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text 2017-07-12 12:29
Enter the Best Rehab California: Avoid Negative Effects of Addiction


Drug addiction is a serious problem that every major city in the world is having a headache with. In fact, the drug addiction rate in countries have already escalated into a national concern because people who are into illegal drugs such as Marijuana or even Ecstasy, can turn even the holiest of the men to full-blooded criminals due to the drugs capability to corrupt someone else’s mind.  And that’s dangerous because if the drugs are used by some criminal organizations to corrupt young minds of young individuals, then the future generations will no longer have a future to live in. And let’s also face the bitter truth: majority of this generation’s young adults have become more careless in terms of having the tendency to do certain things that they are not supposed to be doing in the first place and yet, these young people are still doing those things to either make a point or simply, doing them for the sake of fun without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Now, when you have kids who are young teenagers and are unfortunately into drugs whether it’s Marijuana or Shabu in the Philippines, at an early stage, you, as a responsible a loving parent should make an effort to bring him to a drug rehab centre like our Best Rehab California where your kid will be tended to by our highly-specialized team of doctors and nurses whose aim is to rid your kid of addictive substances that are causing his addiction and, to help him find his place back in the society.


If you don’t want any of your family to endure the negative effects that are associated to the addictive consumption of illegal drugs, it’s not yet too late as long as we, at the Best Rehab California, are visited so we can come up with the appropriate recovery plan that is suited to the person at hand. Now, if you are wary of the negative effects of illegal drugs, below are just some of them to help you stay informed:


  • Possible infection of HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases due to the weakening of the immune system.
  • Heart problems that may lead to having fatal heart attacks.
  • Possible damage to the kidney and liver.
  • Brain damages due to the over dosage of drugs.
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text 2017-07-08 06:29
5 Healing and Treatment Steps at the World’s Best Rehab


Acknowledgement of the problem

To properly address the issue, the first step would be to acknowledge that there is indeed a problem to begin with. People who are addicted to drugs are sometimes in denial that they are already hooked with it. It’s only when the person starts to lose what he holds dear when he starts to realize how deep he is in the pit hole. Before you get to such a point, it would be best to get into the world's best rehab and seek help.


Inform the people around you

The next step is to talk with your family, close friends and loved ones in general. You might also want to consider talking to your manager to avoid losing your job and also to get all the support that you will need from different sources. When you have already expressed your need for help, it’s time to move to the next step which is to look for a facility where you can get professional treatment. Note that some few attempts may not be successful but it’s always best to try until you make it.


Look for a treatment center

There are different rehab centers around Malibu but it would be best if you would choose one that is closest to your location so you can opt for outpatient as a choice. This will also make it easier for your loved ones and family members to visit you.   


Choose the right treatment plan for you

At the world's best rehab, we offer different types of rehabilitation plans to our patients. We have treatment and care suited for inpatients and for those who want to get into our facility during schedules. Determine what type of rehab plan would work best for you.  


Start your way back to being healthy

In our facility, at the world's best rehab, we utilize holistic treatment approach with emphasis on the environmental, nutrition, emotional and spiritual aspects. We also have posh facilities and hotel-like accommodations suited for celebrity. Call us today for more information.


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review 2017-05-16 04:10
Mixed bag for me
Recovery (Reawakening) - Amy Rae Durreson

Reawakening: Book Three Resistance, exile, plague. Raif has survived them all, but now he finds himself in search of a new purpose. Traveling north to wake the dragon Arden, he hopes he has finally found a leader worthy of his loyalty, but Arden turns out to be more of a frivolous annoyance than an almighty spirit lord. Now bound to Arden’s side despite his frustration, Raif follows the dragon to the rich and influential lagoon city of Aliann, chasing rumors of the Shadow that once cursed his homeland. With the election of a new duke at stake, Raif struggles to make sense of the challenges he meets in Aliann: a conspiracy of nixies and pirates, selkie refugees in desperate need of a champion, a monster that devours souls, a flirtatious pirate prince, and a machine that could change the world. For nothing in the city of masks is what it seems, from the new friends Raif makes to the dragon he follows—or even himself.


Dear Amy Rae Durreson I reviewed the first two books in this series here and here at DA, as you can see I liked the first book quite a bit and the second one even more. This one left a mixed impression on me.

As blurb tells you this book’s main couple is Raif and Arden. We met Raif in the last book during which he endured a lot and if you read the last book you know that at the end he is leaving his homeland to search for Arden, another sleeping dragon brother and hopefully to wake him and to become a part of Arden’s hoard.

Raif is on a mission that both dragons who woke up in the previous books and their lovers wanted him to undertake, but he also wanted to leave his home because he was having a crisis of faith of the sort. Raif finds Arden indeed and wakes him up and of course Arden is taken with him. Just to remind dragons in these series thrive on Love from their Hoard, people and all kinds of beings they taken under their wings and Dragons love their Hoard back. I am saying this to stress that it made perfect sense that Arden took to Raif, but this relationship also felt to me the most human and the most complex out of all three books, which I suppose a good thing.

