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review 2017-07-17 18:33
Silvia's Rose (Peace in the Valley #1) by Jerry S. Eicher
Silvia's Rose (Peace in the Valley Book 1) - Jerry S. Eicher

This was quite the story. It is an Amish story and although I do not know that much abut the actual Amish beliefs i was a bit confused a few times over how things were handled in the book. It was a very good book though.

Esther husband Minister Lonnie Stoltzfus has passed away and left her to raise their small daughter Diana alone. Esther remembers a man she had met during her rumspringa and knows that he has also lost his wife. Esther decides to move to the new community where Isaiah is now living and is also a minister. Esther was very happy being the wife of a minister and is positive that the lord is leading her to Isaiah.

On the day she arrives she is immediately welcomed by everyone in her new community including Isaiah. As she meets her neighbors she becomes friends with her also widowed neighbor Joseph. Joseph owns a greenhouse and offers a space for Esther to grow her garden. As they get to know each other Joseph tells her wonderful stories of the love he and his wife an English woman shared. This gets Esther to thinking and wanting a true love, not just a marriage out of convenience and respect.

Joseph also has a thing for roses. He learned from his wife who had a PHD in horticulture before she became Amish and before she passed away how to tend to roses and to graft them to make new varieties. Before long Joseph and his roses gets Esther, Isaiah, Joseph, and Arlene (Joseph's girlfriend) all in hot water.

Everyone has to decide how to overcome their troubles and still get what they want out of life.

I really can't say about the parts that confused me a but because ti would give to much of the story and take away from the next reader. But there were a few quirky things in the book that either goes against what people believe the Amish are about, like money matters.

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review 2017-07-11 17:46
“A Peace Divided – Peacekeeper #2” by Tanya Huff
A Peace Divided - Tanya Huff

“A Peace Divided” follows on directly from “An Ancient Peace”, making it the seventh Torin Kerr book. If you haven’t read the others, don’t start here. Give yourself a treat and read “Valor’s Choice” and come back here when you’ve caught up


Torin Kerr isn’t a Gunnery Sergeant in the Confederation Marines, fighting a war against the Primacy any more. The war is over. Primacy are no longer the enemy, if they ever really were.


Now Torin’s life is much more complicated. She leads a Peace Keeper Strike Force, dealing with violent people churning through civilian space in the wake of an unexpected peace. Torin’s not a soldier anymore. Winning  now involved more than getting in, killing the enemy and getting her people home. Now she has to uphold the law and make sure as few people as possible, on either side, die while she’s doing it.


“A Peace Divided”  is full of action. Itopens with a firefight between Torrin’s Peace Keeper Strike Team and a heavily-armed gun-runners and swiftly moves on to a mission to rescue Federation scientists being held hostage by mercenaries. Both situations illustrate the shift in the context of Torin’s violence from fighting a war to keeping the peace.


The book moves beyond the action to reflect on its causes as Torrin asks herself why the Strike Force is necessary and what should really be done about the veteran soldiers, damaged in the war and displaced in the peace, who spread violence and whether she and her people are being manipulated.


Torin is still the heart of this book and it was good to spend more time in her company but I liked the fact that we saw large parts of the story from the point of view of other, usually alien, characters. We shared the experience of a young human mercenary, caught up in violence he doesn’t approve of but can’t walk away from, an elder race scientist who struggles even to imagine violence, until her colleagues fall victim to it and she has to decide whether to fight or die and a pair of Cray coming to terms with marriage and the vulnerability it brings.


I admired Tanya Huff’s skill in presenting the large number of alien species in this book, without confusing me or diluting the identities of the species. I liked her ability to show the species as very different from one another and yet showing that they are still more likely to be bound together by their occupational roles (scientist, soldier) than by their genetics.


The “Humans First” organization (who have now lost the annoying apostrophe) are used  not just to demonstrate the power of bigotry and hate but to show that the issues that feed that hatred are real and tosuggest that the people who fund the hate have a darker, more personal agenda.


What made “A Peace Divided” compelling was that it kept fusing simple explanations..  The complexity isn’t added just to enrich the puzzle, it’s there because life is like that.


The appeal of Torin’s mantra of getting her people home safe  is that it gives her the certainty needed to act decisiviely but she is aware that it filters out the bigger picture. Now she’s having to confront that there is no officer to frame the bigger picture for her and recognises that she will have to form that picture for herself and her people.

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review 2017-06-23 08:33
Sweep in Peace (Innkeeper Chronicles, #2)
Sweep In Peace - Ilona Andrews

I'm a huge fan of Ilona Andrews' writing (or, at least, her Kate Daniels series) so I was inclined to like this to start with; it's a testament to her writing that I did in spite of the undercurrent of science fiction running through the storyline. 


I'm not sure if I should admit that my favourite character is Caldenia, but she is.  She gets all the best lines and if not for the cannibalistic tendencies, she might be my literary heroine of choice.  But Dina is no slouch either and while there's never any doubt she has the abilities, her overwhelming innkeeper mandate sometimes makes her a bit trod-upon, so that final scene was awesome.  It's nice to see her abilities balance out; that she can be as bad as she can be good.


I never doubted for a minute who Turan Adin really was, it could never have been anyone else, but I couldn't figure out how Andrews was going to explain the timing.  Once she did, I was left wondering what the vampires and hoard thought about the "mysterious creature".  I also thought it interesting that Andrews dropped a huge clue about Dina's brother but then never followed up on it; ditto the clue about what happened to her parents.  I suppose they're saving that for book three.







Page count: 301

$$: $6.00

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url 2017-06-07 13:05
90+ new releases in book series this week
White Trash Zombie Unchained - Diana Rowland
Only Skein Deep - Maggie Sefton
Moonbreaker - Simon R. Green
Indecent Exposure - Stuart Woods
An Unnatural Vice (Sins of the Cities) - KJ Charles
A Scandal in Battersea - Mercedes Lackey
A Peace Divided - Tanya Huff
Inked Expressions - Carrie Ann Ryan
The Kill Society - Richard Kadrey
Tyrant's Throne - Sebastien de Castell

See the fictfact new release calendar at https://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar for full list.

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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review 2017-05-19 02:28
Peace In The Valley
Peace in the Valley: A Novel (Double S Ranch) - Ruth Logan Herne

Title:  Peace In The Valley

Author:  Ruth Logan Herne

Publisher:  Multnomah

Series:  Double S Ranch # 3

Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Peace In The Valley" by Ruth Logan Herne


My Thoughts....


I loved this heartfelt tear jerking read of the last series:  Double S Ranch # 3...Peace In The Valley this only this author can give to her readers.  What a beautiful read of a story of what will happens when one puts the past behind and now it's about faith and the family.  The main story was of Trey Stafford and Lucy Carlton however we are also given many secondary characters [Sam] and a few others that were truly indeed special in this very powerful moving read.  Not only was this a romantic cowboy story but so much more.  I loved how this author gives us a story of what will happen when a family turn to God for some healing of past wounds and we are even given some inspirational scriptures the were there to give them 'strength or encouragement' at the perfect time.   The story is definitely giving the reader a heartwarming story with Trey, Lucky and her children[Cade & Cody]. In the end the reader is given on fascinating story that will include quite a lots of messages that will be woven into this story giving the readers 'Gods' grace, embracing and forgiving one another as through love they are given second chances.  This author really did a well good job at giving the readers a fantastic ending in this series.  To get the whole story of Double S Ranch three book series get..." Back in the Saddle...Home on the Ranch and Peace In The Valley.'  The reader will truly enjoy all of them!

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