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review 2017-03-22 00:33
Mastered by her Captor by Opal Carew (2016-06-21) - Opal Carew
  This has both the prequel and the novella of Kalie and Erik. Kalie's fantasy is to be kidnapped and at the mercy of her captors. She gets her fantasy but cannot let go of the one man, Erik. Erik's been burned before and wants to be left alone but Kalie will not let him. He decides to show her his darkest side.

I enjoyed this story. It is hot. I could feel the trepidation Kalie felt when she believed that Erik would not give them a chance. Her fear of losing Erik was real. She also knew if she lost him, she would lose herself. Erik had to come to terms with his past and the hurt he suffered. When he can do that his world expands and he can let Kalie into it.

I look forward to reading more of this series.
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review 2017-03-08 04:10
Desire - Nine sizzling, romantic tales for Valentine's Day - Bianca D'Arc,Evangeline Anderson,Lauren Hawkeye,Jayne Rylon,Cynthia Sax,Daire St. Denis,Sarah Castille,Avery Aster,Opal Carew,T.L. Stokes

This book was a special Valentine's Day Anthology for the lovers of romance.  It has 9 pretty terrific stories inside.  These stories sure give you choices for what you may be in the mood to read.


I read Naughty Wishes, by Sarah Castille.  This author is a "go to" in my purchasing romance titles.  She hits the bar, raises it, and gives me more.  This story was about a couple who have been married a while.  They have need to spice up things, since in the bedroom loving has been somewhat cooler.  Kylie decides to surprise Dan with a night of delight.  He has a surprise for her too.


I found that no matter what I read from this book, it made me have the feels.  I really felt like this was a great collection and I hope these authors make another one next year.  I give this anthology a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given as a gift for the Valentine holiday.

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review 2017-03-01 02:09
Something more
Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire - Victoria Pinder,Jina Bacarr,Opal Carew,Eileen Cruz Coleman,Margo Bond Collins,Rossie Cortes,Tara Crescent,Michele de Winton,Blaire Edens,Nicole Garcia,Erin Hayes,Courtney Hunt,Mary Hughes,Sydney Logan,Alix Nichols,Tierney O'Malley,Peter Presley,Mandy

Happily Ever Alpha: Falling For The Billionaire is an anthology of 20 erotic stories about hot men, who have too much money.  This makes finding a wife even harder.  How do you know she is with you for you and not your bank account?


Because there were so many books inside, I chose Finding Mrs, Right by Debbie White to review.  What was the best part, is that Gabe is honestly trying to find "the one."  His friends fix him up, he meets many women and asks them out, and there are certainly complications.


It just is such a sincerely funny and sweet story.  I enjoyed seeing him try to find the best of the choices he meets.  Good read and honest picture of what trying to find someone can be like.  I give this story a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2017-02-14 00:00
Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire
Happily Ever Alpha: Falling for the Billionaire - Victoria Pinder,Jina Bacarr,Opal Carew,Eileen Cruz Coleman,Margo Bond Collins,Rossie Cortes,Tara Crescent,Michele de Winton,Blaire Edens,Nicole Garcia,Erin Hayes,Courtney Hunt,Mary Hughes,Sydney Logan,Alix Nichols,Tierney O'Malley,Peter Presley,Mandy I love anthologies. For me these collections give me the chance to test out and discover authors that I've not had experience reading. So Happily Ever Alpha served a dual purpose for me. Reading great stories and trying out a smorgasbord of new authors. It would be so easy for me to break down all twenty authors and their stories, but I just don't have the time. From mysterious, to pompous, from adorable to frustrating and everything in between these authors rocked it. The take away for me is that these alpha men still had a few things to learn. Love is not a weakness, but a force to be reckoned with. Message received and lesson learned. HOT READS COMING THROUGH!
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review 2017-02-01 04:06
His to Possess - Opal Carew

This was originally a serial, so I am going to review each part separately as it was originally published.

Part one: The Seduction
Jessica and Dane meet under mistaken identity (she thinks he is the ex-boyfriend that she's still pining over) but hit it off enough to go to dinner together. Going to dinner leads to a heated night of passion. Jessica doesn't want an awkward morning after scene so she slips out of her hotel room with only a note. But when a job lands her back into Philadelphia, Dane's city, she can't help but think about him. And wouldn't you know, the new job lands her right in his path.

You can obviously tell that this story is just getting started. There's hints of BDSM in here, with Dane wanting to make a sub out of Jessica although she's not used to giving over control to someone in bed.

I knew that they were going to cross paths again in some relation to this job, so we'll just have to see what happens next.

Part two: The Morning After
So, Jessica goes back to Philadelphia for her new job and guess who her boss is? Yes, you guessed it Dane. She will be his personal assistant. But will she be able to resist him? She needs to keep their relationship professional, but is that an impossible task?

Interestingly enough, Jessica's ex-boyfriend Storm keeps coming up. He's a musician in her brother's band who broke her heart when he up and left her without an explanation. And I see where this is going from a mile away. Are you with me?

Needless to say, I enjoyed this second installment although I've got a pretty good idea where this is heading. I'm interested to see how that's going to be introduced into the plot.

Part three: Perfect Storm
So, things are going along fine with Jessica and Dane's "arrangement". They are getting it on a lot at the office. But, don't you know that's way too easy??

In walks a blast from Jessica's past. Two guess on who it is. And how do you think he knows where Jessica works?

Part Four: True Lies
Storm is back. What does that mean? What happens with Jessica and Dane? Things get a lot more complicated with that. Just when I thought things were going well with Dane and Jessica, a monkey wrench is thrown into the mix. I think I know where this is headed but I'm not sure how I feel about it. We'll have to see what happens in the ext part.

Part Five: Entangled
Jessica is torn between two men. Both of them hold her heart in different ways. She has to decided who she is going to choose, but the decision is proving to be incredibly difficult.

So, yeah, this one ended exactly the way I predicted. I'm completely ready for the last chapter in this saga.

Part Six: Forever

Oh my goodness, I don't think I've encountered characters more stupid than these three in some time. GAH, it was so frustrating reading this last installment. I was hoping things would get more straightforward, but seriously, they just got worse. While I knew where this was headed, I wasn't exactly sure of how it was going to end and it was pretty bad. Just seemed a bit thrown together over all.

I definitely liked the first parts better than the last so I'd give them 3.5 STARS and the last parts 2.5 STARS. So ultimately I end up giving this on 3 STARS.

*Advanced Reader's Copy provided by NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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