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text 2020-07-07 05:30
While you will see a lot of high end designers are incorporating beads

If you are reading this article, chances are either that you already love beads and are looking to assemble combinations of your own, or that you are checking out beads and how best to incorporate them into  LED optics lighting your attire. 

Either way, the best thing about beads is the number of ways in which they can be adjusted with the rest of your clothes and accessories and the fact that you don't have to worry about them too much! Beads are a fashion statement in themselves and the kind of beads you wear can tell a lot about you.

While you will see a lot of high end designers are incorporating beads into their fashion line to express various moods and to add colorful accents, beads are made for experimenting. Try not to copy a look a designer has created. Instead make your own jewelry to express yourself. Beaded jewelry making is both an art that needs a lot of passion, effort and patience as also fun and rewarding, and a great way to have fun while dressing up! After all, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than creating a masterpiece- bead by bead. Everyone can design beautiful jewelry, just remember to put together things you like to make a piece that is unique and special. 

Use beads in metal, plastic, wood and glass from craft stores or even those in crystal and gem from jewelers. If you want  to be more resourceful, you can even use materials from around the house, such as clay, paper, cardboard, etc.Here are a few basic things to help you get started. Of course, you'll figure out more as you start stringing!First, make a lay pattern out of the design for your necklace (or anklet, etc.) on a hard surface. This should be done on a table top or any other stable surface to avoid the trouble of finding your beads once they've rolled away! 

Also, cut off any draughts, etc if you are using very light beads. Now, cut your bead wire according to the length you require. You can use anything from a string to a thin metal wire, or even soft-flex wire to string your beads. Be sure to cut it at least 5 inches longer than you want the actual necklace to be. Pay attention to fastening the edges securely and to buy good quality ends and hooks for your beads to make jewelry that is as sturdy as it is pretty!Beaded jewelry making will help your creativity flourish. If you have the time, you can even turn this hobby into a business. After all, there are a lot of people out there who love beads! Think of customizing in the beads sector and just imagine the joy a unique piece would bring to people. You can even gift your creations to close friends or family members. The pride you will feel at creating something so treasured and individual will surely be priceless! And of course, the satisfaction received from creating that perfect piece for your oh-so-prized-dress can hardly be enumerated. So go on, string it!

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review 2020-07-04 21:36
By the Light of the Study Lamp, Dana Girls #1
By the Light of the Study Lamp - Ferdinand E. Warren,Carolyn Keene

You're several years into a depression and of all your assets: Tom Swift, Bomba the Jungle Boy, and even the Bobbsey Twins, the one most people are interested in buying are two juvenile detective series. What's a publishing syndicate to do? Enter Louise and Jean Dana, orphan sisters who solve mysteries while attending the prestigious Starhurst School.


The Stratemeyer Syndicate was eager to match the success of the 'Hardy Boys' and 'Nancy Drew' when they created this sister series. Originally printed with lilac boards and jackets that featured bold deco designs highlighting the adventures within, the books are striking. Later printings in the 1950s would replace the cover design with the more modern picture-covers of the girls hiding in shrubbery and looking aghast at various scenes.


Notably, the entire back cover of the jacket - usually a valuable space used to advertise titles of another series - eagerly proclaimed that the 'Dana Girls' was written by the same author as Nancy Drew!


Of course, it wasn't. At least not at first. Credit for these books was given to 'Carolyn Keene', but in reality the first four books were written by Leslie McFarlane, the original writer of the bulk of the original Hardy Boys books under the 'Franklin W. Dixon' pseudonym. The syndicate needed another girls series and Harriet Stratemeyer Adams preferred working with McFarlane over the more opinionated Mildred A. Wirt who also wanted more money per manuscript. The first three books also were written in 1933, during which time Harriet had another ghostwriter writing Nancy.


Apparently, however, McFarlane disliked writing from a girl's perspective, especially under a female pseudonym. The poor dear. There were also problems with the increasingly lengthy and convoluted outlines McFarlane had to work from for the series, as well as his other Stratemeyer work.

That's a lot to get into before we even discuss the book itself! Despite McFarlane's lack of enthusiasm, I found the book to be fun reading. The only criticism is that the girls have an interchangeable personality - a similar problem plagued the Hardy Boys for awhile. To help you readers out, Louise is dark-haired and serious, while Jean is blonde, impulsive, and a year younger.

