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text 2018-05-29 13:17
Animal Nutrition Market: Global Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012 to 2016 and Forecast 2017 to 2023

Animal Nutrition Market: Global Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012 to 2016 and Forecast 2017 to 2023



Global Animal Nutrition Market: By Product Type (Carbohydrates, Fibers, Water, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins) By Animal Type (Poultry, Swine, Ruminant, Canine, Equine, Aquatic) and Geography – Market Estimation, Dynamics, Regional Share, Trends, Competitor Analysis 2012 to 2016 and Forecast 2017 to 2023


Market Dynamics: Animal Nutrition Market


Surge in population, adoption of the pets, rise in care and concern of the animals health is witnessed to rise in demand for nutritious animal feed. Increasing demand for chicken across the globe, rising poultry farms are expected to create demand for animal nutrition. The trend towards the protein lean animal diet, rise in consumption of meat, poultry and dairy products around the world is expected to stipulate the growth of animal nutrition market. On the other side, rise in the cost of feed, limited awareness is expected to hinder the growth of animal nutrition market.


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Market Scope: Animal Nutrition Market

This market is segmented on the basis of type, animal type and geographical regions

Based on the type, This market is segmented into the following

  • Vitamins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Minerals
  • Fibers
  • Fatty acids
  • Amino Acids
  • Proteins

Based on Animal, This Market is segmented:

  • Poultry
  • Swine
  • Ruminant
  • Canine
  • Equine
  • Aquatic


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Regional Analysis:  Animal Nutrition Market

Animal Nutrition market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa. The Animal Nutrition market is dominated by Asia Pacific owing to increase in consumption of meat, poultry and dairy products. Rapid economic growth, increase in exports of meat, surge in disposable incomes, favorable government policies to enhance the poultry, cattle are expected to trigger demand for animal nutrition market. Brazil is expected to show significant gains over the forecast period owing to rise in capacity of spending, increased demand for the meat, poultry.


Competition Assessment: Animal Nutrition Market

Key players’ profiles in the global Animal Nutrition market include:

  • Nutreco N.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Cargill, Inc. (U.S.)
  • Koninklijke DSM N.V. (The Netherlands)
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company (U.S.)
  • InVivo Nutrition Et Sante Animales (France)
  • Adisseo France S.A.S (France)
  • Archer Daniels Midland Co. (US)
  • Bactolac Pharmaceutical, Inc. (US)
  • BASF SE (Germany)
  • DSM Nutritional Products Ltd. (Switzerland)


Notable Market Developments: Animal Nutrition Market

  • In August 2014, BASF Animal Nutrition launched glycinates product line includes iron, copper, zinc and manganese.
  • In November 2013, Cargill Animal Nutrition introduced PROMOTE, new brand for feed additives.


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Key Features of the Report:

  • The report provides granular level information about the market size, regional market share, historic market (2012-2016) and forecast (2017-2023)
  • The report covers in-detail insights about the competitor’s overview, company share analysis, key market developments, and their key strategies
  • The report outlines drivers, restraints, unmet needs, and trends that are currently affecting the market
  • The report tracks recent innovations, key developments and startup’s details that are actively working in the market
  • The report provides plethora of information about market entry strategies, regulatory framework and reimbursement scenario
  • The report analyses the impact of socio-political environment through PESTLE Analysis and competition through Porter’s Five Force Analysis in addition to recent technology advancements and innovations in the market


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About Precision Business Insights

Precision Business Insights is one of the leading market research and business consulting firm, which follow a holistic approach to solve needs of the clients. We adopt and implement proven research methodologies to achieve better results. We help our clients by providing actionable insights and strategies to make better decisions. We provide consulting, syndicated and customised market research services based on our client needs.


Contact to Precision Business Insights,

Kemp House,

152 – 160 City Road,

London EC1V 2NX

Email: sales@precisionbusinessinsights.com

Toll Free (US): +1-866-598-1553

Website @ https://www.precisionbusinessinsights.com

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If you are a skinny guy there is nothing more frustrating than eating everything in sight and still not being able to put on muscle mass. Learning how to gain weight fast if you're skinny is made complicated because the truth is, you're getting bad advice. Most will tell you that in order to get big you have to eat big. This is just too damn simplified to have any real merit.


