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url 2020-05-28 06:01
Time to Appreciate the Untamed Ones.

নাম না জানা অনেক ফুলই পথের ধারে ফোটে, এইতো সময় এলো তাদের রাখতে পুজোর ঘটে । We nurture your raw talent to shape up a skilful professional. #SNFPA is providing online #acting #singing #spokenEnglish classes to promote learning during #covid19 #lockdown and to fulfil your dream. Contact us for course detail or audio/video production services at #snfilms Chandannagar. Click: Sanjib Nath Courtesy: #nature

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text 2020-05-23 11:56
Best Fish tank gravel in 2020 | Fishdesire

Check out our best range of fish tank gravel & sand today, which includes black sand, white gravel & pebble varieties. It makes the aquarium more attractive, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

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review 2020-05-12 03:31
Protecting Pollinators
Protecting Pollinators - Jodi Helmer

Pollinator numbers in the wild have been decreasing.  With most of our food sources relying on one pollinator or another, this is a problem that we all have to be aware of and begin solving. Protecting Pollinators: How to Save the Creatures that Feed Our World  presents the information on our declining pollinator species including insects, birds and bats.  Told through stories and specific studies, the information is presented in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.  Each study highlighted focuses on a different species and cause for their decrease.  Focused mainly on native pollinators in the Western Hemisphere and the invasive species that pose a threat to them from the Eastern Hemisphere, this book will mainly appeal to people in North America.  In addition to learning more about the ecology of our many native pollinators, I enjoyed learning about the people who are fighting for them, the studies they are carrying out and what I can do to help these animals myself.  Inspiring, enlightening and easy to follow, Protecting Pollinators presents what is happening to our pollinators, why it is happening and how we have to help them now.

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text 2020-05-10 00:50
Bird of the day

Just a Common Myna, but his birdsong, which I can only describe as 'pretty' drew me to him during our walk, and he looked so comfortable, with the sun hitting him just right, nestled in a tree gone all autumnal.  I couldn't resist.



These birds when flocked together are deafening and unpleasant, but this single one, as I said, sounded 'pretty' - and as I got closer, also a little funny.  They have a way of sounding as thought they're holding entire two-way conversations with themselves.  If anyone is interested in hearing an example, you can find a good one here:




and it's in the far right column of the page, underneath the pics, under "Calls".

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url 2020-05-07 09:18
Eso Hey Baishakh, Eso Eso.

এসো হে বৈশাখ, এসো এসো... https://youtu.be/EkZ8CTUWQY4 Click: Sanjib Nath Courtesy: #snfpa Check out SN FILMS website for online #Acting #Singing #SpokenEnglish classes during #lockdown period.

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