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text 2022-09-26 08:50
Using Equity as a Deposit for Moving Home


This is one of those questions that may seem pretty straightforward until you look for the answer. You may need to keep a few things in mind, such as your options for releasing your equity, how much you have, whether you can use it to invest in buy-to-let and more.


Can You Use Equity in Your Property as a Deposit to Purchase a New Home?


This is one of the most common ways people use the equity they built in their homes. But you can do it. You can use equity as a deposit, giving you a chance to lower the amount you need to borrow for the new mortgage. That allows you to reduce your loan-to-value or LTV, which enables you to have a much greater range of mortgage choices.


The simplest way to look at things is as an unsecured profit, something that makes the difference between the sheer market value of a home and the amount you still owe until you pay off the property. You haven’t sold your home yet, so that makes it unsecured. Property prices fluctuate, or you may pay off more of the mortgage before you see the equity you accumulated released. There is also a flipside to this, in the face of:


Negative Equity


Whether or not you can use the equity in your home as a deposit, we’re looking for positive equity. On the other hand, if you owe more than the value of your property, you have fallen into negative equity. This happens when a home’s price drops dramatically for one reason or another. Certain places have disproportionate amounts of homes that fall into this category, thanks to the state of the local property market. If you ever find yourself in this situation, you should either move home or remortgage your property, but that could be extremely difficult.


How to find out if you have accrued any equity in your home


The formula to work out your property equity is fairly simple, but you need the proper figures before you can start calculating. The rough property value can be gauged by doing a bit of online research. You can do that on property portals like Zoopla, Rightmove and so forth, searching for similar properties in the same area as yours that was recently sold. This gives you an idea of the price range offered, something you can also obtain by calling a reputable local estate agent to get your home professionally viewed.


You can check the latest mortgage statement or call your lender for what’s left to pay off your mortgage. Most lenders out there will send mortgage statements annually, so your latest one may not be that recent. It’s best to give them a call to get more accurate figures. With those two things in mind, you can subtract the amount you owe from the value of your property. The result is the amount of equity you have.


6 Ways to Release Equity from Your House


If the results of your calculations show you’re positive, that’s good news, and you may want to think about how you can use that to your advantage. The listed tips below give you that chance:


  • Obtain a second charge mortgage
  • Take out a further advance loan
  • Use the equity to buy your next home outright
  • Remortgage your home
  • Access equity via an equity release scheme
  • Use the equity as a deposit on your next move


©Open Estates


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text 2022-08-03 08:46
Renting a Studio Apartment in Oakland

The vibrant metropolis of Oakland is situated just to the east of San Francisco. The largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area's East Bay is known as Oakland. Oakland is California's eighth-most populated city, with a little more than 425,000 residents.


In addition to Forestland, Glen Highlands, Lake Temescal, Montclair, Oakmore, and several other attractions, the area includes the highest peaks in the city. The unit sizes and amenities available in these Oakland Hill apartments vary.


Finding Oakland hills apartments for rent is no longer a challenge since Raj Properties has the most luxurious apartments for you. We advertise homes and apartments for a variety of clientele, including individuals, families, groups of friends, students, and coworkers.

What Is a Studio Apartment?

In a studio apartment, the additional living spaces—the kitchen, living room, and bedroom—are sometimes merged into a single bigger space in a studio. Some of them feature independent kitchens, while others are "L-shaped," with an alcove that may serve as a sleeping place. For a first apartment, studio flats are best since they require fewer furnishings to feel "complete."

There are many reasons to rent studio apartments in Oakland ca.

Why Choose Oakland?

Oakland experiences pleasant, all-year-round weather. September, with an average high temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, is the hottest month of the year. Since there are just 178 bright days in the city each year, rainfall is quite rare.


Oakland's traffic is well known for being backed up and hectic. There are several user-friendly public transit options in Oakland. The Bay Area Rapid Transit trains, ferries, AC Transit buses, and BART are some of the greatest alternatives.


As a port city and a hub for trade, Oakland has developed into a destination for all kinds of varied cuisine and international cuisine. Soul cuisine combines traditional dishes such as fried chicken or fish, black-eyed peas, cornbread, and collard greens as well as strong tastes.

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text 2022-07-19 09:22
Apartment Hunting: 4 Important Things to Consider When Renting

If this is your first time renting or the final, finding that perfect Berkeley studio apartments for rent that suits your budget and lifestyle will not be an easy task. Whether you are a student who is looking for 1 bhk house rent in San Francisco or a family looking for a duplex for your whole family. Apartment hunting is always difficult. But do not worry we're here to assist. Before you sign your lease, remember these essential 4 things in your mind when looking for an apartment.


