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review 2017-11-10 12:32
Deadpool vs. Thanos - Marvel Comics
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review 2017-10-12 18:27
A Interesting Character That Needs To Shine
Scarlet Witch Vol. 3: The Final Hex - Marvel Comics
The continuation and final volume of Wanda aka Scarlet Witch’s stand alone series.  We are introduced to more back story and learn what the future holds for Scarlet Witch and a little about her brother Quicksilver.


With this final installment we learn more about Wanda’s family and what is causes problems with magick in the world. The story was intriguing and art was so so. There is a lot crammed into this volume.


I did feel that because I never read any of Marvel’s Civil War story or any other comics with Scarlet Witch that I was lacking some information. I also knew basic things like her being Quicksilver’s sibling and who her parentage was suppose to be. I also feel the ending to this particular storyline was rushed and I was yearning for more of Wanda’s story.


I would love to see more comics with Scarlet Witch. She seems to always end up in the background of other characters stories.  I think she really needs more tales just following her.  A witch with as much power as she has should not be in the background.
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review 2017-10-10 16:04
Why did Marvel do this?
Old Man Logan (2016-) #19 - Jeff Lemire,Filipe Andrade,Andrea Sorrentino

Usually they're good about filling in the holes if you haven't read the series, which seems like a good marketing strategy since they give these away for free with the digital uploads of your regular comic purchases.   This time, I had no idea what happened: Wolverine specifically mentions an incident with Jean Grey going into his head that kicks all this off, and I have no fragging idea what happened. 

Overall, it didn't impact the heavily emotional and emotive story about Wolverine wanting to go back to the future he came from, to save the baby he didn't mean to abandon, but did when he left.   The whole 'we won't help you to preserve the timeline' by all the magicians is both understandable and heartbreaking, especially since many of these are friends, many of whom he's worked with before.   


Not sure I'll continue with this storyline, but it was a fun, free read.   The problem is Marvel does enough stuff that I like that I have to weed out some excellent stories for the ones that strike me more, that fill an emotional or mental need I have. 

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review 2017-10-10 15:59
Love, love, love this AU!
Spider-Gwen (2015-) #24 - Jason Latour,Robbi Rodriguez

Spider-Gwen may just be my favorite of the Spider-Verse characters.  I love the dark take on Murdock and Wolverine, and even Kitty Pryde.   Still loving all the twisted stuff going on with Gwen's family, etc.  

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review 2017-10-07 01:54
Starts a longer story
The Punisher (2016-) #16 - Matt Horak,Declan Shalvey,Becky Cloonan

I was just getting used to the one-shots, too, which gave me the immediate gratification of having a story started and finished within twenty pages.   The benefit of longer stories is the bigger payoff, and Cloonan has proven herself adapt at both the one-shot and the longer stories. 


The Face comes back, and he's more sadistic and powerful than ever.   And he's calling The Punisher out to a duel to the death in public.   I'm eager to see where this goes.   

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