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review 2017-05-04 08:42
Two Minds: An Extreme Horror Novel - Matt Shaw,Sam West

These two authors are a match made in… well, Heaven for me!

I’ve been a fan of Matt’s for a very long time. When I stumbled across Sam’s work not very long after, the two people who introduced me to Matt said I’d enjoy Sam’s writing as well – (thank you Suzanne and Cathy!) – and they were right.
IMO, Sam West’s stories have been getting increasingly better this year, and this collaboration came at the perfect time for both of them.

Two Minds is told through the viewpoint of the two characters living the story.

The Woman – convinced the man she is talking to is responsible for her sister’s disappearance – and The Man… Who is he? Did he have anything to do with the sudden disappearance of Samantha’s sister or is he nothing more than an innocent bystander?

Only one thing is for sure… After this night, neither of them will be the same again.

I wish the ending were a little… ‘beefier’ (for lack of a better term, or perfect tongue in cheek?).  I just felt like I needed a bit more there, but that’s only one readers opinion.  I love how it was written. It’s a great style, and I bet we’ll see more authors experimenting with it. This story, (plus the little preview I had), has got me even more excited for The Devil’s Guests!! Have you been looking for something a bit more twisted than usual? The Devil’s Guests is gonna do things to you that no book has done before – trust!


Peace, Love & Necrophilia ♥

Source: beckisbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/12/06/two-minds-50-shades-of-fucked-up-an-extreme-horror-novel-by-matt-shaw-sam-west
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review 2015-08-03 18:40
Meet the Meat by Sam West
Meet The Meat: An Extreme Horror Short - Leoni Design Studio,Sam West

Meet the Meat is another extreme horror novella from Sam West and this one tells the story of Thomas, whose main occupation is kidnapping women. An ever so slightly deranged individual that has one girl tied to the bed and another being served up on the kitchen table. His Mother died and he's after someone to love, not quite sure whether this is the right way to go about it but each to their own.


The girl on the bed is about to be served supper and if she's up for a bit of cannibalism (aren’t we all) then she may survive, if not she's going to be next on the menu as part of a tasty Shrimp and Noodle Salad with Ginger Dressing, and a drooling hunk of thigh. Simple stuff, which thankfully means no plot inconsistencies and no grammatical errors and luckily its short.

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review 2015-05-17 19:20
Dreamworld by Sam West
Dreamworld: Extreme Horror - Sam West

Sam West's Dreamworld is another novella marketed as extreme horror and centres on a Halloween tour of an abandoned theme park. It's Jim's stag night, he only has one friend so his brothers bought a mate and the four of them embark on a pretty poor excuse for a man's last night of freedom.


Instead of a strip club they end up at Dreamworld, with two women and a guide that appears different to all his guests. Dreamworld harbours a reputation of death, freak accidents and horror stories, setting the scene for what is too come. The guide is named Eric Flu, an anagram of the Prince of darkness and he infects his tour party in different ways.



Eric Flu, come on baby, ingenious.


Dreamworld contains the usual spelling mistakes of a poorly edited piece of short fiction, extreme horror has to make you cringe even sicken you but it really shouldn't be incredulous. There were scenes that didn't feel right, impossible even and bordered on ridiculous. You see it time and time again, and if it’s a story that’s 60 odd pages, can’t someone please, please reread. Point out the errors before putting it up for release and get a flawless story out no matter the quality, apparently not.

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text 2015-02-01 17:41
My January reads
Deliverance (Modern Library 100 Best Novels) - James Dickey
Two For Texas - James Lee Burke
It - Stephen King
The Water Knife: A novel - Paolo Bacigalupi
Firebug: A Short Story - Michael McBride
Flesh and Coin - Craig Saunders
Thirty Miles South Of Dry County - Kealan Patrick Burke
Home Intruder: An Extreme Horror Novella - Sam West
The Death and Life of Bobby Z - Don Winslow
The Eye That Blinds - B. E. Scully

Ok its been a damn busy last couple of weeks, big project at work has seen me working 12/14 hour shifts - not much fun and not much reading time.


Goodreads says I'm now 6 books behind schedule for my 200 target, so some catching up is required and hopefully February is a little bit quieter.


Still some cracking reads this month with IT, Deliverance and Flesh and Coin.


Here's the old list.


1. James Dickey – Deliverance (audio 5*)
2. James Lee Burke – Two for Texas (audio 4*)
3. Kealan Patrick Burke – Memory Lane (4*)
4. Stephen King – IT (5*)
5. Michael McBride – Firebug (4*)
6. Ben Templesmith – The Squidder (4*)
7. Paolo Bacigalupi - The Water Knife (4*)
8. Don Winslow - The Death and the Life of Bobby Z (3.5*)
9. Hack Slash – Son of Samhaim (4*)
10. Craig Saunders - Flesh and Coin (4.5*)
11. Sam West - Home Intruder: An Extreme Horror Novella (3*)
12. Kealan Patrick Burke - Thirty Miles South Of Dry County (Milestone) (4.5*)
13. Stephen Gregory – Plague of Gulls (stave 1) (4*)
14. B.E. Scully - The Eye That Blinds (4*)

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review 2015-01-27 20:57
Home Intruder: An Extreme Horror Novella by Sam West
Home Intruder: An Extreme Horror Novella - Sam West

Another novella in the extreme horror category, although I do have to ask how they decide it’s extreme because in most cases, it ain’t what I would call extreme. I mean have they never read Edward Lee or Wrath James White, now that’s fucking extreme and this, well I beg to differ.


Home Intruder starts off catapulting rapidly out of the blocks with the first chapter, our intruder stalks couples who obviously love each other deeply and then intrudes in every sense of the word, torture, rape and impossible choices concerning your loved one are the order of the day. The start has some suitably wincing moments and we then take the foot of the gas a little as our not so friendly visitor stalks a new couple.


Edward and Jazmine Sullivan inherit a seaside property in Cornwall, they make their way down there from London to get the place ready for sale. It’s the house Ed grew up in and they run into his old flame and her boyfriend, a couple of wasters who force themselves into the picture with a curry and alcohol.


Our Intruder does what he does best, a good bit of intruding and suddenly he’s taken the loving couple and the ex, Linda hostage. Queue a little bit of psychological horror, violence and a continuity error that in a novella just shouldn’t happen. It’s criminal.


Linda who is unconscious at the kitchen table after having her bonce driven into said table is suddenly running off down the hall trying to escape and then after this failed attempt she’s back to her unconscious state. It was of course Jaz who ran down the hall and when she reaches the door, her head is rammed into the fine piece of timber and she is pulled backwards by her hair to land on her back, then dragged by her hair back into the kitchen. Sounds quite fucking painful if you ask me but the guy is a psychopath and intruding is the order of the day. Story cuts somewhere else for a short time and its back to Jaz whose stomach is in agony because of the way she’s been dragged, hang on a minute, what’s going on here, doesn’t sound right to me, she was dragged back like a sack of potatoes and of course she must of flipped over mid-drag. That’s it, no that’s fucked up. Didn’t sit right to me.


Along with a couple of other small errors, it sort of ruined it a little for me and it was disappointing after such a promising start but errors like that in a piece under a 100 pages are basic stuff. That said there’s some promise here and I think I’ll give Sam West another go, just the one anyway.


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