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review 2017-06-24 02:09
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts: A Sin City Collectors Novella - Kristen Painter

Claude (Claudette) is a feline shifter and owns a pawn shop. She also happens to be a semi-retired "Collector." The Collectors pick up supes who are misbehaving. Jason is a gargoyle working for a magician. The Queen of Hearts is an elaborate ruby necklace that was stolen by Jason. Claude soon finds out not all is as appears.
This was good. I really adored Claude. She is strong, intelligent, and just plain awesome. Jason wasn't bad either. I liked that he was a gargoyle. I liked giving him a weakness that was then used against him. Very well done novella with the plotting and pacing.

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review 2016-12-03 04:31
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts - Colleen Oakes

Either I've grown out of YA fiction, or my patience and forgiveness for it has diminished over the past couple of years. It also doesn't help how many Wonderland retellings I've seen, which made "Queen of Hearts" already a tough sell. But sometimes a nice easy read sounds appealing, which I thought this would end up being. And it was easy - easy to skim through and get distracted from, because while there's certainly a lot of text describing events and presenting dialogue, it all stayed on the surface as a dry cardboard-cutout.

I'll give the book credit for trying to present a different identity of the Mad Hatter, who happened to be the only character I cared even a little for. Considering how vague and up in the air the "plot" was, the characters were the default focal point for attention. Even then, Dinah was unlikable and difficult to feel any empathy for, whereas too little was known about any of the other characters, particularly the king, Wardley, and Vittiore, all of which fit the stereotypes of the cruel-for-no-known-reason father, the hot and drool worthy guy who's been a friend from childhood, and the girl who's a rival for power and who is hated by the heroine for, also, no clear or entirely believable reason. There's also the familiar cast of Wonderland characters like Cheshire who are slotted in just to satisfy the criteria of having them in the story - it is, after all, a spin on "Alice in Wonderland.  The classification of the Cards was the only other interesting aspect that altered the original story, but it did little in redeeming the book.

The "plot" was a mixture of loose threads thrown around that was more like sketchy exposition in a prequel style than any kind of coherent story. The writing lacked the alluring tone of voice that would draw a reader in, instead dry and stereotypical in the way in described characters or events. It was a book that was driven more by the unappealing heroine than by plot, although the former was surely the goal.

Beyond that there isn't much more to say. The fact that it was easy to get through felt like a small mercy considering how frustrating it felt to read it. I think I won't be touching any more Wonderland retellings after this one, as "Queen of Hearts" set a new low in the genre. It simultaneously had characters and action going on, but also lacked both of those things tremendously. It was predictable and boring, worse than I feared it might be. It looks like, with the immense about of takes on Wonderland, it is slowly losing its magical touch, which is probably a sign that it's time for publishing companies to stop churning out more dime-a-dozen books because they think they'll sell.

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review 2016-06-08 01:29
Queen of Hearts Book Review
Queen of Hearts - Colleen Oakes

 3.5/5 Stars


Imagine what the queen was like as a child. Queen of Hearts tells us the story of young Dinah and what her life was like growing up in the well known, Alice in Wonderland world. There were things I liked and didn't like about this version. 


Dinah has been the princess everyone has ignored. Her father hates her and only cares for her sister. Wordley is the only one that pays any attention to her. But then mysterious dreams come and strange things start to happen within the castle and Wonderland. Dinah and Wordley must travel to dark parts of their world to figure out just what is going on. 


This is a book that has its ups and downs. I really would have liked more back story with Dinah, but I suppose the author may have assumed we know enough about Alice in Wonderland. 


A good recommendation for someone looking for another fantasy/childhood retelling. 

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review 2015-12-31 16:30
The Queen of Zombie Hearts
The Queen of Zombie Hearts - Gena Showalter

OMG!!! I love this series more and more with every book. Alice and the slayers are ready for war. This isn't just another battle - only one will come out on top and both side will suffer along the way. This is really a non-stop action packed story that never calms down until it's all over.

Zombies and Anima are back with a vengeance and some really imaginative tactics. Alice gets an unexpected blast from her past that really causes some problems - but may be the only way to solve the even bigger problems. Cole and Alice will have to face another landmine in their relationship that threatens to tear them apart.

The snarky comments and attitudes are still present and they may be even bigger than they were before as we introduce a whole new slayer crew to stir up the existing dynamics.

Warning: You just may cry - it's an emotional roller coaster that never stops. Also, this is a trilogy. Book three wraps up the story very well - but apparently others like myself just wanted more, so there is a fourth. But if you were looking forward to a good ending of the series - it does happen.

Source: www.hotofftheshelves.com/2015/12/the-queen-of-zombie-hearts-by-gena.html
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review 2015-10-21 00:00
The Queen of Hearts
The Queen of Hearts - P.J. Shann I'm usually more of a romantic comedy girl but I was looking for my next read and this was recommended. I have to say, I was not disappointed! The lead character, an ex-policeman-turned-taxi-driver, ends up in trouble when his ex-wife gets involved with the wrong crowd and they come after him in an effort to get to her. Mayhem and madness ensues!

The characters are absolutely brilliant. Joel, the hero is so lovably real and there are some brilliantly touching scenes with his young daughter. There's an interfering mother-in-law, a handful of villains who you will love to hate (wait for the hate to love bit at the end!) but my favourite character of all was the nosy neighbour who goes ninja on some strange characters who are watching Joel's house. I want a nosy neighbour like that!

The story was well-paced with a nice little twist at the end that I didn't see coming. The style of writing is witty and entertaining and I can't recommend this highly enough.
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