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review 2021-08-25 00:00
Sands of Time (Mission: Russia #2) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #41)
Sands of Time (Mission: Russia #2) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #41) - Susan May Warren Actual Rating: 4.5

After reading Vicktor's story, I was excited to continue on with this series. I quickly picked up the sequel, but admit I wasn't convinced I'd enjoy Roman's story quite as much as Victor's. Not anything against Roman, I loved his role in In Sheep's Clothing as Victor's friend, and as a Christian who tried to do the right thing and was always there to support his friends along with David (Preach)'s help when issues arose that needed prayer or advice. He struck me as the fun more carefree one of the group, well if there is such a thing in a group of Russian FSB (formally KGB) members and American soldiers. But, still.... He's the one with the jokes and always trying to make light of a dark situation when his friend need the hope and a loyal companion.

That said, his story, and character, are drastically different from Vicktor's. Whereas Vita is the 'tall, dark, and handsome, Russian cop, take no prisoners type tough-guy who things women are either cursed or all crazy, and is hard set on revenge to atone for past sins, with or without the help of his Believing friends. Roman is different. Coming from a very different background, Roman is just trying to prove himself worth and good enough as a man of God, trying desperately to avoid his father's failures, while struggling to find his place in God's will in the harsh Siberian reality.

Much to my surprise, I ended up loving this one! More so even than book 1, which blew me away and snuck up on my toward the end! I loved seeing Roman and Sarai's story unfold, but also loved how the truths they discovered, about themselves, each other, and God's will were relevant in my life today, and how they even had the chance to display their newfound knowledge before the story ended, which was a satisfying addition to the story.

I also must mention Genye and Anya! I enjoyed meeting them early on in the book, and loved their role more as the story plays out. They serve several purposes, missionaries, mentors, friends, and a sort of adopted/found family for Sarai for a time along with others. I loved their wisdom and guidance, from Genye's silent knowing and protective kindness, to Anya's talk in the kitchen and her guidance as a medical missionary alongside Sarai.

I also loved seeing the duel POV as Roman and Sarai's relationship grows and develops. I always love duel POV for romances and similar stories, but this one was extra important and enjoyable amidst all the twists and surprises, sometimes even the character themselves made a new discovery of self realization that changes things in how they react to each other in the future, and I loved seeing that progression, and the thought processes that lead to those new turns!
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review 2021-08-18 00:00
In Sheep's Clothing (Mission: Russia #1) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #25)
In Sheep's Clothing (Mission: Russia #1) (Steeple Hill Women's Fiction #25) - Susan May Warren Actual Rating: 4.5

Quick Thoughts: How have I never heard or seen this series anywhere? 2005!!! God works in mysterious and wonderous ways indeed! Right when I needed it, and the reminder, and when my heart has been crying out for the persecuted Church, especially in Russia!
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text 2021-07-08 12:55
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review 2020-05-01 09:03
Nick Stone last mission
Liberation Day: A Nick Stone Mission - Andy McNab

Nick Stone wants to settle down. He wants a passport so that he could stay with his girlfriend. 


The girlfriend father is a horrible person who is using Nick on a mission and promise in exchange give him a passport so that he could stay in US. 


The last mission is trying to stop money going to fund terrorists of the Taliban. 


With a team of three, they are suppose to chase the money and then stop the terrorist act from happening. 


There are a lot of not so good bites in the story. A lot of running around that is too details. It is supposed to be action but sounds like someone reading out a spreadsheet in Excel. 


The last bit is okay but not great. 


A 3.5 stars read. Still like Nick Stone as a character and might read another one. 



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review 2020-04-22 21:32
The Summer of Us (Mission Cove #1) by: Melanie Moreland
The Summer of Us (Mission Cove #1) - Melanie Moreland




The Summer of Us is like a window into the soul. Moreland gives readers an up close and personal look into the workings of the heart. Linc and Sunny are proof that love isn't always a beautiful dream, but with more than a little faith and determination, it can endure. Caught up in a circle of heartache beyond their control, young love never had a chance. When fate steps in, can two familiar strangers find the way back to everything they lost? A heart tugger with an unforgettable backstory and an enduring look at the power that is known to us as love.

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