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review 2019-02-19 19:42
Great psychological thriller!
The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides, author; Louise Brealey, Jack Hawkins narrators There are two competing stories in this excellent psychological thriller. One concerns an artist, Alicia Berenson, a woman of fragile emotions and a victim of circumstance. After her mother committed suicide, she was placed in the care of her abusive father’s sister, who was a difficult woman. When she was able, she left the home and eventually fell deeply in love and married a successful photographer, Gabriel Berenson. When her father died, she had a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide, but afterwards, seemed fine, until the day she thought she saw someone watching her, from a distance. Was it her imagination? The second story concerns Dr. Theo Faber, a man who also had a troubled past. Raised by an angry, abusive father and an alcoholic mother, he too attempted suicide when younger. However, he fell in love and married and was now working as the psychotherapist at The Grove, where Alicia Berenson was sent after her trial. He seems to have been fascinated by her work and was obsessed with treating her. It was his dream to encourage her to speak, although she had not spoken a word for the six years that had passed since she was convicted of the murder of her husband. There is a third character that underlies the story. The character is Alcestis who became well known in the Greek tragedy written by Euripedes. She was willingly sacrificed and died in place of her husband. However, Hercules intervened, in some versions, and brought her back to life by battling death and winning. This theme permeated the novel in subtle and overt ways. The timeline was confusing for some readers, but the author, obviously intended it to be. To those of you who like to peek at the end, don’t. There are numerous twists and turns as the story plays out and the conclusion will be a huge surprise to most readers. The narrators who read the book on the audio were absolutely superb, interpreting each word perfectly for each character, with mood and setting becoming almost visible from their portrayal. My big criticism is the use of unnecessary foul language which did nothing to enhance the narrative. On a positive note, it would make a great movie.

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text 2019-02-12 16:50
Reading progress update: I've listened 137 out of 887 minutes.
Patient Zero - Ray Porter,Jonathan Maberry

This is a zombie book starring a ridiculously competent cop-turned-FBI agent (or something - it's complicated). So far it's surprisingly boring, and I've eyerolled so hard during some of the terrorist portions. There's this mad scientist lady who is apparently so alluring that merely glancing into her eyes causes men to lose their common sense. But we're told that it isn't sexual, it's just the power of her personality. But also it is sexual, because she's been screwing at least two men's brains out, her husband and the guy her husband is working with.


::sigh:: I'm not looking forward to the moment she and the main character meet. I'm sure he'll simultaneously loathe her and find her attractive.

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review 2019-02-03 04:27
The Silent Patient
The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

I read a ton of psychological thrillers, and most fall short of the mark for me. Granted, the continued exposure does mean that it is increasingly harder and harder to "get" me with that required big twist. Then, along comes this debut from Alex Michaelides. 

The story is a slow build, and in the beginning, it feels almost like two separate stories. Most of it is told from Theo's point of view, but we also get glimpses into Alicia's life through her journal entries, so there's Theo's personal life, Alicia's inner turmoil before the murder, and their interactions together. I'll admit that I was a bit confused at first about where this tale was headed, and it does take a while to get there. Despite that, there's just something thoroughly compelling about this story. Whatever that special something is that pulls a reader into the story and doesn't let go - this one has it in spades.

Then we get to the twist and I was gobsmacked. It came out of nowhere - but it really didn't, not when I looked back at everything I'd absorbed to that point. So, I was thrown for a loop, yet it all connects and makes sense. Everything, from the how and why of the murder to that jaw-dropping reveal, it all just works.

To sum it up, The Silent Patient is dark, twisted, and filled with not so likable characters that still managed to draw me in completely. Slow build or not, I kept turning those pages and finished it in one day - Well, one sleepless night because one chapter turned into two, and so on. And this debut has put this author firmly on my radar. 

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review 2019-01-21 17:04
Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney
Sometimes I Lie - Alice Feeney

Content warning: this book contains multiple instances of sexual assault, a couple of which are on-page.

This story is told in chapters set in three different time periods: Amber's present, Amber's recent past, and childhood diary entries. Amber wakes up on December 26th to discover that she is in a coma, unable to move or speak but occasionally able to hear what's going on around her. She has no memory of what happened but is convinced her husband had something to do with it. For whatever reason, he no longer loves her, although he seems to be doing a good job of pretending to be a devoted husband whenever he visits her at the hospital.

Just a few days prior, Amber was limping along in her job as an assistant at a radio show. She's been given an ultimatum: either figure out how to get the voice of the show, Madeline, to like her, or she'll no longer have a job come January 1st. Amber decides to take a different route. Through carefully planted social media posts, anonymous notes, and a few other efforts, she'll convince Madeline that she's about to be let go instead. While Amber is doing all of this, her personal life is in shambles. Her husband is behaving secretively and may be having an affair with Claire, her more beloved younger sister who lives right next door. This makes meeting up with Edward, an ex-boyfriend, more appealing than it maybe should be.

Meanwhile, diary entries written 25 years ago unravel the childhood secrets that continue to rule Amber's life.

A few weeks ago, my local book club voted on their next read. This is the book I voted for, although it isn't the book that was ultimately chosen. I decided I wanted to read it anyway. I basically gobbled it up, which is saying something considering how slowly I've been reading lately.

The more I read, the more horrible many of the characters seemed. Amber was consumed by jealousy. Later, I added "selfish" and "astonishingly lacking in empathy" to the list, although I did eventually come to feel sorry for her, at least until the very end. Claire, Amber's sister, was potentially a snake, depending on how much of what was going on was in Amber's head and how much was real. Paul, Amber's husband, seemed to only be interested in her in the most shallow of ways, although, again, everything depended on how much was real and how much was just in Amber's head. She wore different masks depending on who she was speaking to, and I found it difficult to believe that Paul had ever really loved her, since he likely didn't even really know her, not the real her.