'By the Light of the Study Lamp' opens with the girls packing their trunks to go back to school for their sophomore year. A letter has arrived from their uncle, the captain of an Atlantic liner, informing them to keep an eye out for their farewell present, an antique lamp he is having delivered to the house. The girls are excited, because a lamp is precisely what they need for their shared study - at Starhurst girls have private study-rooms separate from their bedroom. When the lamp arrives the girls have only just unpacked it from the excelsior when they are brought to the hall by a shriek from Cora Appel, their aunt's clutzy maid who they refer to affectionately as "Applecore". A lot of time is spent developing her character considering she rarely shows up after this scene or in subsequent books.

After they calm Applecore down the girls return to the kitchen to find the lamp missing! How could it have been stolen so soon after its delivery, and why? The girl's search takes them to a shabby second-hand store with an obsequious shopkeeper who enjoys rubbing his fat hands together. There is also a glimpse of a mysterious gypsy-looking woman who the author takes pains to point out does not appear to be of Romany ancestry....thanks? The ungypsy will continue to turn up throughout the story.

Starhurst School was once a fine, private estate. The Star family fell on hard times, with the final blow being the theft of family heirlooms. The estate was sold to the Crandalls who run the school. A classmate and member of the old family, Evelyn Star, becomes close to the Dana girls this year when it appears her financial situation is becoming desperate. Her brother has gone missing and there may be no money for her tuition! She is too proud to accept a loan from the girls, so it is up to Danas to discover the whereabouts of Evelyn's brother as well as the secret of the lamp, which deepens when they find it - or one very similar - in the window of a nice second-hand store. They buy it for full price from the shopkeeper, angering their rival, the nouveau -riche and crass (oxymoron, am I right fellow elites?) Lettie Briggs, who was trying to haggle the price down despite her reputation as being the wealthiest girl at Starhurst.

There's a whole lot more going on with the plot, but I'm discovering that it is extremely hard to write about what happens in these books. There are dozens of coincidences and twists leading up to a fairly simple conclusion. This book was charming and holds up alongside its peers. Of course, you have to love this kind of thing (which I do!).

Dana Girls


Next: 'The Secret at Lone Tree Cottage'

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review 2020-07-04 19:16
A Little Light Mischief: A Turner Novella - Cat Sebastian
  Molly works as a lady's maid in the same household where Alice is the companion to the mistress of the house. Alice tries to help Molly because she is not used to having idle time but since she was thrown out of her father's household she has a whole lot of time on her hands as a companion. When they go with their mistress to a house party in the country, there Alice discovers the man who caused her ruin will be. Molly convinces her to exact a bit of revenge on the man.

I liked Molly and Alice. They are different in temperament but have known what it is to work hard. They also discover their true selves in the company of each other and plan a future together. The men in this book are not admirable and I can understand why Molly and Alice plan their mischief. I especially liked how emboldened Alice became when Molly spoke of her plan which did not go as planned but caused Alice to improvise. The courage she gained then carried over to her father's comeuppance. I cheered Alice on. It was wonderful.
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text 2020-07-02 04:59
Many advantages over traditional lighting

