them and seeing that there is good and bad in all creatures and who and what they are does not make them bad and that you shouldn't hate them for what they are. You should love them for what is in their heart and not what they are.

If you love reading about all paranormal creatures and have not read any of the Paranormal Personnel saga then I highly recommend that you pick up your copy today. It is filled with magic, mystery, suspense, heartbreak, vampires, witches, elves, fairies ect…. It has a little something for everyone who loves the paranormal.
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