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review 2018-01-17 22:15
Captured (Novus Prime #1) by Kelex
Captured (Novus Prime Book 1) - Kelex

Quick fun no-brainer read. Not very detailed, which is a bummer. Mpreg got me by surprise and hate to love progressed too quickly for my liking, but I did enjoy the book and would love to read the second one. 

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review 2017-12-26 22:55
Mission Impawsible
Mission Impawsible - Krista Davis

I wanted to love this, because who can't resist an entire pet friendly town, cute pets and a great mystery? I know I can't.  Unfortunately, this one just didn't live up to my expectations. I've read the earlier books in this series and enjoyed them, but I just couldn't get in to this one.  The matchmaker storyline just felt...forced.  I wasn't feeling it any more than Holly was.  While the plot was intriguing and interesting, I felt like it just dragged on too long, there were parts in the middle where it just lost my interest, and it took me a few tries to get through it. While I'll continue to read this series, this book just underwhelmed me. 

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review 2017-12-17 07:05
Mission Impawsible (Paws & Claws mystery, #4)
Mission Impawsible - Krista Davis

Not bad, but not her best.  I was in a mood today, and nothing set right with me except this book, so Davis gets huge points for that, but she's doing something weird with love interests in this series in much the same way she's done in her other one (the Domestic Diva series), that resulted in my giving up that series out of sheer frustration.  Even though I don't read mysteries for the romance, it's still annoying when the author acts as though she can't make up her mind, and Mission Impawsible smacks of a love triangle setup.  


Still, who amongst us wouldn't like to live in a town where the pets are treated as equals with their own menus at restaurants and their own play parks all over town?  The matchmaking event was an interesting concept as well, and the strong theme of animal rescue and adoption went a long way towards compensating for the odd human story line.


Not a bad read, not a great one, but definitely adequate to the needs of my grumpy self today.


Book themes for Bodhi Day:  Read a book set in Nepal, India or Tibet, –OR– which involves animal rescue.


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text 2017-12-15 23:15
Square 10 World Peace Day Task
With Every Letter - Sarah Sundin
The Unleashing (Call Of Crows Book 1) - Shelly Laurenston
The Undoing (Call Of Crows) - Shelly Laurenston
The Unyielding - Shelly Laurenston
A Lady for Lord Randall (Brides of Waterloo) - Sarah Mallory
A Mistress for Major Bartlett - Annie Burrows
Persepolis I & II - Marjane Satrapi
The Bull Rider's Homecoming (Blue Thorn Ranch) - Allie Pleiter
Mission of Hope (Love Inspired Historical) - Allie Pleiter
Homefront Hero - Allie Pleiter

5 Books I Appreciated this Year....and yeah I kinda cheated, lol:


1. With Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale #1) by Sarah Sundin

     Finally a book that features a military heroine! I really loved this story of Tom and Mellie falling for each other in both letters and in person. Can't wait to read the other two books in the series.


2. Call of Crows series by Shelly Laurenston

     Got to love female rage mixed with Norse mythology and lots of humor. This trilogy is a great read for paranormal romance fans who want actual strong female characters. I refuse to name my favorite, they are all good in their own way. A very cathartic way of dealing with real life news.


3. A Lady for Lord Randall by Sarah Mallory/A Mistress for Major Bartlett by Annie Burrows

      These were the first two books in the Waterloo Brides trilogy (the last book stank). I loved that Regency romance left the ballroom and went onto the battlefield - such a departure from the normal Regency romance.


4. The Complete Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi

     The artwork was stark and evoked such feelings as Satrapi told her life story, along with giving readers a history and cultural lesson on Iran. I would recommend reading both books to understand her fresh approach to the immigrant story.


5. Allie Pleiter

    Not a book, but an author of historical romance. This was the Summer of Allie Pleiter - from contemporary bull rider returning home, to 1906 San Francisco just months after the earthquake, to World War I knitters who get the Spanish flu and finally to an post-WWI orphange. There wasn't a moment of reading Pleiter's works that I did not enjoy.

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