The Price

The first thing to consider is do you have the money to live there? Before you seriously consider renting a 1 bhk house rent in San Francisco you must carefully think about your budget. Do some online investigation to find out what the rental costs are within the area. If you're looking to spend a steep cost for a particular area, you'll have to figure out other ways to save money. You may also need to locate roommates in order to meet the cost. Keep in mind that if a rental is exceptionally low (read as too great to be real) in comparison to other rental properties in the area, this could be a major warning sign. The bottom line is to be aware of the market before considering apartments and then negotiating the price.

The Qualitative

Do not believe in the beautiful images that you can see on the internet. When you are considering renting an apartment, make arrangements to visit the property in person. Be aware that any problems with the appearance, like broken blinds , or scratches on the walls, could be addressed - perhaps by the landlord. However, more serious issues could indicate that the property hasn't been adequately taken in the proper way. When you look around the apartment be sure to look for signs of health and safety concerns like bug issues, rodents, leaky taps leaks, water damages, filthy air filters, mould, damaged heat or air conditioner rust, damaged windows, and electrical issues.

The Landlord

Your landlord's actions could make or break your rental experience. If you're dealing with a poor landlord - one who has bad moral character or an inability to keep boundaries - you could be in your own nightmare rental. To avoid this occurring, make an effort to meet with your landlord, or talk to your landlord over the phone. In the event that you're moving into an apartment that has roommates already, be sure to inquire about their experiences with their landlord.

Neighbours And the Neighbourhood

If you're in search of Berkeley studio apartments for rent, along with this, you have to be mindful of possible neighbours. When meeting potential roommates ask them about their experiences regarding their neighbours. If they begin to make complaints about neighbours, my advice is to get them out of the room. Nobody wants to have to deal with rude neighbours.

Before signing a lease, stroll around the neighbourhood to gain a better understanding of the neighbourhood. You'll be able better discern the general demographics and age of the area by spending time at the place.



These are the top 4 important things to consider while apartment hunting. We hope you will find this information useful and it will help you find the right apartment.

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text 2022-07-11 07:45
Perks of Renting a Big House

A large apartment, for instance, a 4bhk or 5bhk, has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. It provides a lot of unoccupied space that can be kept up to the family's specific tastes and preferences. Each family member has a place to call their own, so they can all enjoy their privacy.

So you must see a 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom house for rent San Francisco and for that, Raj Properties is here to help.


The 4 BHK/5BHK flats' precise designs and architecture are cutting-edge, lovely, and modern, delivering a modern family the best in terms of an opulent and affluent lifestyle. The interiors are top-notch, with open floor plans, granite countertops, wood, and many other features. This guarantees a superior standard of living that is above and above the common way of life.


The key idea at play here is minimalism, as every available space in the four/five-bedroom apartments is utilized to the fullest extent. In terms of living space, there are four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and restrooms. Family members can spend valuable time together in the foyer and balconies found in the majority of 4BHK/5BHK apartments.


These luxurious apartments were built with double-paned windows to keep out extraneous noises and preserve the peace. This creates space for original and joyful thinking. These necessities can be maintained in a wealthy lifestyle with a 4BHK/5BHK without disturbance from the outside world.

Final Thoughts

For families who want luxurious, practical, and comfortable living, 4 BHK flats or big flats are the ideal options. Since the security system is impregnable, no robberies or thefts can take place. When there are children and elderly people at home, this becomes even more important and valuable.

After all these advantages, you better know what you want. Contact Raj Properties to explore options for a 5 or 4 bedroom house for rent San Francisco and more.


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text 2022-07-08 15:05
How Packers and Movers in Delhi Make Shifting Heavy Furniture Look Easy?

Are you planning a move from Delhi to the new location and there are lots of heavy furniture items to be shifted? There is no doubt that relocating bulky furniture items by yourself may lead to injuries and this may put you under a lot of stress. If you want your furniture items to be shifted easily and you remain free from any injury, then it is important to hire the best packers and movers in Delhi who are experienced and have the relevant tools for shifting the furniture easily..


Packers and Movers in Delhi - LogisticMart


Best Ways to Relocate Heavy Furniture Smoothly


There are some prominent ways as suggested by the relocation service providers to make the shifting of the bulky furniture products damage-free:     


Make a Plan


This is one of the top things that must be taken into consideration when it comes to shifting furniture items. When making a plan, make sure that you segregate the small and large furniture items. Furthermore, also arrange the desired packing materials to ensure that the goods do not get damaged and you have stress free experience. 


Make Preparations for the Move


When you are making the preparations for shifting the furniture items, then it is extremely important to disassemble the large furniture items into smaller pieces. A very important thing to remember here is to keep the screws and nuts of the furniture in a separate packet or box to prevent them from getting misplaced. 


Hire the Right Sized Transportation Truck


Most people when shifting makes the mistake of not hiring the right-sized truck. If there is a huge quantity of furniture items to be moved, then you can plan to hire trucks and templates on rent in Delhi to make sure that the furniture items are loaded in the vehicle in a hassle-free manner.


So, it is quite clear that hiring the packers and movers in Delhi for relocating the furniture helps in the damage-free delivery.

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