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text 2018-03-26 06:44
Tips that will boost up the sales of your eBooks

In most of the cases, first-time authors find it difficult to find an effective strategy to sell their eBooks. And in case of the accomplished writers, they wonder how to increase the sales of their books. Well, as an author, you would try to strike an effective way to increase the exposure of the books that you have worked hard upon. Online channels have in fact opened up a number of ways, in which you can increase the sales of your electronic books. Here, you will come across some of the most effective strategies that will definitely increase eBook sales.


Sell your eBook through multiple stores

It is necessary to place your electronic book in as many stores as possible. This will increase the number of channels, through which you can increase the transaction of your books. While the leading sites like Amazon, Apple and B&N are popular, you should also place the book on smaller sites. People will get to know about your book more when you improve the number of sales channels. A number of new sites are coming up these days, and you can try them out.


Invest on the cover page

You need to make a good investment in order to make the cover page visually appealing. An attractive eBook cover design goes a long way, streamlining its sales mechanism. The Internet is overloaded with this, and it is necessary to grab the attention of the readers when you reach out to them. A compelling its cover can lure the readers into its contents. Eventually, it can result in a transaction. Therefore, you should get the necessary illustration or graphic art done by expert cover designers for ebooks offering brilliant ebook cover design services.


Provide eBook preview

Providing preview of digital book contents can keep the readers engaged, and they will find your book interesting. This can turn a large section of the readers into your customers. You can create the preview in various ways. You can post screenshots of the relevant pages as images along the content pages and index. You can also place the relevant pages in these areas as HTML. This will complement your SEO efforts as well.


Ebook reviews

One of the best ways to increase the sales is to get your ebook reviewed. People willing to buy the digital book would want to know the opinion of the first-hand readers. These reviews will come beneficial in such cases. Well, you should know that electronic books with testimonials and published reviews tend to attract more attention from the readers who explore the eBook stores. Evidently, this can improve the sales of your eBook.


Joining affiliate programs

Certain websites like Click Bank provide affiliate programs. Joining these affiliate programs can increase the exposure and sales. Most of the successful authors join affiliate programs as this provides a widespread exposure to your electronic books. Both new authors and established writers should try out these programs in order to generate the sale of their electronic books.


Search engine optimization

An optimized sales page can bolster definitely promote your eBook online. When you want to sell your eBook through websites, SEO plays a crucial role in increasing the chances of sales. You need a dedicated page for the eBook, which will draw traffic and increase the sales. You may also share the author’s information on this page. Besides, these pages can also contain relevant information about the book, special offers and other details.


Multiple file formats

The electronic books should be made available in multiple file formats. Your readers may want to read these files on their mobile devices, laptops, PCs or other electronic book readers. Therefore, when you come up with multiple file formats, you can get across with your creation to a larger section of the readers. Making the digital document available in various file formats, at least the most common eBook file formats ensures that it will be compatible with multiple e-reading devices.


Use social media for a greater exposure

Social media provides tremendous exposure to this. You can go for social media marketing in order to increase the sales. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are effective platforms to promote your digital document. Readers spend a lot of time on these sites, and it is wise to seize the opportunity to get across to them over these channels.


Offers and discounts

People are attracted towards goods when they are available at discounted prices.  You can come up with discount and offers for your eBook which will improve the sales. Limited period offers have proven to be effective in increasing the sales of eBooks when it comes to selling books from your website or any third party platforms. There are lots of ebook publishing platform available online. Also, you can find the information about best place to sell your ebook here.


Intelligent pricing

The pricing of the eBook has to be intelligently made. Consider the buying capacity of your target customers while deciding the price. Recent trends have proven that keeping the price low can boost up the sales of the eBooks.


For new authors, it is difficult to find the market for their eBooks. For accomplished authors, expanding the market is always a challenge. These strategies will strengthen the sales mechanism of your eBooks. Integrate these plans into your marketing process and see the sales skyrocketing.



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text 2018-02-10 11:08
What Does a Food Broker Do for Its Clients?

Different people have different skill sets. For example, an artist can create beautiful work but have difficulty promoting or marketing it. This is where a manager or an agent would come into the picture.

In the CPG industry, a good food broker or grocery broker can serve as a kind of agent or talent scout for vendors and retailers. It can connect brands with stores that will benefit from their products and vice versa.

A great food broker can give its clients:

Insights into Industry Trends & Competitors

An expert food broker can provide insights not just into a client’s success but its competitors’ too. It can analyze the competitive landscape and give a brand an idea of how its products and promotions are performing.

With this information, a skilled, experienced grocery broker can then make recommendations as to product assortments and distribution. A food brokerage agency should also be able to help its clients forecast item sales and keep them up-to-date on new brands and trends.

Comprehensive, Customized CPG Marketing

The best CPG brokers can help clients develop marketing plans and strategies that put their brands in the best possible light. Knowledgeable food brokers can work with brands to enhance their current shelf promotions and strengthen the bonds that they have with retailers.

