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text 2020-03-27 05:18
Quick How-To - Homemade Quilting Frames

As soon as I owned a marketing business. It consisted of a computer and screen inside a furnishings quality wooden cabinet. Passers-by could trigger the device by pushing a button on a keypad. A menu would appear that noted my customers and displayed their businesses. The users of my computer system box might choose the company they desired to find out more about, Uncle Bill's Antiques, for instance. Uncle Expense's custom-designed display screen would appear with its message.

I soon advanced to knitting. My most treasured possession is my granny's collection of needles all wrapped up in a silk needle holder. It was initially provided to her by my grandpa as a birthday present. My mother provided to me some years ago - after my grandfather's death - practically twenty years after the death of my granny.


KF: Arthur is a dear buddy and choosing quality fabric very long time partner with our coach, Cent Campbell. As undergrads we had the fantastic fortune to deal with him and see him perform sometimes, as he was a frequent visitor in the dance program.

There is no limitation to creativities and if you like to be creative then making one with a marriage, household reunion or graduation theme will be the prefect way to begin. The color design will assist boost the result of the final product.

A picture quilt is an emerging trend in quilt making. This fresh concept of mixing design, https://buddypress.org/members/ausfabric08/profile/ color and pictures is an intriguing discrepancy from the standard way of sewing a bed quilt. Consisting of photos in quilt styles gives pieces a more nostalgic and personal significance.

A long arm quilting maker allows up to 18" inches of pieces on a side. The table extension of a quilting maker might be 10 to 14 feet wide, and it easy how to make a quilt make a larger quilt. The device makes large prints and long stitches an easy job. Precision in pattern is kept as the maker moves while the material remains in location thus guaranteeing a neat pattern production on the material.

If you would like to produce a quilt, there is such a lot of option. For instance, you might create the top of the quilt either totally smooth or absolutely fluffy or totally smooth or a mixture of all or some of them. Then you can have the underside as a special cloth too or you might only use a sheet or ideally something a bit more robust.

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review 2018-11-15 00:03
Sometimes loosing everything isn't the end of your life...
Patchwork Paradise - Indra Vaughn,Craig Beck

It's just the beginning of a new one.


Oliver and Samuel have it all. Their's is a fairytale existence...until it isn't. It can take a lifetime to find love and a moment to loose it. No one knows this better than Oliver. 


'Patchwork Paradise' is the story of one man's struggle to survive the tragedy of loosing the man he loves and rebuilding his life only to discover that while he's lost one love there's another one waiting for him...not to replace what's gone because nothing could ever do that. This love is there waiting to fill it's own place in his heart.


I've had this one in my audio library for a while now and when I came across it the other day I decided that it was time so I grabbed my handy box of tissues and hit the play button and barely 30 minutes into the story tissue in hand dabbing at the tears in my eyes...I questioned my sanity and kept right on listening because this isn't a story about loss it's a story about surviving it, about moving forward and about paying tribute to the person you've lost by going on and making a new life for yourself. One that's filled with love, laughter and hope.


That's what Ollie (Oliver) did of course he mourned the loss of Sam and rightfully so. Sam was his forever love but unfortunately as we all know life's not fair and nothing ever last forever...but, Sam was the person who taught Ollie how to love so a part of him will live forever. Every step that Ollie takes towards rebuilding his life, every time he puts his heart out there it's because Sam's love showed him that he was worth it, he deserved it and in his heart Ollie knew that the last thing Sam wanted was for his life to end with Sam's.


I seriously thought Sam was awesome even though we didn't get a lot of time with him. I think the magnitude of what a wonderful man he was came through because of Ollie. It was his memory of Ollie and how much Sam loved him that gave Ollie the strength to keep trying...to remember even after they're gone how much someone loves us is a pretty powerful indicator of what we meant to them and to be able to open your heart up to the possibility of finding love again shows just how positive that love was.


There were some surprising things that happened in this story that for me made it all the more interesting and even though I'm pretty late to the party on this one I'm not going to delve into them to deeply because I'm just guessing that maybe I'm not the only one who hasn't read/listened to this book yet.


While Sam and Oliver started out as the MCs in the story there was also a core group of friends who were integral to the story and certain events in particular. Within the boundaries of Sam and Ollie's group of friends we have Ollie's best friend (Cloe), Cloe's boyfriend (Imre) and Thomas (Ollie's friend from work and the man who's quietly loved him for years). There's also Sam''s parents and that'll be enough about them and then there's Ollie's mother (most adorable grandma so far this year). 



While this was only my second time with a book by the author Indra Vaughn. It's the my fourth time around with the narrator Craig Beck and once again this narrator has done an exceptional job of giving this story added depth and breathing life and emotion into the characters leaving me confident that when I see his name listed as the narrator I'm not going to be disappointed with what I hear.


"Patchwork Paradise' is a story of pain, lose, friends, family, comfort, healing, second chances, starting over, strength & courage, finding love, having hope...it's about life...the one we have, the one's we lose and all the things in between that touch them.

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review 2018-11-04 09:14
Time-Retarded Fields: "The Patchwork Girl" by Larry Niven
The Patchwork Girl - Fernando Fernández,Larry Niven

(Original Review, 1980-04-03)

I just read this book by Niven; it looks new (first printing April 1980), and features Gil the ARM. Standard Niven with some new psychic hand abilities. (Would you believe searching in a hologram like dowsing over a map). Also, another laser murder, however nothing so creative as the one where the light originated in a time-retarded field. One thing he never explains - why are lunar ("Lunie") courts so quick to mete out justice?



If you're into stuff like this, you can read the full review.

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review 2018-06-08 02:33
A satisfying read
The Patchwork Bride - Sandra Dallas
Dallas writes characters especially well. They live and breathe as naturally as you and I. In this book , a modern young woman is a runaway bride, unsure of her love and commitment. The woman she runs to tells her the story of a turn of the century runaway bride – one who runs three times!
This story within a story is the “real” story of this book.The tension grows as the young woman falls in love (or like) and then is disillusioned each time. We watch her character change while she grows in maturity as heartache after heartache consumes her. Each time she (and we) learn a bit more about her character, her needs, the time she lives in and the men she chooses, or who choose her. The modern runaway learns as well.
The middle of the book drags a bit, but stick with the story. There is a surprising twist near the end. The opportunities open to women and the strictures they live under are presented with sympathy for the characters, the place and the time.
This is not Dallas’s best, but it is a satisfying read. You will be glad you stuck with it.
4 of 5 stars


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review 2018-03-11 20:49
The Patchwork Bride by Sandra Dallas
The Patchwork Bride - Sandra Dallas
I love Sandra Dallas and was not disappointed with her new book. 
A very touching,sweet Historical Romance, it is very well written,
has an interesting plot and endearing characters.
Fans of Sandra Dallas will not be disappointed!
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