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review 2017-03-02 00:00
Craving Absolution
Craving Absolution - Nicole Jacquelyn DNF
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review 2017-02-26 00:00
Craving Redemption
Craving Redemption - Nicole Jacquelyn 2.5 "this is not what I was expecting" stars.

Callie meet Asa at the wrong place, among wrong guys, involving wrong circumstances. And, after that first encounter, everything changes in Callie's life, needing Asa to protect and take care of her.

I didn't expect this story... And what was I expecting? I don't now, but at least, some of the good stuff I love in bikers books: that crime vibe with some intrigue, that always achieve to catch me. The dark atmosphere, that drags me in and stick with me for days. A hot badass hero with his hot badasses friends. Enough dirty talk, tough scenes, rough sex and great love... The usual MC background.

Unfortunately, this book has none of the characteristics mentioned above.
None. And it's a shame because I loved Craving Constellations and loved Grease in the first book. So knowing this story started where the first book ended, kept me on the edge, hungry for more.

And... Well, let's say, this book JUST starts where C. Constellations ends. Literally. After the first chapter, everything is past tense until the last chapter. Literally again.

And the past story about an immature and needy sixteen years old girl, and a guy named Asa (not Grease here. Really. He could had been a plumber or a mechanic with a bike) was not for me.
I wanted to kill her very often, and when I didn't want to kill here, I was wanting to kill Asa for loving her.
I didn't understand their relationship, and unfortunately I didn't feel it.

As I said, is a shame, because I started this story enthusiastically, and that's not the way I felt once I read it.

Anyway, I am probably going to try Craving Absolution, because I like Cody but, with this disappointment, this time I am starting the book with no hopes.
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review 2017-01-30 00:00
Craving Constellations
Craving Constellations - Nicole Jacquelyn I really enjoyed this one! I loved it!

Brenna came back home after five years of being away. Escaping from her abusing husband, she looked for comfort in the arms of the Motorcycle Club of her childhood, the one she left during college, hiding a big secret with her.

This is the story of Brenna and Dragon and let me tell you, it's not an easy one. It's told by a girl who has lived the ACES Motorcycle Club since she was born. She is used to violence and bad behavior and sees things in a way you, reader, maybe not. She has been surrounded of rough men and criminals all her live so her point of view could be far from yours at times. It works for me perfectly, anyway and, if you are a biker's books fan, you will love it as I did.

After running away from the life Brenna thought was wrong for her, she ended up marrying a sociopath who was evil personified. Not his pop, not the Aces Brothers, not biker's life. No. The man she thought was her way out, ironically was her worst nightmare.

I loved the way Brenna realizes what is important in life, how she finally understands family. Her family at least. But regarding this, there is one thing (well, probably more) I didn't understand from Brenna: how she possible go away for five years without contacting her father? I'm not talking here about Dragon, I'm talking about the lack of contact with the dad she knows loves her more than anything.

The other POV is Dragon's. He is a great hero and a very well written one as well.
You will enjoy his dirty mouth as much as I enjoyed it, and the mix of rough and sweet in him.
I think he is my favorite thing in a book full of things I liked. But, really, I could empathized with Dragon and I understood his behavior, mostly.
What I completely understand is his feeling of helplessness as he discovers the secrets kept from him.

I give it 5 stars out of 5and not just because I'm a biker's books addict but because there is love, action, hot sex and angst in the perfect measure.

Enjoy it!

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review 2016-09-05 00:00
Change of Heart
Change of Heart - Nicole Jacquelyn Change of Heart - Nicole Jacquelyn
Wow this story was amazing. I couldn’t put it down all day. I suggest blocking out enough time to read it in one go because you won’t want to stop.
From the beginning, I loved the family closeness and the outgoing personalities. Everyone was likable. Then the sexy was oh so yummy. Those points enough would have made it a great book, all sassy and hot, but then the heart moments were thrown in. The feels piled up all over me, and I loved every minute of it.
I smiled a lot and shed many tears. A book that moves me emotionally is always my goal. Change of Heart is definitely a winner.

***Copy given in exchange for an honest review***

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review 2016-06-21 00:00
Unbreak My Heart
Unbreak My Heart - Nicole Jacquelyn Unbreak My Heart - Nicole Jacquelyn I just loved this story, you've everything is this story. Love, tragedy, comfort and disbelieve.
Kate Evans a woman who will go to a fire for everyone, even helping her best friend Rachel with her kids after she has married the guy who was her soul mate and is serving in the military. Everytime he's home Rachel will shove Kate aside and spends all her energy on her family but then tragedy strikes and Rachel dies in a car accident while pregnant with her fourth child who's survived the crash. Kate sees only one option an takes over the parenting duties like she did already all the time before, but this will not be easy now that Shane is back in the picture and needs to deal with the lose of his wife.
Shane is crushed, angry and left with four children to raise, how will he combine his family with the military? Every runs his course till one night after the 1-years death of his wife, both drunken take comfort in each other which ends in a pregnacy.

Kate is heroine in this story and will need to take some hard decisions in her life and standup for herself. Shane my god you're a douchebag how can you treath a woman who helps you raise your children from the moment they were born like that. I can understand the anger and the hurt but my god some times I would like to punch you. Thank you Bram for doing this for me!!

Great story and I can't wait to read the story about Bram and Anita now!!
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