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review 2017-03-28 15:38
Losing steam on this
Deadpool The Duck (2017) #3 (of 5) - Stuart Moore,Jacopo Camagni,David Nakayama

Maybe it's just that I haven't read it for a while, but some of the charm rubbed off.   I laughed a lot, but I didn't find the conceit quite as hilarious as I did the first two issues. 


Also, I'm not sure how they're planning on keeping up this pace and wrapping it up within two issues, which frustrated me and took me out of the story, so I knocked off a star.

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review 2017-03-28 15:34
That ending...
Infamous Iron Man (2016-) #5 - Brian Bendis,Alex Maleev

I shouldn't be so surprised, I just didn't think the storyline was working up to this so it felt like a huge shock to me.  It could explain why Victor's mother is back - from the dead, by the way - perfectly, too, so I'm eager to see if that's the case.  


This series gets more intense Victor fights his mother for Grimm's life.   

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review 2017-03-28 15:31
Victor confronts everyone!
Infamous Iron Man (2016-) #4 - Brian Bendis,Alex Maleev

Ben Grimm, his mother, SHIELD...   He's trying to convince everyone he's changed, but some aren't convinced, nor do they think that means he shouldn't pay for what he's already done.  I think they're right; he's done some really bad things he has to pay, and I don't think he should be the one to decide how.   He has the brains and firepower to make that decision, however, and I suppose everyone should just be happy that he's not trying to overpower everyone...


Still finding this a fascinating look at a supervillain who's trying to redeem himself. Loving it in fact.

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review 2017-03-28 15:24
Rocket jailed
Rocket Raccoon (2016-) #4 - Matthew Rosenberg,Jorge Coelho,David Nakayama

Not only is  he stranded on Earth, he's now jailed and sent to a reservation of aliens - and one Inhuman that no one listens to when she says she isn't an alien.  


Rocket decides this planet sucks, and he's going to get off, even if he has to put in a little effort of his own - and maybe, just maybe, he'll get to blow some shit up, too.   That'll cheer him up!  


I found this book to be a little more humorous and warm than the other three, so I enjoyed it a bit more.   Still disappointed Groot hasn't shown up, though; even if the other Guardians are broken up with Rocket, I'd have expected Groot to stay with Rocket!

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review 2017-03-28 01:58
An AU of an AU!
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #18 - Jason Latour,Robbi Rodriguez

In comics, alternate universes tend to spawn other alternative universes.   After all, once you've opened that box of what ifs, it's too intriguing, too fun, to play around with what might have been and what might yet still be.   And in this case, it's a future in which Miles Morales and the Spider-Woman who is Gwen Stacy end up together.   There's enough inside jokes about trouble with multiverses - the very thing that almost destroyed the whole Marvel universe - for this to feel truly playful with the whole idea.   It's not quite meta, but it has that same cheeky flavor, and I like it.   


Once again, this takes a good, hard look at this character - and in this case what might be.   Even though we don't really see future Gwen, and really only see her children, and future Spider-Ham (who tells us about future Gwen), we get a feel for what she might be like.   She's beloved as she is because she has a big heart, and she seems to have not changed one bit: still beloved because her heart is as big as ever.   Some AUs are simply depressing, but this one is full of warmth and compassion, so it seems to fit Spider-Gwen's title very nicely. 


I got a little hung up on that aspect.   The story is as good as ever, but my two favorite aspects of this are Gwen herself and Matt Murdock, for the polar opposite reasons.   Gwen is a young woman who's searching on how to best do the right thing, but she's always full of hope and compassion and love for her fellow man.   Perhaps not all of them all the time, but in general.   She's smart, and is willing to put her ass on the line, even without her powers when need be.   And while she makes mistakes with horrible consequences, she tries to learn and always, always strives to do better when she makes those mistakes.   She's fallible, as her dealings with Murdock in particular prove: he knows how to use her father, her weak point, against her.   He's the only real family she has right now, and will do anything to protect him, even when she knows she's dirtying herself by allying herself with certain enemies - like Murdock. 


I like Murdock because he's not only her counterpoint, but a Matt Murdock run amok: without those strong sense of morals, what might he have done?   He'd have turned into this creepy bastard, most likely, and it's both chilling and thrilling to see him like this. 


Love, love, loooove!

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