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text 2018-10-31 13:10
Speed Limits Changed on Abu Dhabi Roads

Abu Dhabi has implemented new speed limits for motorists. The usual 20 km buffer allowed to motorists is now eliminated. This means if the speed limit is 140 km/h the motorist has to stay below 140 km/h at all times.

Speed limits with no buffer?

In the past, a 120 km/h speed limit meant you could drive up to 139 km/h speed. This ‘buffer’ of 20 km/h was to help motorists stay within the speed range. Now they have to stay below 140 km/h to avoid fines. Crossing the speed limit by even 1 km will lead to a speeding ticket. You have been warned. The buffer is removed to ensure even more security on the roads. According to Abu Dhabi Police the decision was taken after several studies and deliberations that suggest this will help eliminate confusion among motorists. One of such studies was conducted by UAE University on the effectiveness of speeding cameras

What about Dubai speed limits?

Dubai will retain the grace limit of 20 km/h. So the elimination of speed buffer is only for Abu Dhabi roads. It’s important to be careful while driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi especially when you hire a car from monthly car rental. After Jebel Ali it is critical to follow Abu Dhabi speed rules. So ease that gas pedal once you cross Jebel Ali.


This also means drive time from Dubai to Abu Dhabi may increase initially. This is because motorists may not be sure about the new speed limits. The highway speeding is likely to decrease over time.

Some Relief: 50% Discount on Fines

In a relief to motorists, Abu Dhabi Police has announced a 50% reduction in fine amount. This means a speeding ticket of 600 AED is now 300 AED. This decision was taken in combination with the elimination of the speed buffer. A massive public awareness campaign has been started as well. The campaign is informing motorists about these changes for Abu Dhabi.

The root cause of road incidents in UAE remains speeding. While speeding has reduced significantly in recent years, the current moves should bring it down even further. If you are a tourist visiting UAE, you need to be aware of these changes in order to avoid speeding fines. If you are a UAE resident, the new rules will help prevent black points on your driving license.

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Source: ejarcar.com/blog/news/speed-limits-abu-dhabi
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review 2018-09-10 00:00
Life Without Limits
Life Without Limits - Nick Vujicic Life without limits by Nick Vujicic is an inspirational novel. It is based on Nick's life experiences. He wrote this book when he was twenty-seven years old. He is from Australia. He was born without any limbs. It's a story of a limbless man.

Nick's parents are devout Christians, but after Nick was born with neither legs nor arms, they wondered what God had in mind in creating him. Nick was their first child. At first, they assumed that there was no hope and no future for Nick. Instead of celebrating his birth, Nick's parents and their whole church mourned. It took a long time to see the benefits of the circumstances Nick was born to.

Nick's childhood was different. But his parents try their best to give him a normal life. They invent cool stuff to help Nick in his daily chores. His parents laid a strong foundation of belief in him. Nick believes that life has no limits. He wants us to feel the same way through this book. He has physical limitations, but still, he is doing skateboarding, surfing, playing music, hitting a golf ball, speaking to audiences and inspires them. We have the limb, but still, we live in fear and agony.

Nick has two younger siblings. For his parents, he was not exactly the child of their dreams. But they have strong faith in God and believe that God must have a plan for their son. Many people pity him, but he doesn't care. He believes that you can't control what will happen to you. But you can control your attitude towards the problem. He is an inspiration. He travels worldwide, share other people grief, show them the right path and gets a lot of hugs.

"If you can't get a Miracle, become one."

According to the author, finding your purpose is the first important step in living a life without limits. Maintaining hope for the future during difficult times plays a key role. If one can live with faith; they will never be live in despair. Faith means Full Assurance In The Heart. Our society bombarded us with messages that we need to have a certain look, drive a certain car, and maintain a certain lifestyle in order to be loved, appreciated, or considered successful. We must not allow other people to determine our value.

Nick faces many challenges, but he encourages others to recognize their problems, work harder, and keep searching for creative solutions no matter how many times we fail. This story changes one's perspective. Before I read this book, I always thought about how Nick manages to do things? How can he be so optimistic and happy? After reading the book, I got my answers.

This book gives an insight into Nick's personal life. The way he deals with his emotions. When he was a teenager, he always thought that no one will ever marry him. He will never get a job. He even thought of suicide at once. He overcame all the difficult phases of his life. He completes his studies. He becomes a famous YouTuber and motivational speaker. He has a beautiful wife, Kanae, and son, Kiyoshi. We all need supportive relationships. Nick is always surrounded by true friends, mentors, and role models support and help him to achieve his dreams. People call him crazy, but he said to take risks and dare to be called crazy by those who doubt your genius.

This book provides a personal action plan to help and determine your path. The author describes her relationship with his family beautifully. This book inspires me in so many ways. The author includes other people life-changing experiences as well. He works for the different organization and helps the people in need. Nick's faith in God and willing to live a good life changes everything. He realized his purpose. He turns his struggle into lessons that inspire others. The content is engaging and powerful. It's a fun and emotional read. I like how he handles the bullies in high school. He gives and receives a lot of love from everyone. I would strongly recommend this book. It encourages you to rise, explore, and developing your gifts.