Some grocery brokers can go the extra mile and offer a full range of CPG marketing services, including:

• Conceptualizing and establishing brand messaging
• Assisting with copywriting, broadcast or digital production and packaging
• Developing customized applications for enterprises
• Providing PR support and content creation for a variety of company announcements, product launches and crisis management
• Understanding promotional opportunities to help clients implement the best events for the spend
• Using data and analytics to identify and proactively pursue promotional opportunities with retailers
• Planning and coordinating special events

Reliable, High-Result Support and Solutions

The very best food brokers see their clients as more than profits. They act as true representatives for brands by providing ongoing, wide-ranging, goal-driven sales support. This could involve:

• Regularly dispatching teams to grocery stores and other locations to address any issues and ensure proper stocking of products
• Providing real-time feedback on pricing, displays and activity at the store level
• Tracking sales representative routes and store visits for maximum transparency and accountability

The most reliable grocery brokers are there whenever vendors need them. They can offer clients 24/7 customer service to ensure that any problems are resolved as quickly as possible.

Considerate food brokers will assign a specific rep to a vendor both to foster trust and to ensure a high level of service. Not only does this practice help clients put a face to the agencies they work with, it allows CPG brokers to understand their clients’ particular needs better.

Impact Group acts as a full-service sales and marketing agency for its CPG clients. The company offers 24/7 service and consistently error-free invoicing.

About Impact Group

Impact Group is an industry-leading US food broker. The company gives vendors a personalized approach to CPG marketing, allowing them to connect with retailers of all sizes.

For additional information, visit Impactgrp.com

Original Source: https://goo.gl/AtZbwJ

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text 2018-01-16 06:39
What Are The Advantages Of Using A Sage Mobile App For Your Company?



Sage mobile app is advantageous for a lot of businesses because it can help in managing payroll, sales, and accounts. It's regarded as an online accounting program that provides an effective and risk-free accounting system for businesses. Since this can now be used on cellular devices, it becomes more convenient and attainable for many users.

The Sage CRM app offers trusted insights that permit businesses to know their customers. Such insights are helpful for executing effective sales and marketing tactics. With the use of this Sage CRM app, businesses can deliver impressive service and gain full management and visibility to their customers.

In addition, people can now take their work or manage their accounts anywhere and anytime through the Sage application. Apart from being convenient, it also offers a lot more benefits for its users. If you are one of those who is considering to purchase this accounting application for your business, this article can help you out. Listed below are several benefits you can have for utilising the Sage app:

1. It provides protection
When talking about the accounting system of one’s company, safety must always be prioritised. This often involves the business’ profits, financial and inventory reports, income statement and many more. These things are undoubtedly important for businesses, and with the use of the Sage 50 mobile sales, you will not have to worry about the security of the accounts of your business. It can offer monitoring on any action that is happening in your accounts. On top of that, you can be assured that your data is secure as it possesses an automatic backup.

2. It offers effective management solution
Another benefit that you can have from using Sage mobile app is an organised solution for the system of your business. This is undoubtedly much more efficient rather than organising paperwork for payroll, reports, and receipts. Furthermore, you can store all your accounting information in one spot, and it can even provide excellent inventory reporting and management. What's more, the Internet accounting application can give you quick access to your stored data and saves you more time so you can accomplish other business concerns. With systemised accounts and files, you can work efficiently and easily get whatever you require.

3. It guarantees precise accounting system    
One of the biggest advantages of using Sage 50 mobile sales app is that it can guarantee precision for any accounting issues. This software can take care of vital business operations like monitoring deliveries and stock, inventory tracking and much more. You can then be sure to receive precise financial reports and possess an always up-to-date application. Furthermore, by using a computerised way to store financial data, you can prevent human mistakes including incorrect statistics and missing information.

Here are some of the benefits of having an online accounting software for your company. By utilising a Sage mobile app, you don’t need to be worried about manually managing the accounting concerns of your business like customer account details and sales. Hence, if you’re in need of an efficient solution to improve your company, get in touch with a reliable Sage mobile app provider now!

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review 2018-01-15 06:11
If only
Man Card (Man Hands Book 2) - Sarina Bowen,Tanya Eby

This is book # 2, in the Man Hands series.  This book can be read as a standalone novel,.  For reader enjoyment, and understanding of the series, I recommend reading this fun series in order!


Ash is thoroughly disgusted for being attracted to the man who, is basically her nemesis at work.  Rivals competing for each sale dollar, but who cannot resist the physical attraction that seems to consume then whenever they are in the same room together.  If only she could keep her hands, and her lips off of him!


Braht and his scheming ways only seem to entice Ash closer - while at the same time give her a reason to pull away from him.  He really does want her in his arms and in his bed.  How to keep a woman who is so determined to stay away?


This was such a fun read.  Truly inspiring, by way of the funny schemes the characters come up with to one-up each other, as well as the banter.  There is plenty of hat in this one too, folks.  Each page nearly singes your fingers as you read the fiery way these two go at it with every turn.  I though it was a good addition to the Man Hands series.  I give this book a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP! 



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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