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review 2017-09-23 00:18
The most basic, four page primer to the Avengers possible
Avengers - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages (Avengers (2016-)) - Robbie Thompson,Daniel Acuna

I mean, it's fairly decent for four pages: gives a brief 'how they got together' and a vague 'many members over the years who answer to Avengers Assemble' but it would be far more affective if  it were longer. 


Then again, it's meant to be free, the art is absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous, and I overall enjoyed this for what it was.  

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review 2017-09-23 00:13
Okay introduction to Batgirl
Batman: Arkham Knight - Batgirl Begins (2015) #1 (Batman Arkham Knight: Batgirl Begins (2015)) - Tim Seeley,Matthew Clark

I think this is for the video game, and so it's not the usual origin story, or not exactly what I'm used to anyway.   Still, it's fairly solid, despite the whole 'knowledge could get a young girl into trouble,' aspect.   


And yeah, being Batgirl could get her into trouble, but it could get a younger Bruce Wayne into trouble.   So if it's okay for him, why isn't it for her?   


Which is why I definitely think this could have been much better. 

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review 2017-09-23 00:04
Vision and Hercules talk, Falcon and Thor talk and Wasp and Spider-Man talk
Avengers (2016-) #11 - Mark Waid,Mike Del Mundo,Alex Ross

All of these are dealt with on a team level of some sort: what does Vision do with his newfound longevity?   He's gone to the future, found out how long he does - or at least can - live, and he's trying to figure out what it means for the relationships he has with the people in his life - like his teammates.   Wasp and Spider-Man don't get along, and Spider-Man wants to know why.   Falcon thinks maybe now that he isn't Captain America, Thor should lead the team.   


All of these talks expose characters weaknesses, or strengths, and sometimes something that is a little bit of both.   Two of the talks were heartwarming, and hopeful, while Falcon's wallowing - and his realization that he doesn't have to be Cap - just reminds me of nazi-Cap.   I mean, I wanted to shake him and ask why he wanted to be like a dude who was a nazi. 


Nazi-cap annoys me enough that I knocked down a star. 


Still not my favorite art.   This is one of the less sexy versions of Vision and yeah, I like the art style enough - I guess it's grown on me - that I won't knock off stars.   Technically, it's great art, but I wish I had a sexier Vision!

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review 2017-09-22 23:05
Well, shit...
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol. 3 - Kyle Higgins,Hendry Prasetya,Jon Lam

Talk about dark.   Someone gets decapitated in this.  As in the head is torn off and brought out as a 'hey, look what happened, and lose all hope,' type thing.   (I think it's clear that it's not the Rangers tearing off heads...)


When Tommy and Billy escape their enemies, they end up in a terrifying future in which Rita rules the Earth.   What's happened and can they make their way back to their timeline?   Can they change things so that Rita doesn't conquer the Earth? 


This is far darker than anything in the show, and it allows the writer, and artist, to explore a more complex world: solutions aren't so easy that they can be fixed in a short episode.   Things aren't merely fixed because people realize they're wrong.   Even with Tommy changing sides - he's given power by Rita Repulsa and later joins the Rangers - the show had a fairly cardboard good and evil dynamic: when you were evil, or a bully, you just were.   When you were good, you might make mistakes, but you tended to always have good intentions, and an apology would fix all.   


Not so here.   Tommy's more conflicted about his Power Ranger origin, and sees the other as good and himself as less good, even when there's fairly solid proof this isn't true.   No amounts of apologies will fix a decapitation.   (And even when Rita does evil, she tends to do so in ways that don't kill, or even maim in ways that do permanent damage.   But the ways that people rally, or don't, after such blows is a deeper, complex part of human nature; allowing Rita and her crew to go around ripping off heads allows the Rangers to rally - or not - in the face of such barbarism.   It was something they never had to face, or even think about, because it would never happen in a kids show.


Of course, violence doesn't automatically equate to complexity.   It can be for shock value or simply not show consequences that are realistic, or complex.   This comic doesn't stay true to much of the TV show: it's more violent, but it does stay true to much. The value of friendship, of sticking together, how good can overcome evil, about doing good, and the diverse cast of characters.   The changes, like the more violent nature of this comic, aren't added in place of what it keeps the same, nor are they gratuitously added.   They're added to build on that, but to place greater challenges in the way of the Rangers and showing that no matte what, they will continue to fight.   It's added to explore these characters more deeply in the face of these challenges.   


The cheese is gone, replaced by more character development than I would have expected.  


And I'm loving it all.   

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review 2017-09-22 20:37
Things keep getting darker
Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #3 - Ryan Parrott,Dan Mora

But in a 'Rita has a really twisted plan' kind of way, not so much angst.   (There is some of that with Trini's unbearable shyness combined with her crush on Jason, though.   It's not unbearably angst-filled, though.)


Rita brings more putties Earth to fight the Power Rangers, but I'm not sure what her plan is with the human-looking girl who's looking for the Power Rangers, not given her connection to the putties, nor with what her purpose is there on Earth. 


I'm sure it'll be devilishly malicious, though, and I'm looking forward to reading about what the plan is in the end.  For now, I'm just having fun being taken along on this journey!

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