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review 2018-09-15 19:22
Color of Grace (Cost of Repairs #2)
Color of Grace - A.M. Arthur

Warning: Grumpy review ahead.


Don't let my rating or review sway you from reading the book. Most of the issues I had with it are of the personal taste variety. And one thing at the very end that ticked me off. ... Two things. ... Maybe three things, lol.


The writing is strong, and Barrett and Schuyler (pronounced Skylar) are interesting characters who despite their various flaws and hangups might just be perfect for each other. I didn't completely feel the love connection between them, since half of their "relationship development" that took place seemed to happen in the bedroom. But when we did get actual relationship development, it was pretty well done.


Since it's been so long since I read the first book in this series - and the primary thing I remember about it was that ridiculous drama-ridden fourth act - I didn't recall if I had issues with Schuyler or not. I know there was a reason I initially decided to skip this one, but lord help me if I can remember it now, lol.


I should have listened to my former self.


For the most part, I really liked Barrett and Schuyler, and there was certainly enough there in their backgrounds that could have made a truly compelling story, but most of what we get is a watered down contemporary romance that doesn't distinguish itself from the mainstream m/m genre. Barrett had the most interesting background, so of course we only get snatches of it. Schuyler's backstory is... well...


Ok, so Schuyler's cousin, Matty, drowned in the lake when they were teens. Schuyler was there when it happened. He drinks himself into oblivion every year on the anniversary, blaming himself for what happened. For 85% of the book, that's all we know about it. Then we find out a couple of Matty's friends were also there. And then it just gets stupid because

despite every indication that Danny is seriously unstable, Schuyler decides to just drive down to the lake when Danny leaves a note on his car requesting a meeting with him there. Without telling anyone where he's going. Or who he's going to meet.


So he drives down there like a buffoon and confronts Danny, who is upset that Schuyler still exists. And then we find out what really happened that fateful night: Danny started bullying Schuyler for being gay, taunting him to kiss Danny's girlfriend - why the girlfriend was all for this idea, who knows; she's incidental to the story and never appears on page except as a blurry fuzzy afterthought on this backstory - all because ... wait for it ... Danny's also gay, but in the closet and hates himself for it. So of course he HAS to bully Schuyler for also being gay. And of COURSE his teen self has to attack teen Schuyler for being around and TEMPTING him and making him feel his horrible gay feelings. And of COURSE Matty ends up in the lake during this fight and no one notices until it's too late and Matty was too drunk to get himself out of the lake on his own.


And that's how Matty died. And that's why Schuyler blames himself. Because showing up when Matty asked him to come and having Danny bully him clearly makes it his fault. (Guilt isn't logical, I know that, but still. Put the blame where it belongs.)


But that's not all! Danny isn't torn up about accidentally knocking his friend into the lake and killing him. NO! He's been tormented all these years by his gay feelings. That's what keeps him up at night. That's why he's so maladjusted. That's why he's a walking blowhole.


So naturally, since he's got this horrible crush on Schuyler he's got to call present-day Schuyler down to the lake, then ask him why he was always around back them - um, because Matty was his cousin????? - and attacks him again!


And then - AND THEN - after all this goes down and Schuyler's released from the hospital and Danny's locked up, Schuyler finally sits down to tell his aunt Dixie, Matt's mom, what actually happened that night 15 years ago. AND WE DON'T GET DIXIE'S REACTION! We just go from him saying "There's something I need to tell you" to jumping six weeks ahead to the epilogue so Schuyler can get a fracking tattoo to memorialize Matty. You know, that's sweet and all, though why he'd want angel wings made out of water to remember how his cousin died is beyond me. You know what I wanted to know though: What did Dixie say or do when she found out? It's only her son that she lost, right? Her one and only child. So who cares what she thinks about all this. (We also don't get Barrett's reaction but his really doesn't matter here.)


