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review 2020-08-21 21:49
Not My Romeo - Ilsa Madden-Mills

Elena is not sure what to do when meeting her blind date on Valentine's Day.  He is sitting alone in a corner, and he is hotter than she had anticipated.  If she does not go through with it, however, her family will only make her more miserable.


Jack is sick of everyone talking about him.  Life has already been hard up to this point.  Making eyes at a sexy librarian for one dinner won't hurt.  Then when he gets to know her, will he be able to let her go?


This was such a sexy look into such a wasted holiday. I found myself laughing, crying, and unable to put the story down.  Such a sultry atmosphere with the sparks so loud between the main characters I almost didn't hear what they said!  Really good read.  Cannot wait for the next installment of The Game Changers series.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given by Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review only.

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text 2020-08-19 03:59
They were efficient and gave


Pyin oo lwin, is renowned for its spacious botanical garden which comprises the butterfly museum, petrified museum, fossil museum, the orchid garden and huge bamboo trees that creak while they grow. Reclining Buddha at ChaukhtagyiBagan, an ancient city on the Eastern banks of the Irrawaddy river has over 2000 Buddhist monuments spread over green plains, sprouting with shrubs and bushes. By hiring a taxi we also visited Mount Popa, a golden monument where we climbed 777 steps to reach the top, pestered by monkeys all the way. They were efficient and gave us a minivan with a driver to take us to Thayet Myo.

China vertical band saw Suppliers The crisis had just begun and the exodus of the Rohingya people to Bangladesh had started. From a distance, we saw the thick metal rails suspended in the air with carts meant to carry the mined ores, left dangling and eaten by rust. The writers are travel buffs, who love criss-crossing across the globe. Glints of gold catch the eye from the numerous guilded pagodas, scattered all across the city, built as a token of faith and thanks. The average water depth of the lake is about 7. . An animal at TakinInle lake is the second largest lake in Myanmar. We soon heard stories of a Dutchman thrown into prison a few weeks before, for pulling the plug of the amplifier used to relay Buddhist chantings throughout the night. A trip across the lake and we come across the lone fisherman on a long boat who uses the unique method of tying one leg to the oar to row while resting his other on the stern of the boat, thereby freeing his arms to cast the net.


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review 2020-07-30 16:54
Mitch team up with Grisha again
Red War - Vince Flynn,Kyle Mills

Grisha was under attack and the love of his life, Cara who turned a robotic killer into a someone who has something to lose. 


Rapp is to the rescue of course, but not before Cara was injured. 


The Russian president is behind the attack. But why?


To find out that the Russian President want war, and Rapp is there to try to eliminate the reason for war and try to save lives again. Rapp sometimes sound like more Superman than James Bond. 


Grisha want nothing more than to live the good life and spend time surfing with his girlfriend. That's not easier said than done when the people he pissed off are dangerous and he really has no friend. His only friend is Rapp really. Not even Coleman has he is responsible for his serious injury that has taken a year to heal. 


A nice story. Not as much action as the previous one. 

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review 2020-07-28 03:06
Mitch is doing a black op
Enemy of the State (A Mitch Rapp Novel) - Vince Flynn,Kyle Mills

Mitch Rapp have found out that an ISIS supporter in the rank of Saudi and now the American President want this to be deal with without the official order. 


This is so outrageous and unfair to Mitch Rapp. Of course he is going to do it. 


As story goes, there is no one in his life except for the widow of the man who killed his wife and derailed his life. The guilt of being a participant of such tragedy bring Claudia into Mitch life, first as a decorator for his new house, and now as his partner handling logistics. 


Coleman is still out and tried to heal after the last mission. He recommended Claudia too. 


Situation arise that pushed this decision. Finally, Claudia is going to be his partner. 


The bad guys are well hidden. The ruthless Saudi has killed off ties that could reveal his secret as a traitor. 


FBI Joel is the guy being used to hunt Mitch. 


Nice action bit. A bit too much at times but it is fun to read as there are more intelligent bad guys make it more challenging. 


Irene involvement is minimum yet important. 



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review 2020-07-24 18:36
Mitch is chasing nuclear bombs
Order to Kill: A Novel (A Mitch Rapp Novel Book 13) - Vince Flynn,Kyle Mills

Mitch is being distracted by the widow of the killer who killed his late wife. Weird.

Claudia is the late wife and Ann is the daughter. They were being hidden in South Africa when words got out that they were being targeted for kidnapping and probably killed. A new player is in town and he is just as good as Mitch. Rare but possible.

Then there is a lot of trap and twists and a bit too risky even for someone as skill as Mitch Rapp. Then it would be just plot device to add lot of tension and action into the story. 


The more interesting plot is while the world leaders are acting more like sciopaths, the assassins themselves are more human than those politicians. In a way, it is strange. 

There is also humor and some laugh out loud moments. Coleman was hurt in this one and it got a bit emotional. 


Going to read the next one and see what happened next. 

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