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text 2021-02-19 17:25
A Comparison Between Live-in Care and a Care Home



For many people, elderly care is a necessity they have to consider. Whether it be ageing parents, or other loved ones, the burdens of growing old need to be met with special arrangements. The most typical solutions people resort to are residential care homes and live-in care service. 

On the surface, both options aim to provide care for an elderly individual, who can no longer address life challenges on their own. However, there are major differences between the two services and it is only by knowing more about them that people can make an informed decision of which one is better for them. Following is a quick rundown of what both services are all about. 

Residential care homes 

In essence, care homes are a place where elderly individuals can receive round-the-clock care by professionals. A care home is a secure place where the caregivers can monitor the elderly and respond to any emergencies they have. While it is true that care homes often provide medical attention, they are not always specialised in treating certain conditions. Typically, elderly individuals share the common areas of the place – dining rooms, lounge, bathrooms, gardens, etc. Sometimes, care homes are equipped with individual bedrooms, while in other cases these areas are common as well and facilitate more than one person. The staff in the care facility provides meals, housekeeping services and any assistance with daily tasks – dressing, personal hygiene and mobility. Because the number of people varies, while the staff mostly remains the same, the level of care an elderly individual too can vary. 

The benefits of a care home: 

  • The staff is available 24/7 
  • The environment is secure 
  • Meals are prepared for every resident 
  • Socialising opportunities 
  • Staff provides supervision of medication and healthcare 
  • No maintenance costs and household bills

The disadvantages of a care home:

  • Requires the elderly to leave their home and move to the care facility 
  • Less independence 
  • The focus is on practical, rather than emotional needs 

Live-in care services 

Live-in care service enables the elderly to stay in their home and relies on a professional caregiver moving in with them. The caregiver provides support and help to the person, allowing friends and family some freedom to visit less often. The elderly don’t have to leave the familiar and safe environment of their home. The place needs to have a separate bedroom for the caregiver, however, since they will be staying in the home for a prolonged period. The caregivers for this job are well-qualified and trained to support low and mid-level needs. This means they can help the person get about, as well as aid them in tasks like toileting, dressing, washing, etc. They can also prepare meals to match the nutritional and diet needs of the elderly, as well as do some housekeeping. 

The benefits of live-in care service:

  • 24/7 support by a caregiver 
  • There is no need to move to a care facility 
  • Great for elderly families, who can remain together
  • Companionship 
  • Housekeeping service 
  • Continued independence

The disadvantages of live-in care service:

  • The home of the service recipient may need some modifications 
  • Needs a spare room for the caregiver 
  • Mostly suitable for low and mid-level needs 

When people gain a better understanding of what makes both the live-in care service and the residential care home service, they can make better decisions about themselves or their elderly loved ones. The most important thing is to consider all aspects of the service and choose in the best interest of the recipient of the service. 

© Home Care Preferred Barnet

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text 2021-01-26 19:29
Elderly Nutrition tips every Home Carer should Consider




Paying attention to some of the obvious signs of ageing is easy. After all, it is not possible to ignore things like memory problems, frailty and mobility issues. Some of the less obvious factors, such as nutrition, are just as important, if not more. If that is the last thing on your mind, you need to start paying attention. 

According to many home care experts, many people ignore elderly nutritional requirements. As a result, they don’t ensure their loved ones get the required nutrients. This could lead to a host of problems, which are easily avoidable when the following tips are taken into consideration:

Packing in protein is important – protein is the most critical component of muscle. Because muscle loss naturally increases with ageing, especially after 60, protein deficiencies in elderly individuals can harm health. Older people need to eat more protein, just so that they can counteract the loss of muscle mass in their bodies, i.e. the process of sarcopenia. 

  • Fruits and veggies – a lot of adults fail to eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day, which is an absolute mistake. Take it from Japan – health experts there recommend that older individuals have at least 17 portions of fruits and vegetables for good health each day. And the more varied the food, the better the nutrient intake. 

  • Getting enough Calcium – Calcium is crucial for good bone health. With age, humans absorb less and less Calcium. Thus, an elderly individual needs to eat more Calcium-rich foods. It makes for an important addition to their diet. 

