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review 2018-01-31 20:23
Ardere series Book 2
Mirror Sacrifice: A YA Paranormal Novel: (The Ardere Series Book 2) (Volume 2) - Margo Ryerkerk

Mirror Sacrifice hits the ground running with Sierra and Gavin traveling to London. Sierra has her work cut out for her with finding her place and training and on top of that, there's some jealousy over Gavin's ex. In the meantime, Gavin has to work with his ex to figure out what the Culpatus is up to and who is behind it. The story is fast paced and full of surprises. I was impressed with Sierra's growth in this one. She's learning to assert herself and stand up for what's best for her. I'm still undecided about the direction of the romance, so I'll wait to see what's next on that front. This is a continuing story, so I would recommend reading Fluidus Rising first. We do get some of the first book's questions answered, and while there is a main ongoing story, the conclusion is more open-ended than cliffhanger, leading into what's next for our heroine.

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review 2018-01-24 00:54
Mirror Image (Op-Center #2)
Mirror Image - Tom Clancy,Jeff Rovin,Steve Pieczenik

Old guard elements in Russia look to reconstitute the old Soviet Empire, however their plans run into a stumbling block in the form of Op-Center and their Russian counterpart.  Mirror Image is the second book in the Op-Center series bearing that bears the name of Tom Clancy, but was actually ghostwritten by Jeff Rovin.  From the historic Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg to the streets of New York to the frozen wilderness of Siberia, the action spans across the world as forces and individuals battle to reignite or prevent a new Soviet era.


Nikolai Dogin, Russian Minister of the Interior and loser of the Presidential election, convinces his old guard coalition members to go along with “Plan B” which amounts to a military revolution to reignite the old Soviet Empire.  One of his most important pieces in the newly created Operations Center (ROC), a Russian crisis management center exactly like Op-Center, but its head General Sergei Orlov might not be the figurehead Dogin hopes.  The old guard’s plan begins with a bombing in New York to keep the United States out of Eastern Europe, but results in Op-Center zeroing in on its Russian counterpart that is Orlov and his second-in-command (a Dogin flunky) battling for control.  Yet Dogin’s dealings with the Russian mafia prove his undoing as a shipment of drug money to pay off Polish, Belarussian, and Ukrainian officials becomes the focus of the ROC and Op-Center on the Trans-Siberian Railroad.


Written in the mid-90s when post-Soviet era Russia provided a lot of potential to the political thriller genre, Mirror Image took an interesting tack that could have provided an very good book however there was many unfortunate mistakes that made this seem a “set up” book for later events in the Op-Center series.  The first was the blurb on the back cover of the book itself which stated the hardliners wanted to return Russia to the days of the Czar, within the first 15 pages of the book this statement is proven false and things are just starting.  There are father-son issues dominating the Russian side of the book as Orlov and his son’s past that would play a major role at the book’s climax, which was very much telegraphed from the onset.  An important character dies at the climax, which is pretty much telegraphed throughout his point-of-views.  However, the most irritating thing with the book was that characters “magically” got information or knew things that the story didn’t support them knowing or characters didn’t act like they should of (Orlov not getting into contact with the new President seems to be the most glaring).  Although most of the book seemed paint-by-the-numbers, the British spy network subplot was the best of the book.


Mirror Image seemed to be a book meant to add elements to the overall “world” of Op-Center to set up future stories as Rovin relied on telegraphing the story’s direction and creating in-story plot holes.  While Sergei Orlov and British spy Peggy James are the two stand out characters, it’s not saying much because previously establish characters were in a holding pattern and other new characters were two-dimensional.  This book could have been very good, it just average and almost subpar.

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quote 2018-01-19 14:41
Każde jej słowo mnie zabija, wyszarpuje kawałki mojego ciała i wypluwa na ziemię. Nie chodzi o odrzucenie, to potrafię znieść, jestem na nie gotowa. Chodzi o nadzieję w jej oczach, uśmiech.
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quote 2018-01-16 15:11
Niejedzenie okazało się doskonałą metodą na odzyskanie kontroli nad własnym życiem. Ale wtedy towarzyszył mi nieustanny głód, nieustanna potrzeba, by zapełnić pustkę, wciąż na próżno.
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quote 2018-01-16 15:07
Dawno temu, skryte w fałdach tłuszczu, moje ciało wydawało się więzieniem, z którego nie ma ucieczki, ponieważ byłym tym ja, w którym bije moje serce, więzieniem z mięsa i krwi, w tym samym stopniu znienawidzonym co koniecznym.
A potem wydarzyło się coś, co położyło kres mojemu obżarstwu. Odbicie w lustrach, w szkolnej szatni. Jakby dziwny anioł ukazał moje odbicie w taki sposób, że wydawało się obce. Obca osoba. Osoba budząca nienawiść, wstręt i litość.
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