From the very beginning, readers knew to expect that Amber would be an unreliable narrator. As she said at the start: "Sometimes I lie." I kept my eyes open for clues and was able to catch a few. I figured out, for example, how one detail mentioned in the diary could be true even as the existence of another character indicated that it had to be false. However, I only guessed part of what was going on. I've since realized that there was a great big clue that I'd missed. Could I have figured out what was going on sooner? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Although I disliked most of the characters, I couldn't stop reading because I wanted to find out how all the pieces fit together. I didn't get anxious about the characters' fates because, well, I didn't like them very much. One of the big twists near the end forced me to grapple with shifting perceptions of them, but then the ending happened.

While I agree that something needed to be done - a character shouldn't be able to win happiness that way - the very last sentence annoyed me. It seemed like the sort of thing you'd find in a slasher movie, a bit too much for this sort of book. It would have been more effective and believable to show that the character's own paranoia, doubts, and fears would one day eat them up and keep them from ever enjoying their happy new life.

I was originally going to say that one particular character's actions near the end didn't make much sense considering they'd been a follower most of their life, but I realized their actions did make sense...if, as it turned out, they were just as warped as another one of the characters, only in a different way. There's one line that I think was supposed to indicate that that was indeed the case.

All in all, this was a riveting read, even though it stumbled a bit in the end.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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text 2019-01-17 06:33
Patient Engagement Solution Market to Grow at a High CAGR of by 2026

Patient Engagement Solutions (PES) combines a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage own health with communications from health provider designed to promote positive behaviors. For instance, if patient is suffering from cardiovascular disease, patient engagement solution takes effort to remind patient about of why, when, how, and where they can get relevant care for CVD, which in turn allows patients to control disease and avoid adverse events.



These solutions allow active participation of patient in management of their health due to increased understanding and knowledge about his/her health, which in effect also helps the better healthcare delivery by physician resulting into reduced cost and timing of treatment. This also helps physician to maintain patient base due to continuous engagement with patient. Furthermore, it assists healthcare organizations to share important health information with patients, educate them about their health conditions, and track progress and outcomes outside the facility walls thereby facilitating chronic disease management, care transitions, and readmissions rate reductions. Moreover, PES provides important health alerts and self-management action plans to patients, their health providers, and family caregivers with the help of relevant personal health information


Patient Engagement Solution Market-Market Dynamics


Patient engagement solutions market is expected to witness upward growth during forecast period due to rising prevalence of chronic disease worldwide. Chronic disease such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma (chronic lung disease) results into significant deaths each year. According to World Health Organization data (WHO) in 2017, around 40 million people die annually due to chronic disease, which accounts for 70% of all deaths worldwide. Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for 17.7 million death annually, followed by cancers (8.8 million deaths), respiratory diseases (3.9million deaths), and diabetes (1.6 million deaths). Patient engagement solutions benefits the better clinical management of this disease by engaging patient about their health and in turn maintaining patient base for hospital or clinic.


Increasing old age population worldwide is expected to further fuel patient engagement solutions market growth. According to the population Prospect report by United Nations in 2017, an estimated 962 million people were of age 60 or above, which accounted for 13% of the global population. By 2030, number of old people in the world is projected to be 1.4 billion, growing at annual rate of 3%. Various complications associated with old age can be better managed with PES.


Patient Engagement Solution Market-Regional Insights


On the basis of geography, patient engagement solutions market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. North America is expected to lead the population health management system market due to various reasons. U.S. currently has one of highest per capita expenditure on healthcare accounting for US$ 9146, according to statistics given by World Economic Forum in 2016. This cost could be saved with the greater application of patient engagement solutions resulting in quality comprehensive care with reduced hospital admissions. This would also lower the burden on health care infrastructure with shortage of physicians and hospitals beds.


Furthermore, increasing number of patients with chronic disease is another driver for market growth. According to National Cancer Institute, around 1,735,350 new cases of cancer would be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2018, and cancer is expected to cause around 609,640 death in same year. Increased hospital readmission is cause of concern in the U.S. as there is penalty provision due to hospital readmissions if they occur within certain time frame under ACA, 2009.


Patient Engagement Solution Market-Competitive Landscape


Some of the key players operating in the population health management system include Allscripts, Inc., Cerner Corporation, Conifer Health Solutions, Healthagen, LLC, Orion Health, Athena Health, OptumHealth, Epic Corporation, Inc., Philips Wellcentive, eClinicalWorks, Change Healthcare, Verscend Technologies, Inc., IBM Watson Health, Caradigm and Care Evolution.


Ask For Sample Copy Of This Business Research Report : 



Market Taxonomy  

On the basis of component, patient engagement solutions market segmented into

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Services

On the basis of medium, patient engagement solutions market segmented into

  • Web/cloud Based Medium

  • Location Based Medium

On the basis of end user, patient engagement solutions market segmented into

  • Hospitals

  • Insurance Provider

  • Ambulatory Care provider

  • Others

About Coherent Market Insights:


Coherent Market Insights is a prominent market research and consulting firm offering action-ready syndicated research reports, custom market analysis, consulting services, and competitive analysis through various recommendations related to emerging market trends, technologies, and potential absolute dollar opportunity.


Contact Us:


Mr. Shah
Coherent Market Insights
1001 4th Ave, 
Seattle, WA 98154
Tel: +1-206-701-6702
Email: sales@coherentmarketinsights.com


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