  • Vitamins are important as well – older people often have vitamin D deficiency, which can exacerbate a host of conditions. That is why they need to eat some oily fish, like trout, mackerel, sardines or salmon. They are all very rich in Vitamin D. B-12 deficiency (Folate) is also a common occurrence in old people. This vitamin is present in dairy, eggs and meat. If adults don’t eat enough of these foods, they should consider supplements. 
  • Eating more iron-rich foods – every elder requires adequate iron intake. But there needs to be a fine balance, because too much iron creates stomach issues, whereas too little iron can lead to anaemia. That is why elders should be focused on foods that are rich in iron. The examples include leafy green vegetables, poultry and dried fruits. 

  • Less sugar and salt – older adults can experience many problems if their salt intake is too great. Because salt sensitivity increases with age, it is important to actively limit the amount of salt that old individuals consume. Pretty much the same goes for sugar as well. Adults need not avoid it entirely, though they should take active steps to minimise it. Sugar has been proven to be damaging to the skin, and can also lead to diabetes and kidney disease. 

  • Less alcohol and more water – the body’s mechanism of telling us we feel thirsty and essentially nudging us to drink more water get worse with age. That is why adults are much more likely to get dehydrated without even realizing it. At the same time, adults need to be more mindful of the amount of alcohol they consume. The problem with alcoholic drinks is that they can take years off of the lifespan of an old individual. Every caregiver should stay on top of limiting alcohol intake while ensuring the person takes enough water to stay hydrated.

Nutrition is an important aspect of elderly care, which every caregiver needs to be more mindful of. 

© Home Care Preferred Exeter

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text 2021-01-21 16:32
How to talk to a live chat person on Yahoo customer service?

There is an abundance of services that are being offered by Yahoo. This is only to help them to get all the business and personal work done in an efficient manner. Now that there are an abundance of services so it is natural that users may face issue in accessing one of the services of the Yahoo account.  Now that the users are facing the issue so obviously they would also be looking for an immediate solution to fix such kind of issue. In case you are one such user who has fallen into such extreme circumstance and are looking for an immediate solution to fix such kind of issue then this tutorial is certainly going to guide you with the same. So stay focused and follow the guideline as mentioned in this tutorial in order to get one-stop solution for the issue and restore back all of your business or personal productivity within moments or without any sort of hassles.

There are different ways through which users can resolve any of the Yahoo issues within a short span of time. One of the simplest modes is Yahoo live person for online chat. In such case users only have to stay online and use the chat bar to connect with the immensely qualified and skilled technicians who are available all through the day and all through the year. Users can simply tell the person on the live chat with the kind of issue or the error that they are facing.  The technicians will understand and analyze the user's issue for some time and then accordingly, perform troubleshooting steps on to the users' system and resolve the issue in one go without any sort of hesitation or giving a second thought. In case users are having doubts about accessing this kind of service then they can always use our toll-free service to get further insights with regards to the same.

In case users do not want to use Yahoo customer service live person mode then there are other ways as well through which users can resolve such kind of issue in one go. The modes through which users can resolve such kind of issue is remote assistance and onsite assistance depending upon the location and availability of the technicians at that particular point in time. Remote assistance can anytime be used by the users from any remote location in which the technicians simply remote access the user's system and perform troubleshooting steps to resolve the same in one go. But in case the users are facing the issue which is of complex in nature than in that case the technicians come to the users' place to troubleshoot the user's issue and resolve the same in one go.

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text 2021-01-09 07:23
How to Sync Google Contacts in iPhone?

Sync Your Google Contacts in iPhone with These Simple and Quick Steps

It is always important to keep your content safe and updated in your varied devices and it becomes more comfortable if you have saved in your Google account. You can simply sync your Google contacts with your preferred device including the iPhone. The Syncing options always help you to get your contacts anytime and anywhere even if you have deleted any contact from your phone mistakenly. The process of syncing Google contacts on the iPhone is quite simple and one can sync their contacts through the simple options and if you don’t have any idea about the process, then you should know about that.