Read more - https://bookscharming.blogspot.com/2018/09/book-review-life-without-limits-by-nick.html
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review 2018-06-26 06:46
City Limits - Nathan Everett
(spoiler show)
Wow, this has been a crazy last couple of weeks. Yesterday was the first day (after 10) I was able to sit in a chair (albeit for just a bit, but what a relief!) due to my back screwing up, then one of my sons nearly severed his finger at work a few days ago, and we had to consult with the surgeon yesterday and I was on the phone all day with them (they'd call, we'd discuss things for quite a while, then call back and discuss more).... they were trying to determine a game plan on how to do the surgery despite 3 generations of an allergy to anesthesia in my family. A plan was developed (thank God) and tomorrow he goes to have a pin put in, also surgery to repair nerves and tendons, and they are going to try to repair the nail bed (the force of the impact at work when the bone broke and crushed also sent one end of the bone through the nail).... I had to get him to the e.r. a couple of days after it happened because it was still bleeding profusely and I was very concerned. It turns out that some of the stitches had "slipped" and there wasn't enough tissue for the stitches to "grab" onto.... I know tomorrow, after it is all done, we will be extremely happy for him to be on his way to recovery......

I finished this book earlier but couldn't get on until now. So for my thoughts....
This book was definitely different.... unusual, and strange (in a way). Gee (aka George Edwards Evers) walks into the little town of Rosebud and ends up saving a toddler from drowning shortly after his arrival, in the process hitting his head and destroying long term memory. He can't remember where he is from, who any of his family are, what his occupation may be. No memories of childhood or any of his life prior to coming within the city limits of Rosebud. In Rosebud, though, he does always seem to be in the right place at the right time to save someone, earning him the name of hero and title of "City Champion". He falls in love with the resident investigative reporter, Karen, who has a knack for uncovering scandals, cover-ups and corruption. The ending left me hanging with several loose ends, but I do understand that this is the first of a series. I liked much of the story. What I thought was weird was the town of Rosebud's industry was mostly in someway connected with the ancient hickory forest that the town owns. They can't eat the nuts (they are poisonous), but make all sorts of stuff out of every bit of the trees. The town almost worships these trees. 7 families pretty much control the town. When the head of one family dies, if there is a challenge to who will be the next head (say between two brothers or cousins) then each one wishing be the head must eat one of these nuts....whoever of the two lives gets to be the head of the family. The families say the "forest" has "chosen". Some feel that the trees "talk" to them, and many members of the various families over the two hundred years they have controlled the town have wanted to go out into the outside world but felt such a powerful connection to these trees as to feel it impossible to leave. 
Also, (I really didn't think this weird, but I didn't care for it).... the local Christian pastor is portrayed as an overbearing fanatic, a religious zealot who is also a pedophile, in charge of a kidnapping and child trafficking ring, and makes illegal drugs that he uses with the consent of many of the church to drug not only the kidnapped kids, but the members' kids as well to brain wash them and make them "more obedient". While I know all professions have good and bad people in them, and people running around with the title of "Man" or "Woman" of God have used that label to do much evil through history I still think the silent majority is good. I am getting quite sick of seeing Christian pastors in literature (and movies) portrayed as scheming crooks, strange quacks, and heinous criminals or just plain idiots. I wouldn't mind so much if in the same piece, and opposing good one was presented. With all the focus so much all the time on this twisted view, I think it gives a negative perception of Christianity and Christians in general as greedy, intolerant, violent and mentally ill, which I do take offense at. This caused me to view this book in a more negative light, and the strangeness with the forest would have been better explained I might have liked it better. Also, I never got closure as to who Gee actually was or where he came from, etc. which left me hanging, and the issue of the child trafficking the church was involved in was never resolved. So, because of these drawbacks I give it just 3 stars. It isn't lower because, like I said, there was parts I did like.... the suspense, the character of Gee, some of the mysteries that were resolved. I received this book in exchange for a free review from the author-- thank you.


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review 2018-06-22 18:11
*Review* No Limits by: Lori Foster
No Limits - Lori Foster

This book follows two amazing characters.

Yvette: A very nice, cute woman who has a troubling past.
Cannon: A hot hunky, MMA fighter.

I just love the chemistry Yvette and Cannon share.

This story was good, It had a few twist and turns. Some parts made me laugh, some parts me angry, some parts made my heart melt, some parts made me cry.

The story follows a mixture of 3 things: 1) Love, 2) Fight, 3) Lust. 

Lori Foster does not disappoint. This book was very well written.
it makes you hot, it leaves you wanting more, craving more.
I am a big fan of Lori Foster.

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text 2018-06-18 03:14
Reading progress update: I've read 360 out of 384 pages.
No Limits - Lori Foster

Wow, just wow. 

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