If you feel that you’re underweight and really looking forward to gaining weight, then it is very important for you to follow the right steps.


While working out will help you gain weight by increasing the muscle mass, you should also focus on increasing your caloric intake gradually by calculating the number of calories you need to manage your weight gain.


TIPS TO GAIN WEIGHT: Some nutrients and tips which will surely help you gain weight in a healthy way are-


• Carbohydrates
One should not consume simple carbohydrates like refined flour, white bread, and white rice as they spike the blood insulin level and will eventually make you look fat. However, going for complex carbohydrates is the real deal here. Basically, complex carbohydrates are whole grains. Some of the best sources of complex carbohydrates are whole wheat, brown rice, oats, sweet potato etc.


• Workout Regularly
The workout is an important factor especially when it comes to gaining weight. This is obviously because you want to increase your muscle mass and not fat so it is recommendable that you follow your weight training classes religiously. It is an effective approach to grow muscles fast. When we do weight training, our muscles break and after we refill ourselves with proper nutrition, they rebuild stronger. This is how you grow. Keep your workout rigorous but short. Focus on heavy weights and lower rep ranges. Also, you need not emphasize on cardio training, doing cardio once or twice a week is more than enough.


• Follow a High Protein Intake
As you will be working out, you need a lot of protein. Some of the best protein sources are egg whites, chicken breast, fish, black beans, chickpeas, low-fat cottage cheese (paneer), soy chunks etc.


Be patient with yourself, do not set unrealistic goals. Focus on gaining 1-2 kilograms each month. Include all the food groups in your diet in a well-planned manner. Seek the help of a nutritionist as She/he will be able to plan a better and personalized diet chart for you as per your lifestyle.

Consult India’s top nutrition expert in real time on FITPASS!

Source: fitpass.co.in/dietitians
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text 2018-05-10 12:55



As we know zumba and aerobics is a dance form, but do you know these also help to be fit and healthy. Zumba and Aerobics was proved as the best exercise for weight loss with lots of hidden quality. Both are very popular choices when it comes to stay fit and lose weight.


1. Zumba
Zumba is more like a social dance party with fast upbeat music, which doesn’t even feel like workout. It is best way to engage your friend in exercise routine. The average person will burn around 600 to 1,000 calories in a Zumba class. It will also improve your coordination for sure. It keeps you active and burns calories quite effectively as compared to other forms of workouts.


will help you burn out all your calories at once and accordingly of regular practice you will learn this new and popular dance.

2. Aerobics
Aerobics has lot of cardio involved. The music is more of a fast beats which does not involve a high low beat its steady fast beat. Mainly this exercise is a rigorous one. It focuses mostly on cardio exercises leading to make you sweat more. Cardio helps you burn fat in short run.


Aerobic exercises includes brisk exercises, such as running or swimming, that make your heart and lungs work hard, increasing the amount of oxygen circulating through your blood. When combined with a low-calorie diet, aerobics can lead to significant weight loss. To lose weight with aerobics, you'll need to burn more calories than you consume and exercise regularly.




1. Entertainment and dance
Zumba and Aerobics is great fun thanks to its carefully selected Latin American music and when you’re performing steps from various types of music, every session becomes a party! You learn new steps, which also helps if you want to take up learning one of these dance forms. Indirectly you’re exercising to the music, not dancing on it and it is very beat orientated, which is where it loses out on the artistic factor.


2. Muscle building
Zumba and aerobics is a dancing and it exhausts your body quite homogeneously. Both are designed to work on every body part individually and it involves dumbbells and steppers which give you that extra strength.


3. Weight Management
Aerobic and zumba exercise is best way to lose your weight. Both zumba and aerobic is great for improving strength and increasing lean body mass. But aerobic exercise is better for losing belly fat because it burns more calories.