AND THEN Schuyler doesn't even press charges. And neither does Dixie apparently, so the only thing that happens to Danny is he has to go to therapy for a few months and do some community service. Oh, and he's getting a divorce. Oh, and Danny's therapist thinks it would be a really good idea for Schuyler to go and see Danny again so Danny can get closure. ... HE NEARLY BEAT A MAN TO DEATH BUT HE DESERVES CLOSURE.



And of COURSE Schuyler is an absolute saint about all of this. Why should he be angry about nearly dying? Or all those years he was bullied as a teen? And all those years he was scared into silence about that night Matty drowned because Danny threatened him?

Thank God we didn't get a scene of him actually going to see Danny again, so there's that.

(spoiler show)


So anyway, all that aside this was a decent read. Except that 20% in the middle of the book that had practically three or four sex scenes in a row. I ended up skipping most of that. I did like the one toward the end though, before all the stupid happened.


I might be rating this too highly, lol. But I didn't hate all of it, and most of it was decent, and some of it was even nice and sweet. So 2.5 stars it is.


P.S. You can't open both eyes wide when one of them is swollen shut.

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text 2018-09-12 08:05
Blog Tour - Hitman Wedding


Today we have the blog tour of HITMAN WEDDING by Eve Langlais! Check it out and grab your copy today!




Author: Eve Langlais

Genre: Contemporary Romance





The employees of Bad Boy Inc. are gathering for a celebration. The bride sported the latest in bullet proof corsets. The groom wore a gun. The guests came armed for action. But the cake blew up before they could eat it. As for the honeymoon, it’s going to be a mad chase across the globe dodging bullets and bombs to find the culprit who wants them all dead.


Once upon a time, Darren fell for a woman while in the world’s most romantic city. In full view of the Eiffel tower he had his heart torn from his chest and stomped on. Time for revenge. Francesca played Darren for a fool, but he won’t let it happen again. Now that he’s found her, she’s going to pay for her actions. Problem is she’s getting under his skin. Rubbing against his skin. Making him remember those Paris days and hotter nights. Before he can decide if he’s crazy enough to fall in love with her again, everything explodes after the wedding.  


Get Your Copy Today!  







Catch up on the Series:

Assassin Next Door

Pint-Sized Protector

Deadly Match

Killer Daddy



About Eve:


 New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Eve Langlais is a Canadian author who loves to write hot romance. She likes to blame her twisted imagination for her sarcastic sense of humor which tends to heavily influence her stories. She loves to write, and while she might not always know what her mind is going to come up with next, she does promise it will be fun, probably humorous and most of all romantic, because she believes in a happily ever after.  


Connect with Eve:



Website | Facebook | Twitter |

Mailing List | Goodreads | Amazon




Enter Eve's Giveaway: 


 a Rafflecopter giveaway


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text 2018-09-03 08:10
Release Day - Flirting With Forever



I've waited years for the perfect girl, yet she was right in front of me all along.


My best friend, Natalie, has been by my side through everything. Leaning on my shoulder, borrowing my sweatshirts…and making my pants too tight when she flashes me that sassy smile that drives me crazy. But she has no idea about that last part. She doesn't have a clue I've felt this way about her for years. Until one night after too many cocktails, we fall into bed together. I'm flirting with my forever…she just doesn't know it yet. This book is a sexy, slow-burning best-friends-to-lovers romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. Dive in, and get ready to melt for Cam!



Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo | Audible 


READ a sneak preview      









A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than two dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 1.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. She's a traditionally published author with Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins UK, as well as an independently published author. Since she first began self-publishing in 2012, she's appeared at #1 on Barnes & Noble and iBooks charts around the world. Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than three dozen times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.


Visit her at: www.kendallryanbooks.com for the latest book news, and fun extras!


Subscribe to Newletter Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

| Goodreads | Amazon Author Page  



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review 2018-08-29 20:23
Oklahoma Is Where I Live by Gary Conrad
Oklahoma Is Where I Live: And Other Thin... Oklahoma Is Where I Live: And Other Things on My Mind - Gary D Conrad

Oklahoma Is Where I Live: and Other Things on My Mind by Gary Conrad is a series of heartwarming and thought-provoking essays that are reminiscent of another Oklahoma son, Will Rogers.