Our 39 subsidiary companies operate through more than 130 distribution centers across the nation. The Value Energy Solutions team thoroughly reviewed the energy use of the existing lighting program. Value Energy Solutions presented a comprehensive lighting solution that replaces their lighting with new more energy efficient T5 lighting. In total, GMS and its subsidiary companies distribute over 10,000 unique products. Value Energy Solutions, one of the largest lighting installation and lighting retrofit companies in the nation, recently was awarded an energy efficient lighting retrofit project for Colonial Materials which is a distributor of drywall and other building products for commercial and residential construction products. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia GMS began operation in 1971 and is the largest independent distributor of drywall products in the United States. Metal Halide lumen loss is about 35%. * Energy Efficiency - Typical 54 watt T5 lamp produces 5000 lumens * Lower Lumen Depreciation - only 5-6% lumen output loss between the rated initial and maintained lumens. The project also incorporated LED wall packs & spotlights for exterior applications. GMS is also a leading distributor of acoustical products including ceiling tile, grid, and FRP panels used in commercial applications. The Value Energy Solutions lighting retrofit programs are offered for all commercial building types including, Warehouse/Industrial Buildings, Educational Facilities, Parking Garages, Hotels, Retail Chains, Apartments and Office Buildings. The company also offers National Account energy-retrofitting services for TBG Energy and provides energy efficiency services for solar, refrigeration units and/motors through our established business partners. In addition to the energy savings, Colonial Materials will dramatically reduce their maintenance costs due to the extended life of the new T-5 lighting fixtures..335. Distributorships and sales opportunities are available nationwide. (GMS) is the largest independent distributor of drywall, acoustical and other specialty building materials in the United States. About Value Energy Solutions Value Energy Solutions is one of the largest energy efficient lighting retrofitting companies in the United States. Realizing the need for building owners, property managers and facility engineers to find ways to conserve energy and cut their operating costs, Value Energy Solutions provides improved energy efficient lighting products as replacements for existing higher wattage fixtures.T5 Lamps are the most energy efficient technology in the fluorescent lighting industry for the cost. * Instant Startup and Restrike - T5 fluorescent lamps start and restrike instantly unlike HID sources which can take several minutes to restrike. * Higher Quality Lighting - T5 lamps have a color rendering Index of 85 while metal halide lamps have a CRI of 65-70. To request more information please email or call Value Energy Solutions, Director of Sales - Chris Owens: chriso@valueenergysolutions. Vapor Tight Reflector T5 units were also used in 2 of the warehouses. In addition to wallboard and acoustical products, GMS distributes metal framing, insulation, ready-mix joint compound, and various other related interior construction products. One of the concerning expenses they faced in their Washington, DC location was the cost of lighting their warehouse space. Value Energy Solutions recommended upgrading the lighting fixtures to 4 & 6 LampT5 (54w) The T5 High Bay fluorescent fixtures have many advantages over traditional lighting. Value Energy Solutions is located at LED Plant Light Factory 1110 Allgood Industrial Court, Marietta, GA 30066. Colonial Materials, a subsidiary of Gypsum Management and Supply, contacted Chris Owens from Value Energy Solutions to help reduce their lighting energy costs.

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text 2020-07-02 04:10
same look and think now is the time to do the change

That is why I have decided to enclose my veranda. I liked what I read from the first moment. I must say that I am very happy with the result and the quality. I must say that I felt like a kid in a candy shop. I also did everything on budget and now I am enjoying my new space where I can relax and invite my friends for a chat. The Velux windows are modern looking and offer great insulation. I cannot touch any of the rooms inside as everybody has to agree and I am aware of the fact that is never going to happen.I have had my house for basic plain woven blackout roller blinds for home decor over 15 years and not until recently I started desiring some changes. I already know what I am going to do I need to keep the natural light and the view from the veranda but I need also to insulate it properly in order to keep it available for use even in the cold winter months.


I also decided to hire professional help as I want everything to be perfect. That is why I started planning my project. However, if you dont have enough funds, you can always fit Velux products yourself as they are easy to fit by everybody. That is how my search led me to the website of Velux windows and blinds. Velux windows and blinds are the leader on the market in that sphere. They also let natural light and give the feeling of a lot of space.I went to the municipality and got all the needed permissions and after that I placed my order.I have decided to do a simple research.


I have two children and my three-bedroom house is full. I also read about the Velux blinds as I would need them for more privacy of a night and also in the hot summer days I will need them to reduce the heat without stopping the natural light. I liked that the Veluxs windows are with remote controls and that they also have a standard rain sensor which will guarantee me that at all time I will be protected from wet disasters. Some of you may think I am crazy but since I live in the UK and I see more rain than sun, my veranda is hardly ever used.


I have decided to contact the company and ask for a representative that can give me adequate quote and advise me what the best way to combine the windows is. I am fed up of the same look and think now is the time to do the change. I will also purchase Velux doors as I need access to and from the veranda. The quality they offer is second to none and they have everything for everybodys taste. I have come up to some money from inheritance and have decided to invest them in my house thus not only changing the look of it but adding more value to it.

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