Join FITPASS today! Fitpass is your app based with across 1500+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi NCR. Access unparallel variety of workout routines like Aerobics, Zumba, Pilates etc. #GetSet Sweat

Source: fitpass.co.in/zumba-classes
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text 2018-05-09 12:07


Exercising isn’t something that just happens. You must make a plan and be prepared to get your body and mind fit and healthy. Whether you will decide to lose your weight, or desperately want to build your muscle and want yourself to be fit and healthy then remember that food is the only fuel that will help you to reach your goal. Whatever you eat, eating the right kind of food always improve your energy, your exercise performance and your body’s ability to recover.


If you’re looking to maximize protein synthesis and enhance muscle recovery, then you need to be considering what you eat pre and post meal the gym. A solid pre and post workout meal can prevent muscle breakdown and improve energy repair and recovery to increased Muscle growth


PRE WORKOUT MEAL: When you should take your meal before workouts it should be high in carbohydrates, moderates in proteins and low in fats. Carbohydrates (preferably complex carbohydrates as they provide energy for longer period of time) and proteins. This is because carbohydrates are best sources of energy. Eating protein helps improve muscle protein synthesis, prevent muscle damage and promotes recovery. Fats, because they slow down the absorption, should be kept to minimum before workouts.


POST WORKOUT MEAL: Protein, which is the most required during the post workout meal. As, during the workout the muscle fibers which were broken while working out needs protein to get repaired and rebuild. After workout your body needs carbohydrates, fast digestion carbohydrates as to replenish the muscle glycogen


Reach your entire fitness goal through FITPASS. Consult India’s top nutritional experts in real time FITPASS app. Select unlimited gyms and studios near to you. You can do your workouts daily anywhere, anytime across 1500+ gyms and fitness studios in Delhi–NCR, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

Source: fitpass.co.in/gym-workouts
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text 2018-05-08 13:54


Get your life in order through Fitness with discipline! Be all you can be! Stay healthy stays strong live right! Fitness with discipline is something everyone should take time to build in to their lives as a matter of course, the benefits, physically and mentally of living in a and healthy body are immeasurable, your happiness will increase, so will your productivity.


The beauty of fitness is the simplicity of it. In contrast to all the stuff out there trying to complicate things and telling you all the stuff you need to have to get fit, there are only two main components to fitness: Diet & Exercise


 Diet


“What You Put In Your Body”
Good health comes by following proper healthy practices. Eating habits can definitely make a person healthier. Proper exercise with healthy sleep and healthy nutritious food makes your life amazing and energetic. Following a healthy diet plan with healthy food is the most important protocol to lead a healthy life. Eating or following a healthy diet plan on a regular basis can enhance your energy, wellness and prevent you from catching certain diseases, because a healthy food diet gives you all the necessary nutrients and benefits required to maintain a fit body.


A healthy diet plan, which comprises of all the essential nutrients necessary for the growth and maintenance of our body, will be termed as a healthy diet. Necessary elements of a healthy diet plan are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water.


 Exercise

“What You Do With Your Body”

Working out makes you feel good, and are a great stress buster after a hectic day at the office. Working out releases endorphins in your brain which is a hormone that fights stress and makes you feel happy. Moreover, it keeps you fit to stay on top of your life every day of every month.


Doing exercise on a regular basis can make you feel good and totally boost your self-esteem. It’s an achievement when you step on the scales and see that you and you alone were responsible for your fitness.


So, get your FITPASS now and achieve all your health and fitness goals in a discipline way in just a single click. List of workout routines and diet plans you will be able to follow with your FITPASS, you can also get specially curated workout guides and diet plans – Six Pack Abs to strengthen your core, Pecs of Steel for that superhuman chest, Bikini Bod to flaunt your summer body, Sexy Calves for those toned legs and 36-24-26 for achieving the perfect figure everyone desires. Get ready to search as gym near me and jump to world of fitness. So, #GetSetSweat

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