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review 2018-10-28 01:39
Kansas Kissed (Romance Across State Lines Book 2) by Debbie White
Kansas Kissed - Debbie White



Happenstance makes for a fun romance when two strangers meet. Debbie White is an ace when it comes to written witty stories with heartwarming characters. Kansas Kissed is not all sunshine and rainbows but packs just enough to chase away those winter blues. Add in a bit of cliche and some sage advice and you've hit comedy gold. If home is where the heart is then Sam and Lucy felt like coming home.


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review 2018-07-28 00:00
Kansas Troubles (Benni Harper #3)
Kansas Troubles - Earlene Fowler

Re-reading this 7 years later, this book did not hold up as well as the others.  My impatience with series books with 'away' settings reared its ugly head and I struggled with impatience.  And Gabriel was an ass throughout most of this book.  Not a misogynist, not a men-are-smarter-than-women ass, but just a closed off, overprotective one.  I'd have left him in the middle of a wheat field more than once. 


The writing continues to be solid though, as does the mystery plotting.  Harper doesn't pull any punches in her plots; people are devastated, lives ruined, very little in the way of true happy endings.  But compelling reading nonetheless.


---------old review below---------------


I think this series just keeps getting better and better. I normally dislike books within a series that "travel" - take place outside the normal setting. This book was an exception. Really, the mystery was just excellent and the character development, the relationship between Benni and Gabe, is outstanding. The author writes these stories with thought, deliberation, and authenticity. 

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review 2018-07-10 20:25
Kansas City Cop - Julie Miller Kansas City Cop - Julie Miller

Honestly, I don't remember Mike from whatever book was his dad's. I *think* his stepmom is in forensics but it's been years and a number of installments in this series since then...and that's assuming I guessed the right person.


So Gina is in line for a promotion to S.W.A.T...as is her partner. She wants to be the best of the best (overachiever). Her partner OTOH, is content to be accepted. She gets shot near the beginning of the book, and Mike (H) is her therapist. Actually, he's last resort as she'd refused to listen to the last two. He gets to spend the next several weeks keeping her out of trouble as she tries to figure out who shot her...and several other contenders.

As it turns out, her partner's dad was attempting to stack the deck in his son's favor by eliminating the competition - one minority at a time. The son figured it out at some point, but did nothing to dissuade dear old dad. Further, he more or less left her twisting in the wind after a run-in with the ex of a woman he'd been sniffing around (ex was abusive)


High-lights - no story arc to drag through half a dozen books (thank you Jesus)
Book was essentially a stand-alone. You'd have to go digging through the series to even find some of the characters (I sort of remember several mentioned on the S.W.A.T team but that was several years and a couple of story arcs ago)


Low-light - it being so long before revisiting the group there meant you almost felt lost at times. Fortunately I guess, you don't hang around any of the previously used characters too long - well, other than dear old dad. Still...


Heroine's attitude got old after a while. There's prickly and there's being a bitch. She strayed entirely too closely to the latter at times.

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review 2018-01-19 00:00
Victoria: Bride of Kansas
Victoria: Bride of Kansas - E.E. Burke Victoria: Bride of Kansas - E.E. Burke Another wonderful book in the American Mail Order Bride series. I will definitley be reading more by this author!
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review 2017-10-10 00:00
A New Beginning (Kansas Crossroads Book 1)
A New Beginning (Kansas Crossroads Book 1) - Amelia C. Adams I fell in love with the Kansas Crossroads series only a few pages into the first book. The characters are surprisingly well-rounded considering how short the books are and I find them all genuinely likeable. I've recently read some fiction and non-fiction about the Harvey House and Harvey Girls, I was struck right away by the similarities to the fictional hotel and restaurant, The Brody Hotel. The author did confirm that she based them on the Harvey House and Girls and it added an interesting layer of realism for me as I read the books. I definitely recommend all of the books in this series.
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