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review 2016-07-15 00:00
Fadeout (Dave Brandstetter Private Eye Novel)
Fadeout (Dave Brandstetter Private Eye Novel) - Joseph Hansen Less is more.
Fadeout is a 186 pages quicky, but a rather satisfying one. It's as well a mystery as a story about grief, and Hansen writes grief painfully well. Hard boiled as hard boiled can be, his laconic prose requires the reader to savour every single sentence. Maybe a bit too obsessed with what everyone is wearing and ashtray design, but apart from that very readable.

One down, eleven more to go.
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review 2016-04-25 06:24
Private Eye (Alyssa Day)
Private Eye (A Tiger's Eye Mystery Book 2) - Alyssa Day

I remembered the first book had that cozy mystery vibe to it, and that it fell onto more of the light spectrum of paranormal fiction, so that was how I approached this sequel. I didn't have any long-term history with Jack as a character because I didn't read Day's Warriors of Poseidon series. So I was good with Tess being the main narrator for this one instead of Jack.

I found this sequel to be highly enjoyable. Just like the first book, it had that light and fun cozy mystery vibe -- think of the earlier Stephanie Plum books maybe, but with shifters and banshee. I found myself chuckling along when I read the crazy situations that Tess found herself into. I LOVED the characters, including the colorful kind of customers coming into Dead End Pawn, Tess' pawnshop, or Tess' family. I missed young Shelley, though.

So yeah, it didn't feel like a very serious mystery or urban fantasy book. There were missing banshees and the villain was a little bit insane, but it didn't felt too edgy for me. It also wasn't highly charged with sexual elements, which I welcome with open arms. Still, there was a progress to Tess and Jake's relationship for those of you who wanted romance. I cannot wait for Tess and Jack to go on that date :)

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review 2016-03-12 16:02
Add this one to the DNF pile
Groucho Marx, Private Eye: A Mystery Featuring Private Eye Groucho Marx (Mysteries Featuring Groucho Marx) - Ron Goulart

I just could not get into it. It didn't make me want to pick up my e-reader each night and get on with the story. E-reading is very slow for me since it is a bedtime activity and my eyes are ready for sleep anyway; it is 15-20 minutes and then sleepy-by.


The premise is attractive-- I'm a Groucho fan--but the execution was not. Too many short choppy sentences.

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review 2015-06-25 00:00
Enamored (Lucien Caye Private Eye Novel)
Enamored (Lucien Caye Private Eye Novel)... Enamored (Lucien Caye Private Eye Novel) - O'Neil de Noux Half way through this book I was listening to a radio programme and heard the phrase "murder your darlings". This applies perfectly to this novel. The basic premise is fine, and shows the author's obvious love of 1940/50s Private I stories. The internal dialogue often proves this. There are, however, a few typos/spelling errors and even wrong words (I would except, instead of I would expect).

But my main gripe concerns the aforementioned "darlings". The tale is anchored in place by reports of the outbreak of the Korean war, as well as sporting highlights. These take up far more space than is necessary for the story, and are easily skipped without losing the plot. The same goes for the "erotic" content. Much of this could be hinted at, rather than taking pages of detail. It even "retells" the scenes from a book the main protagonist is reading.

As a story there is plenty going for it.
As a book; time to prune out the deadwood and gain more stars.

Would I read another? Probably not unless heavy editing had taken place.
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