How to Sync Google Contacts in iPhone?

Do you want to sync your Google contacts on iPhone? But don’t have any idea about the syncing process? Then you don’t need to worry at all as you can sync your Google contacts in iPhone with the help of Google Live Person that provides you the proper way of syncing and help to sync the contacts. You can very simply follow the mentioned instructions to sync your Google contacts in iPhone.

Steps to sync Google contacts with iPhone:

  • First of all, open the Settings of your iPhone.

  • Now scroll down to the Accounts & Passwords section.

  • Tap on Add Account option where you can see the list of services.

  • Now select Google.

  • Enter your email address and password.

  • Now tap on Next after entering the login credentials.

  • Now toggle the button to Contacts and then tap on Save to complete the process.

If you are still not able to sync your contacts with iPhone, then you can dial Google Support Number and obtain the relevant assistance on varied issues. The team of experts will help you to sync your Google contacts in the iPhone in a very simple manner. You can dial this number whenever you require assistance and obtain 24/7 effective assistance on all kinds of problems.

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text 2020-12-23 14:18
Gimana Agen Judi Togel Terpercaya Mengalihkan Teknik Kami Berpikir Berhubungan Kematian

qanun lot texas mengharuskan aktor untuk mendatangkan opsi yang membarut dari alternatif nilai kontan ataupun penyetoran tahunan kala mengambil penggalan dalam lotto texas, live casino awan millions, dan powerball. ] yg umumnya menguatkan pemeran, berbarengan atas pemenang uang lelah olah raga barut yg dianitisasi, untuk membuat alternatif ini seusai menguntungkan. Agen Togel 4d ketiga film games tersebut awalnya diindikasikan mempunyai honor tahunan sebagai opsi default. mulai 2014, kalau playlip tidak cukup diindikasi dengan kedua kesukaan tersebut, playlip tersebut akan ditolak. undian texas yaitu semata yg mempersiapkan powerball yg enggak mengiyakan kesukaan yang berharga duit untuk dipilih sesudah powerball yang menguntungkan.

jelas, perkulakan tidak mencapai penjualan sebesar itu sama berpusat pada aktor berpenghasilan ringan. ” ini mencuplik sebanyak riset yang menampakkan jika mainan memikat melimpah gamer dari berbagai ulur pendapatan. untuk lotere, penjualan pada ban menyubstitusi batas yg memukau yg dapat mempermudah aktor bakal membeli tiket mereka dan juga non-pemain untuk tertangkap pada pembelian impulsif. “resolusi lotere pada lintasan mengharuskan pedagang bakal sendiri-sendiri jadi pengecer kawasan liburan buat permainan lotere, serta membagikan harapan buat meningkatkan penjualan satu sepadan lain di peruncit, ” fastrak, suatu perusahaan lotere, mengartikan dalam satu buah advertensi. separuh orang menyangka bahwa mempunyai lebih ramai pemain pada game bakal mengacaukan kesempatan mereka, lamun sebenarnya tak demikian.

janganlah menandaskan segenap duit lotere antum dalam minggu pertama; kesempatannya tentu kian tinggi. gim lotere texas pertama, lone star millions, ialah games gosok langsung. kalian membeli kuitansi seharga $ 1 dari vendor lotere serta menyikat tingkatan lateks yg merahasiakan besaran dolar yang dicetak pada enam kubus kecil. kesempatan dan penghargaan berkisar dari 1 dalam 10 bakal memenangkan $ 2 sampai 1 pada 600. 000 untuk memenangkan $ 10. 000. itu kenyataannya tak potongan harga pemakai, dan juga itu diterima enggak lama seterusnya personel menetapkan itu dan juga lelah cuma ada satu kayanya bakal berhasil di setiap delapan pengejawantahan. Agen Judi Togel Terpercaya peluang untuk memberi donasi besar lebih besar, tetapi sebab jackpotnya lebih besar, itu tidak permasalahan besar. oleh kartu dengan harga lebih tinggi ini, datang bagian penyetoran komisi yg lebih besar serta uang lelah penting yang lebih besar.

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