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text 2017-12-28 19:18
On Sale: 80% off (mostly under $1.50 Kindle Monthly Deals) Science Fiction
Across a Billion Years - Robert Silverberg
The Dispatcher - John Scalzi
The Furthest Station - Ben Aaronovitch
Cast in Chaos - Michelle Sagara,Michelle Sagara West
Blood Kissed (The Lizzie Grace Series Book 1) - Keri Arthur
Bannerless (The Bannerless Saga) - Carrie Vaughn
A Fall of Moondust (Arthur C. Clarke Collection) - Arthur C. Clarke
Fortress of Ice - C.J. Cherryh

36 SF genre books; highlighted above are just ones by authors I recognize.


Blood Kissed (The Lizzie Grace Series Book 1) - Keri Arthur  is likely to be more Paranormal Romance or Urban Fantasy than Science Fiction genre.


Fortress of Ice - C.J. Cherryh is a truly excellent series.


On sale in he SF section of kindle monthly deals (special offer that showed on my kindle device) .





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review 2017-10-23 14:04
“City of Light – Outcast #1” by Keri Arthur: original ideas and characters undercut by careless or lazy writing.
City of Light - Keri Arthur

This could have been a wonderful book and the start of a series that I would have followed avidly but the writing degraded my enjoyment too much for me to want to continue.


"City Of Light" is an Urban Fantasy / Sci-Fi book that has a lot of strengths. It brings together humans, shifters, aliens, genetically engineered people and ghosts in an original way. The world-building is well thought through. The plot is intriguing. The kick-ass-but-empathic heroine has a secret, an agenda, a complex history and a guilt-driven need to protect children from evil. There's lots of well-described action, often enabled by an interesting mix of magic and technology.


For me, all of this was undermined by the kind of careless or lazy writing that a second draft or a decent editor could have fixed.


Certain phrases occurred with such regularity that I could have built a drinking game around them:

"He/she smiled but there was no humour in it"

"He/It sent a shiver down my spine"

"Energy/Tension bit the air"

"My skin tingled under his gaze".


There were enough small grammatical errors to give the book that self-published I-can't-afford-a-copy-editor feel.


Then there were descriptions that shouldn't have passed a second reading

"He was not what he seemed. He had deeper depths."


Personally, I think the use of the phrase, "I proceeded to..." should be restricted police officers giving evidence and really doesn't work in a sex scene.


The story is told from the point of view of our kick-ass, I-was-built-by-humans-a hundred-years-ago-to-seduce-and-interrogate heroine and yet, by the end of the book, I knew very little about her other than that she is easily aroused and willing to kill to friends to achieve her goal.


Then the book ends rather than finishes. One goal is achieved but nothing much is explained. I felt I'd just watched the pilot for SyFy series that couldn't afford a good scriptwriter.


Even though the ideas are appealing, I won't be going back. I'd rather read authors who have enough respect for themselves and their readers to polish before they publish.

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review 2017-09-11 15:57
Loved this Werewolf Story From A Fav Author
Blood Kissed - Keri Arthur

4.5 stars Keri Arthur writes characters that I love to read. They are well developed, quirky, off centered, and snarky, just the way I like them. This series has two witches who are in the lower cast of witches just trying to make a living running a bakery in a small town run by a werewolf pack that hates witches. They bake do simple fortune telling and charms keeping under the radar for many reasons. They are semi hiding from their families. All is going well till, something wicked comes to town and the werewolves are forced to work with the witches who say they're really not witches to try to save the town for a blackness. Things go from bad to worse, and it gets dangerous.
There s some sexual tension, life threatening tension some fantastic snark, yummy treats, and a whole lot of fun. I loved the human familiar for the witches. The weres were hot headed, strong, sexy, and mysterious. The book ended with a cliff hanger and I need the next book. I recommend this book to fans of her writing or lovers of witches and weres. it's a good fun story.

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text 2017-09-01 19:02
Halloween Bingo 2017 two choices
Sleep Like a Baby: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries) - Charlaine Harris
Blood Kissed - Keri Arthur

Sleep Like a Baby: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries) - Charlaine Harris  for 


Blood Kissed - Keri Arthur for  

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review 2017-07-17 01:18
Blood Kissed (Lizzie Grace #1) by Keri Arthur
Blood Kissed - Keri Arthur
Powerful witches, especially from the major families, are considered a major influental part of modern society
Except for Lizzie, never living up to her family’s standards, she has gone into hiding with Isabelle, her best friend and familiar, to set up a business in werewolf territory which is more than a little hostile to witches.
She intended to fly under the radar - but when a child goes missing she cannot avoid using her magical abilities to find her; even if it did raise the ire of the local werewolf ranger
The world building of this book pulled me in quickly - which is just what you want for the first book in a series. The first book has to yell at you why this series is different, what this series has to offer that you can’t get elsewhere, something to hook you in - and a well built world is a perfect hook.
The werewolf territories and their quasi-independent status. There are the witches who are massively influential in government with their magic meaning certain witch families hold a position of almost aristocracy. We have a nice introduction of things like natural magic which is definitely raising potential for future complexities. We also have the big bad definitely with a different form of magic that is also going to add to the complexity of the world. Throw in some vampires and a nice hidden society and I’m hooked in
Lizzie herself I don’t think is going to be that original herself. Scion of a major family but without the major woo-woo? I’m laying odds now that she will turn out to have the super-rare-special magic or she will turn out to be a late bloomer or something. At some point her awesome super powers will become apparent, the tropes demand it! Honestly? This doesn’t bother me. Yes the genre is full of protagonists who deny their magic, jate their magic, don’t realise how powerful they are, think they’re weak and then embrace it all and become awesomely special power. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not fun or interesting or enjoyable to read.

Sadly, we also have her love interest. He’s a werewolf. He hates witches and is mean to her but needs her so they have to work together. And he can’t help being attracted to her and she can’t help noticing how utter hot he is ALL THE DAMN TIME never mind how much he hates her and yes we alllllll know where this is going. Nothing says true love like complete and utter loathing (it’s a pet hate of mine - can we stop driving the train from hate to love without a severe redemption moment on the way? Lusting after someone who loathes you is terribad self-esteem). I quickly became tired of the many times she told me she found hot.
Thankfully what isn’t tropes is her relationship with Isabelle her best friend, business partner and familiar is much more interesting, original, touching and with a lot of promise. The combination of prophetic dreams, linked magic, the class difference between them and a whole lot of snark and fun connection made this the most important part of the book to me. These two together are going to be excellent. Their friendship is great, they support each other, are fun, sex positive and joyful. But it’s also complicated by the subservient nature of the familiar bond which definitely makes Lizzie uncomfortable.




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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/06/blood-kissed-lizzie-grace-1-by-keri.html
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