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review 2017-11-13 16:57
Spider Bones
Spider Bones - Kathy Reichs

I read this author's Grave Secrets (Kindle Edition) a long while ago but I never followed it up, nor have I ever seen the Bones series on TV, so when I spotted this on a shelf of second-hand books I had little to go on.  Yet suddenly I knew that Tempe Brennan, forensic anthropologist, was someone I wanted to know more of.


At the front of the book, after the dedication, is a page bearing the following words:


 'Until They Are Home'
The motto of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command


This is the background to this novel. POW/MIA is Prisoners of War/Missing in Action, and we learn all about the activities of this admirable adjunct of the military: just how much time and money is spent on retrieving the body of a serviceman who may have been dead for decades and repatriating him to his homeland.


Tempe is called upon to examine a body found floating in a pond in Montreal. To everyone's astonishment, the fingerprints turn out to be those of a soldier killed in Vietnam and subsequently brought home and buried in his hometown in North Carolina. How can this be? Whose body is in fact buried in that grave?


The exhumation of that body, instead of clearing up the mystery only makes it worse. An unforeseen and inexplicable link to Hawai means Tempe must go there to continue her investigation, and Tempe's ex-, Ryan, joins her there, along with his daughter Lucy and Tempe's daughter Katy, spoilt 24-year-olds who can't stand each other and generally behave like teenagers.


A gripping story, well-fleshed out, with plenty of fascinating background information, both anthropological and forensic, and about an aspect of the military which had never really crossed my mind before.

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review 2017-07-28 19:39
Two Nights: A Novel - Kathy Reichs

Sundey/.Sunnie was once a highly decorated cop but was now a recluse. Sunnie had retired after an altercation with a   suspect and she had shot the suspect and he died and Sunnie also ended up with a permanent disability as she had lost an eye and there was scarring. Sunnie is haunted by what had happened and now has low self esteem. Sunnie was ex military after serving in Afghanistan. Sunnie didn’t want to sit behind a desk and retired instead. Opaline Drucker had lost a daughter and grandson during a terrorist attack. Her granddaughter Stella is missing. Sunnie had a very bad childhood. Sunnie’s only friends are Beau and a squirrel.  Sunnie’s  foster father Beau to look into Opaline’s  family’s  year old cold case. The attack had been a bombing on a Jewish school. Stella was assumed to be kidnapped or dead. Sunnie decides to take the case and is hired to find the girl and the people responsible for the attack. Sunnie was being helped by her twin brother Gus.

I had a lot of mixed feelings concerning this book. It was a quick reads with a fast pace. But I couldn’t seem to connect with Sunnie. I found this frustrated me at times also. The bad guys seemed like amateurs to me and yet the cops couldn’t solve the case. I would have liked more background on Sunnie But I did enjoy the book somewhat and really liked the twists.

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review 2017-07-21 02:24
Two Nights: A Novel - Kathy Reichs

Temperance Brennan, usual protagonist of Kathy Reich's books, has stepped back behind the curtain making way for a new character, Sunny Night, and I like her. She is quite the smarta$$ and her comebacks, whether spoken or thought, are quite humorous. Of course, like all detectives, Sunny has her demons. She also has her weaknesses, coming from a struggle with a suspect, wherein she lost an eye as well as her job for shooting and killing that person while he was weaponless.

She is a very strange sort, living on an island that can only be reached by boat and with very few neighbors. She's not alone living there, however, she has her pet squirrel named Bob who looks after the place for her when she's gone.

This story deals with a cold case of a woman and her son being killed in a bombing right outside a school. The daughter of the woman is missing and has not been heard from for over a year. Sunny is hired by the girl's grandmother to find her and the assailants who were caught on CCTV, although very fuzzily. 

The things that Sunny does while on this chase are somewhat severe in her avoidance of detection, however, that avoidance does not last long. The killers are on to her and after her.

A great read with lots of action and suspense. Kathy Reichs is one of my favorite authors and I love this new character that she has created. I hope to see lots more of her in the future.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster and Net Galley for providing me with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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review 2017-07-18 02:37
Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
Two Nights: A Novel - Kathy Reichs

This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.

Well, this was disappointing. When I saw that Kathy Reichs had written a stand alone novel, I knew that I wanted to read it. I have really enjoyed her books in the past and was looking forward to this book. This book never clicked for me and I found myself constantly setting the book aside. There were some parts of the book that I did enjoy and I never really considered not finishing it but it wasn't a story that did much for me. 

I think one of my main problems with this book is that I didn't care for the characters. The focus of this book is Sunday Night, or Sunnie. Sunnie is an ex-cop that carries a lot of scars both physical and emotional. She was paranoid but had a lot of skills that were put to the test as she tried to find out what happened to the girl she has been hired to find. There are sections of the book spread throughout the story that talk of Sunnie's past. I thought that learning her backstory was way too drawn out and by the time any real information was given I had lost interest.

The mystery never grabbed me. I just had a really hard time getting into the overall story. Of course, I wanted to know what had happened to the girl but the story seemed to move really slow. Everything was a waiting game wrapped up in Sunnie's paranoia. It just felt like it took really long time for things to get moving. So much so that this turned into a book that I kept checking how much more was left just because I wanted to be done with it.

The writing felt really choppy with lots of short sentences that never really flowed. There was a lot of really traumatic things happening in the story but I never felt like any of the characters had a single emotion. I did think that the book had a good start. I like the idea of Sunnie. I like that she was quirky and a little different but that feeling faded quickly. 

I am not going to be recommending this one. I think that anyone interested in reading Kathy Reichs should start with the Temperance Brennan series which I loved. I haven't read the whole series but have read the first 13 books or so in that series and really enjoyed them and actually plan to re-read the series at some point. This book was a miss for me but I do look forward to reading more of her work in the future.

I received an advance reader edition of this book from Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine via NetGalley.

Initial Thoughts
I had a lot of hopes for this book. I have enjoyed all of the previous books that I have read by Kathy Reichs so I was excited to read her new stand alone novel. This was disappointing. I didn't care of any of the characters and found the story to be boring.

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review 2017-07-14 14:38
Review: Two Nights by Kathy Reichs
Two Nights - Kathy Reichs

I've been a fan of Kathy Reichs for years and have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Temperance Brennan series so I was looking forward to Two Nights. Even more so when I learned that it was a stand alone, but I have to say, I was a bit disappointed.


I didn't particularly enjoy it, it held my attention enough that I finished it but I couldn't connect with the main character, or any of the other characters. They didn't feel real, they were just names on the page and not very likeable at all. The only thing that kept me reading was the plot. I wanted to know how it played out, but even then it was more out of curiosity than need.


Not one I would recommend.




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