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text 2018-11-14 06:31
Beds Leeds: 4 Bed Types That You Should Know About


The bedroom is a comfortable area of your residence where you can rest after a lengthy day at work. And that is the reason why picking the right bed which fits your requirements is extremely important. You have to consider some factors prior to heading to a beds Leeds based store nearby like size, comfort, design and more. And possibly, among the most necessary factors you must take into consideration is the type of bed which you’ll buy. Every product has its specific functions and design, and that's why you have to take the time to read about the different choices out there before getting one:

1. Ottoman beds
An ottoman is a type of bed with storage space which can be accessed on its lower part. This space can be utilised by raising the mattress, which is supported by coils for convenient lifting. This item is great for individuals who live in small homes for them to get more space and clear up their storage concerns. As a matter of fact, a lot of individuals utilise this storage bed in order to prevent their linens, comforters, and pillows from becoming dirty. Depending on your preference, you can obtain ottoman beds which can be accessed on its right and left side or from the bottom part.

2. Upholstered beds
Another product available at beds Leeds based stores is the upholstered bed. Their headboards are typically furnished with numerous details such as animal prints, buttons, and more in order to give them a sophisticated appearance. On top of that, instead of using wood, their bed frames are commonly created from suede or faux leather and cloth. This provides the bed, particularly the headboard, a softer and more comfortable surface. Upholstered bed is the advisable item to purchase if you enjoy sitting up and reading in your bed as it gives off a cosy experience.

3. Wooden beds
Obtaining a wooden bed is an excellent investment because it possesses an antique look that will fit into any bedroom design, whether it's old-fashioned or contemporary. And because wood is a component known for being strong, these items can be utilised for a number of years if maintained thoroughly. As a matter of fact, old wooden beds can also be refurbished into new pieces of furniture like a table, garden bench, and much more. Finally, these products are perfect for houses with tiny bedrooms because they are way smaller than other styles such as upholstered ones.

4. Divan beds
Lastly, divan is a type of bed with a base and mattress which have similar size. This means that they use up less space, making them perfect for modest bedrooms just like wooden beds. The bed frame of a divan is normally built from wood covered with fabric to make it exquisite. Moreover, they often have tiny wheels underneath to enable them to be transferred quickly to a different location.

Always take note that you'll spend plenty of hours throughout your lifetime lying on your bed, so you need to select carefully when ordering one. However, buying this product doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. So long as you properly consider the variations of every design stated above, you'll find it simpler to pick which item from the beds Leeds based store near your location will meet your requirements.

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review 2018-11-12 13:30
24 Festive Tasks: Doors 2 and 5 - Books for Guy Fawkes Night and Veterans' / Armistice Day
Behold, Here's Poison - Georgette Heyer
Behold, Here's Poison - Georgette Heyer
The Riddle of the Third Mile - Colin Dexter,Samuel West
The Riddle of the Third Mile - Colin Dexter

Georgette Heyer: Behold, Here's Poison
(Narrator: Ulli Birvé)

The first Georgette Heyer mysteries I read were her Inspector Hemingway books, which in a way meant I was starting from the wrong end, as Hemingway progressed to the rank of inspector from having been the lead investigator's sergeant in the earlier Superintendent Hannasyde books.  That doesn't impede my enjoyment of Hannasyde's cases in the least, however, now that I'm getting around to these, even though I found the first one (Death in the Stocks) seriously underwhelming.  But Heyer redeems herself in a big way with Behold, Here's Poison: Though a fair share of her mysteries have a sizeable contingent of 1920s-30s stock-in-trade bright young things and generally "nice chaps" (which got on my nerves enough at one point to make me decide I'd had enough of Heyer), when she did set her mind to it, nobody, not even Agatha Christie, did maliciously bickering families like her.  And the family taking center stage here must be one of the meanest she's ever come up with, only (just) surpassed by the Penhallows.  I'm not overwhelmed with the story's romantic dénouement (there always is one in Heyer's books), and while I guessed the mystery's essential "who" and had a basic idea of the "why" at about the 3/4 - 4/5 mark (the actual "why" was a bit of a deus ex machina), by and large this has to count among my favorite Heyer mysteries so far ... though not quite reaching the level of my overall favorite, Envious Casca.


Ulli Birvé isn't and won't ever become my favorite narrator, and she seriously got on my nerves here, too.  Since all of the recent re-recordings of Heyer's mysteries are narrated by her, though, I've decided I won't hold her mannerisms against the author, and I've read enough print versions of Heyer books at this point to have a fairly good idea of what a given character would sound like in my head if I'd read instead of listened to the book in question.



Colin Dexter: The Riddle of the Third Mile
(Narrator: Samuel West)

For Veterans' / Armistice Day I'm claiming the very first book I revisited after the beginning of the 24 Festive Tasks game: Colin Dexter's The Riddle of the Third Mile had long been one of my favorite entries in the Inspector Morse series, but Samuel West's wonderful reading not only confirmed that status but actually moved it up yet another few notches.  (Samuel West is fast becoming one of my favorite audiobook narrators anyway.) The fact that due to the progress of medical research a key element of the mystery would have been much easier to solve these days does not impede my enjoyment in the least ... changing social mores aside, half the Golden Age crime literature, including many of the great classics by Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and even, on occasion, Arthur Conan Doyle would be deprived of substantial riddles if they were set today. -- The book qualifies for this particular "24 Festive Tasks" square, because some of the characters' and their siblings' encounter as British soldiers at the battle of El Alamein (1942) forms the prologue to the book and an important motive for their actions in the world of Oxford academia and Soho strip clubs, some 40 years later.

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review 2018-11-09 21:39
Finding its legs
West Coast Avengers (2018-) #1 - Kelly Thompson,Stefano Caselli

Not sure how I feel about this series; seems to be a shaky first issue, but I love Gwenpool so I'll give it a couple more issues.

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review 2018-11-02 20:40
The Collectors, #1 by Jacqueline West
The Collectors - Jacqueline West

FIrst of all, the good.


The squirrel was funny, and I liked the fact that our protagonist was a boy who's hard of hearing.


That's about it. The premise here is that there is a hidden world just below our own, in some cases literally. WIshes - true wishes are made under certain circumstances such as on a coin thrown into a fountain or in the breath blowing out a birthday candle - can come true with the help of a species of magical creature. These wishes can, obviously, be dangerous and have serious consequences, so there is a group of people, known as collectors, who collect these wishes and make sure they don't come true.


West makes a good attempt at covering the moral grey areas from a child's point of view, but the story never came together for me. It came off as a little slap-dashed, and I'm not looking forward to a sequel.


The Collectors


Next: 'Volume 2'



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text 2018-10-15 13:43
Finally got a Bingo!!!
Pieces of Her - Karin Slaughter
Trapped in Room 217 - Thomas Kingsley Troupe
The Hermit's Creepy Pet (Single Shot Short Story Series Book 10) - Terry M. West
No 13 Toroni - Julius Regis
The Last Werewolf - Glen Duncan

Yay me!


Today's call filled my 4th row across. :D



Amateur Sleuth - Pieces of Her by Karen Slaughter - 4 stars


Ghost Stories - Trapped in Room 217 by Thomas Kingsley Troupe - 4 1/2 stars


Genre: Horror - The Hermits Creepy Pet by Terry M West - 3 1/2 stars


13 - No. 13 Toroni: A Mystery by Julius Regis - 3 stars


Shifters - The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan - 5 stars

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