I gave it five stars because it reminded me of the days of my youth when there was a family get-together and we sat around an old octagonal oak table and told stories from our past.


I found this book to be a treasure chest of gem-like homilies. From the sweetness of a first kiss to an attraction to sugar and the resulting dental work, it kept my attention. The episode of snake capturing actually made me laugh out loud.


Learning the benefits of walking meditation or hiking is described clearly: "Something magical happened when you entered that space and completely concentrated your attention on just hiking. In truth, it's an intense contemplation of sorts.


In meditation, you attempt to bring your mind to a single point of focus, much like the tip of the candle flame. In hiking, your attention is likewise entirely focused. You intensely watch the trail for rocks--so you don't stumble. You gauge your breathing and your pulse rate, for if you become too fatigued the risk of falling increases dramatically. And an added benefit is that Mother Nature is all around nurturing and healing you."


Discussing necessary wall-building to be a medical professional: "Needing protection from this, most students develop what can best be described as an emotional wall, one that not only blocks emotion coming in but also going out. Without the wall, the training experience in medical school is too much, far too much…


Rather than a slow, gentle process, the wall has to be built quickly, not brick-by-brick as a mason might do. It’s much akin to pouring a solid slab of cement, which hardens in moments. It didn’t take long for medical students to recognize that fact, and we recklessly submersed ourselves into the experience, ready and willing to be toughened."


I was unable to build that necessary wall so left nursing after thirteen short years.


I received a complimentary copy from the author. That did not change my opinion for this review.


I had previously read Murder on Easter Island: A Daniel "Hawk" Fishinghawk Mystery and enjoyed it tremendously. Please read my five star review for that book.


I look forward to reading The Lhasa Trilogy next and the upcoming Murder at Stonehenge, the sequel to Murder on Easter Island which will be published soon.


Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/Oklahoma-Where-Live-Other-Things-ebook/dp/B00F0P5H1M

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text 2018-07-30 09:00
Get the Free Android & Mobile Trading App For Keeping Track Of Online Commodity Markets? - Gill Broking

When it comes to tracking online commodity markets, these days every single activity is at your disposal; courtesy of a range of active smartphone apps. However, when choosing to keep a track of the market at your fingertips, one need to choose from a wide range of apps which generally has to deal with your exact knowledge level and interest in the online commodity market on a whole. Here’s a look at a handful of best apps for keeping a tab on online commodity market happenings.


  • Investing.com — Easily touted as the best available commodity market app that offers prices that are based on underlying commodities. It covers the full range of online commodity market along with excellent chart features accompanied with several indicator levels which does a fair job in getting the data right.
  • Bloomberg — Extremely user-friendly, Bloomberg’s commodity market app lets you tailor market news across certain broadly classified categories. It includes live commodity market prices for all major ones that include metals, energy and agricultural commodities. Just click on refresh and you are presented with live market data each and every time. However, the absence of charts can be quite a turn off for many market enthusiasts and serious market watchers. ​​​​​​​
  • Bloomberg — Extremely user-friendly, Bloomberg’s commodity market app lets you tailor market news across certain broadly classified categories. It includes live commodity market prices for all major ones that include metals, energy and agricultural commodities. Just click on refresh and you are presented with live market data each and every time. However, the absence of charts can be quite a turn off for many market enthusiasts and serious market watchers.
  • Gold Live — Quite contrary to what other commodity market apps are doing, Gold Live lay its sole focus upon offering a comprehensive outlook towards online commodity market. Gold live is where you can gain first-hand information on the price of base and other such metals that are precious like silver, nickel; platinum, zinc and aluminium to name a few. Sometimes, the live prices are delayed by a few minutes and a quick refreshing brings back everything on track. One also gets to analyze commodity market charts based data that is readily available on the mobile trading app.

Download Free Trading Apps — Download Advanced Commodity Trading Apps & Tools




Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/gillbro/id1407194781?mt=8


Original Source here

Source: www.gillbroking.com/blog/top-commodity-market-apps-and-tools
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