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review 2020-05-01 09:03
Nick Stone last mission
Liberation Day: A Nick Stone Mission - Andy McNab

Nick Stone wants to settle down. He wants a passport so that he could stay with his girlfriend. 


The girlfriend father is a horrible person who is using Nick on a mission and promise in exchange give him a passport so that he could stay in US. 


The last mission is trying to stop money going to fund terrorists of the Taliban. 


With a team of three, they are suppose to chase the money and then stop the terrorist act from happening. 


There are a lot of not so good bites in the story. A lot of running around that is too details. It is supposed to be action but sounds like someone reading out a spreadsheet in Excel. 


The last bit is okay but not great. 


A 3.5 stars read. Still like Nick Stone as a character and might read another one. 



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review 2020-04-22 21:32
The Summer of Us (Mission Cove #1) by: Melanie Moreland
The Summer of Us (Mission Cove #1) - Melanie Moreland




The Summer of Us is like a window into the soul. Moreland gives readers an up close and personal look into the workings of the heart. Linc and Sunny are proof that love isn't always a beautiful dream, but with more than a little faith and determination, it can endure. Caught up in a circle of heartache beyond their control, young love never had a chance. When fate steps in, can two familiar strangers find the way back to everything they lost? A heart tugger with an unforgettable backstory and an enduring look at the power that is known to us as love.

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text 2020-03-27 21:32
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review 2020-03-23 11:26
Brian Helsing Mission One: Just Try Not To Die
Brian Helsing Mission One: Just Try Not To Die - Gareth K. Pengelly

by Gareth K. Pengelly


This one is outright silly, but in an amusing way. A complete loser trying to sell cars gets attacked by a vampire and subsequently dragged into a secret society of monster hunters. Because of being at the right time and place, he becomes heir to Helsing, or was there another reason? As a reluctant hero, his survival skills start to develop in ways he finds confusing.


This was a fun book, if lightweight. It's clearly set up as an introduction to a series and despite my wicked habit of often reading free first-in-series books and stopping at that, I'm tempted to try a little more of this one. I've put the second one on my ereaderiq list for now, not that it's very expensive but I want to catch up on A-list books before I entertain the thought of buying more just-for-fun books.


Beneath the caricature expression of characters and the well-into-fantasy magic, there's a spot of depth woven into the plot about discovering one's potential. An entertaining read.

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review 2020-03-14 13:42
Silent Threat
Silent Threat (Mission Recovery) - Dana Marton

I felt like this had 2 stories going on at first. There was someone who was sending military intel overseas and a stalker who was escalating. I did like the attention paid to (alternative) therapies in connection with the more traditional therapies. Cole was dealing with disability and PTSD. Annie had her own issues dealing with an abusive stepfather, indifferent mother, and a grandfather who I thought was verbally abusive to her. Both characters are likable. I would have liked this better with 1 focus- either the traitor selling intel (and the way intel was taken was interesting and could have been elaborated on) or the stalker. Even though

it was the same person.

(spoiler show)

I read this for Romance-opoly The Gym moon track

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