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review 2016-03-16 23:08
The Imperfection of Swans by Brandon Witt
The Imperfection of Swans - Brandon Witt

It's been weeks and I still can't find all the words I'd need to express my feelings about this book.


It went on my all-time-favorites shelf immediately and will stay there until the cow comes home.


Brandon Witt writes beautiful prose. His words always make my day brighter, he always finds a way to touch me, to transport me right into his world, and he always, always makes me smile. But that isn't the reason - or not the only reason - why I loved this book so damn much.


In the end, it was Kevin who stole my heart. Don't get me wrong, I liked Casper! I enjoyed his POV and I loved his gentle, patient and kind nature. But Kevin was everything to me. His anxiety rattles him to the core on an almost daily basis. His body is not helping, but most of all it's his personal demons that practically force him to take control of the one thing that makes his mind bleed and weep, the one thing he can't let go despite having almost everything he wished for in a partner and a wedding dress shop: His weight, his eating habits, his eating disorder.


But he knows - as well as we all do - that nobody else can fix your self-esteem and self-worth issues for you. Nobody and nothing can give you a sense of peace and accomplishment and content - when you yourself can't see or acknowledge it first. And I have to say, Kevin's mothers were not exactly helpful. They were fascinating, loving and supportive in their own way, but at the same time their expectations and actions had some serious negative effects on Kevin in a way neither wanted to acknowledge. Sometimes they reminded me so much of my own family, it was painful.


And that's pretty much my story with this book. It was so damn painful, but in all the right ways. I found myself a tiny little bit in there, in a weird but wonderful way. I could understand it all, I could feel the pain and the anxiety and the healing. I felt it all. And while I had to stop at one point or the other, just to close my eyes and savor the experience - it was all so worth it. In the end, it was all so worth it. For Kevin, and for me as a reader.


This book was for me. It made me hurt, it made me cry, it made me laugh, and it put me back together in the end. And didn't let me go. Even weeks later I still find myself thinking about it now and again. That's the biggest plus for a book there is. I loved it all. I loved this book so damn much and I'm not afraid of shamelessly fangirl about it for years to come. Sure, this book probably isn't for everyone. There is no copious amount of sexy, smutty scenes. There is a lot of internal conflict going on, a lot of things you don't "see", only feel. And I can understand where that isn't everybody's cup of tea. Also, the final "meltdown" and climax might be hard to swallow for some readers. Just a fair warning.



I'll stop now or I'll ramble on and on about how fabulous and wonderful and amazing this story was for me. Just... Read it. That's really all I've left to say.


Just read it.

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review 2013-03-24 00:00
Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr Nope, this wasn't perfect for me. In fact, Sean with his back and forth was thoroughly getting on my nerves. Emery was too good to be true and the epilogue wasn't really fitting, at least for me.
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review 2013-03-13 00:00
Perfect For Me
Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr Reviewed by: Yvonne
Genre: M/M Contemporary
Rated: 4 hearts

Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews
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review 2013-03-12 00:00
Perfect For Me
Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr This book is a solid three stars from me. The characters were sting and compelling, the story good and the HEA was satisfying.

I wish there had been a bit less detail in some things, for instance the cooking. I really didn't care there was half a cup of liquid in something. If the author does cook and wanted to share recipes they could be added to the back of the book. Also some editing problems.

Sean had a few TSTL moments but he had a good heart and legitimate fears. Emory was a persistent saint for putting up with him towards the end.

Overall I did enjoy this and will look at more from this author.
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review 2013-03-01 00:00
Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr Perfect For Me - D.H. Starr 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Sean has a lot going for him, he has a great job, he has a great apartment and he is handsome, but finding a man is difficult because the moment he reveals his secret they turn tail and run. When one of his student’s lands in hospital it brings Sean into contact with Emery, a caseworker for Child Protective Services, a man who refuses to run. Emery isn’t one to back down from a challenge and when his work brings him in to contact with a middle school principal he is in for one hell of a challenge, helping a young man find the support he needs and convincing Sean that he wants to be around for the long haul.

This is a really good story about the conflicts and doubts that someone with HIV can face… even when that conflict is from within. Sean has faced rejection because of his illness many times, he has just decided to only date other Positive men when Emery walks into his life, Emery who he feels instant attraction to, but who he fears to date. Emery wants to get to know the sexy principal better and they seem to hit it off, when he learns that Sean has HIV he doesn’t bat an eyelid, but Sean is throwing obstacles in the way and Emery finds it hard to fight Sean’s fears.

The characters in this story are brilliant, Sean is a loving and caring man who is HIV positive and is constantly being rejected by men because of it, when he does find someone who accepts him he finds excuses and reasons to sabotage the relationship because of his own fears. Emery is bubbly and has a great personality; he is stubborn and he will try to do the best for all the children that come to his attention, and he will also do his best to beat down Sean’s walls. Lamar is a thirteen-year old student who is going through a hard time because of his parents, he just wants to go back home to help his mom not really realising the danger he could be placed in. Sonya is a foster mother who takes care of her boys like a mother tiger, she also mothers Emery to some extent, and she is totally wonderful throughout the book.

I have to admit that at times Sean got on my nerves… he has a man who meshes with him perfectly and he kept pushing him away saying they were too different because Emery was Negative, he was doing to Emery what other men had done to him… rejecting someone for their HIV status. I mean yeah you can see where he is coming from and that his fears are valid, but damn he was irritating at times. Emery is fantastic and you root for him to break down Sean’s walls, but the best moment in the book for me was when Sean was sat on his bed collecting his courage to make that phone call and he has an epiphany about what he truly wants and needs. The relationship between both men was wonderfully written and the fears are very real, but sometimes you have to take a chance and Sean nearly loses Emery before he can take his wholeheartedly.

I have to recommend this to those who love overcoming obstacles, breaking down walls, accepting love, protecting children, great characters and the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
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