Arden may be a mighty Dragon, a defender of the Law, but he is grieving over the loss of his Hoard because all of them died over the thousand years, he wants to win Raif over and he really loves to laugh and tease him. Raif may be attracted, but he also thinks especially in the beginning that Arden is not *serious enough* in order to make him a worthy person to serve. But we know by now that dragons want to love, they want somebody to cherish; they do not want servants in their Hoard. Raif eventually learns to take some teasing from his Dragon of course and overall I just thought that the way both guys played off each other was really nicely done, they both felt like multilayered and very alive beings.

"Arden was quiet for a few moments. Then he said dreamily, “Those old stories about virgin sacrifices being sent to dragons—they were never true. I’m thinking I missed out on something life changing, if all the virgins were as eager as you. I could have had whole meadows full of virgins, all desperate to be touched. Virgin orgies.” Raif sighed. Nobody had ever understood this. “I was a virgin. That didn’t mean I didn’t want to be touched or that I didn’t think about it. In fact, I had a lot of time to think. I was just waiting for the right one.” Arden’s voice went serious. “I am honored, you know, that you chose me.” Then he ruined it by adding dreamily, “You are the best virgin sacrifice imaginable.” “Your brothers sent me,” Raif reminded him, which shut Arden up for a while. Then he began to whisper in Raif’s ear—a long, increasingly absurd, and utterly distracting fantasy involving a fishing boat run aground, public nudity, ropes, and a love potion that meant “A hundred orgasms between us, Raif, or we would drop dead within a week, and so I begged you, my treasure, begged you to take my cock and….” They made it to double figures before breakfast."

I quoted this little bit of silliness because I thought the romance was really nicely done, however the story is also about a fight against Tyranical shadow and I had issues with this storyline. First and foremost I think I understand that Shadow supposed to represent the tyranny and the fight against the tyranny never ends and anybody could fall victim to it, but I am reading the fantasy series and by book three I am getting a little bored by the villain *who nobody seems to be able to overcome*. Yes, I understand it is getting weaker and weaker, but honestly I cannot help but wish we would get a new villain already. 

But this was not the main reason why I was bored and annoyed while I was reading parts of the book. As you can see from the blurb Arden and Raif end up chasing Shadow in the city of Aliann, which was at least in part inspired by the medieval Venice. Basically almost the whole book is set up in Aliann and our guys get to participate in the Aliann’s politics.  You see, Aliann is preparing for the elections while its duke is on the death bed. 

"Tomorrow, the Ten meet in private to ratify selection criteria for the representatives of the fifty districts. The heads of the Fifty Families are meeting today to nominate a choice of electors for each district. The districts will then choose their representatives, who vote on the electors, who vote on which of the Ten should be duke.” Raif blinked. “That’s a little—” “Complicated? We like it that way. All is balanced, and no one group has too much power.” “Except the one who can bribe the most electors.”"

I don’t know what associations anybody else may have had when they read this paragraph, but my first thought was , wait why am I reading about American elections?   Now, because I am an American, I am willing to assume that I absorbed too much information about the circus that our politics became in my opinion and I can see it everywhere, but “fifty families”?

Let me be very clear here, I am not the kind of reader who thinks that work of fiction shouldn’t be political. I think that folks who say that the work of fiction shouldn’t have the message in it just usually disagree with the message of the story; however I also think that the story should be a message.  Basically what it comes down to is that at times (not all the time) I was feeling that I was reading a propaganda piece instead of a fantasy story and it jerked me out of the story several times. I guess while I really liked the writing overall, I did not feel that the message was done elegantly enough.

And message or no message, I felt that the book dragged at places. It has 7800 locations on my Kindle and I love long books, but often I felt that political conversations went nowhere and to be honest I felt that political storyline actually started moving at sixty or so percent of the book.

Grade: C+/B-


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text 2017-04-09 19:30
Pies and Hot Cowboys Yeehaw
Lost Rider (The Coming Home Series) - Harper Sloan

4 swoon-tastic stars

Hot hunky damaged man, with rippled abs cowboy, who dumps his life breaks a few hearts and searches for redemption in the heart of his childhood friend, that he nearly destroyed. Their bond to each other is strong but the damage is deep and dense with scar tissue that may not ever be softened. There is hot cowboy riding, smoking hot kisses, and swoon worthy moments galore is this first book in a series I am looking forward to continuing. 

The female main character. Leighton, owns and operates a bakery called The Pie Hole. She makes delicious pies for work and fun. Who wouldn't love her and want her every happiness ? She is the girl you want you want at your back, trust worthy loyal and steadfast. She loves pure and hard, but her trust is not so easy to earn back once it's been shredded and broken. I just loved her.

Maverick, this boy can pull his inner jerk out. He may be a uber hot cowboy but he acted like a massive donkey. He had good reason, he just never told anybody about the reasons. He preferred to carry that chip on his shoulder and darken his life even more. He was down and digging a deeper hole. Till life kicked him one time too many and he was forced to return to his center and realign everything in his life. 

Very enjoyable read. I liked the characters, felt for them, could relate to them, would like any of them as friends, that is a winner. 

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