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review 2019-04-25 19:48
Surprising thriller as I thought that i had it all worked out
Before You Die - Samantha Hayes


This is a detective story about a range of teenage suicides in a village in Warwickshire with Lorraine, a DCI, visiting her sister and discovering a whole can of worms within her family, their friends and the surrounding area. The book has instances of murder, adultery, theft etc ..

It's quite engaging and, although I guessed some of the plot revelations, I was still surprised by the ending. The characters are well-defined and relatively interesting. Generally I found the book entertaining and worth a couple of days' read.

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review 2018-12-02 00:00
Until You're Mine
Until You're Mine - Samantha Hayes

Psychological thriller/mystery. Until You’re Mine will keep you thinking, predicting and in suspense right up to the very end of the book.

Claudia is the first character who has the perfect life. She has a fulfilling job as a social worker, she's happily married to James, a handsome and wealthy Naval officer, she is stepmother to twin boys and she's about to give birth to a much longed for daughter. The second character is Zoe Harper whom Claudia and James have hired as a nanny to look after their boys and assist with the baby. Zoe arrives with perfect references and is a natural with the children, but she is secretive about her past and seems to have an agenda of her own. Is Claudia right to be suspicious, or is it just the pregnancy hormones?

The third character is Detective Lorraine Fisher, who is one of the detectives investigating two brutal attacks on pregnant women that have gone unsolved at the time Claudia get's a visit from Detective Fisher. After the visit, DI Lorraine Fisher becomes convinced the attacks are linked to Claudia and Zoe, and she circles them both, determined to expose the connection.

The narrative fluctuates between first, second, and third-person, as well as present and past tense events. Some readers may get a bit confused at first but after the first couple of chapters it will all fit together on how the book is going to flow. I really had no difficulty in keeping track of the story line, so I am sure other readers will not as well.

I received a free copy of this book for my review from NetGalley Bloggers Review Program, for my honest unbiased opinion.
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review 2017-02-05 20:10
In Too Deep
In Too Deep - Samantha Hayes

Gina's husband Rick leaves the house to buy a newspaper, but he never makes it back home. It's been four months without Rick when Gina receives a phone call confirming reservations he made before he disappeared. She had no idea he planned a getaway to a nice hotel and assumes it's for their anniversary. She takes it as a sign that she should go. Not only does Gina believe it will bring her closer to Rick, in her delusional state she thinks Rick may even be there. She drags along her reluctant teenage daughter Hannah. But instead of enjoying the spa treatments and time away from home, they're both put in unimaginable danger.

It was slow going at first but the more I read the more I had to know what happened to Rick. I'm not very good at guessing the outcome of a book, but I saw this one coming a mile away. For me it didn't really take anything away from the book - it was still interesting, still held my attention and I did like the characters and their drama.

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review 2016-06-24 12:20
In Too Deep - Samantha Hayes

Wow. What a mistake this was picking this incredible book up during exam leave. I couldn't put it down! 


This is the first book I have read from this author and it certainly won't be the last. You'll think you have everything worked out; but realise you really don't. This book is a puzzle where you think you've fitted the right piece in the right place but then find you weren't quite right. 


Samantha Hayes' ability to capture my attention and keep me guessing from the very first page right until the exciting end was astonishing - she's a very talented author. 


I'd highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery and wants to test their detective skills. 


- Maddie 

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review 2016-06-21 16:49
Tell Me Lies - Samantha Hayes

A Three and a Half rating. Rick goes out one morning but doesn't come home and Gina doesn't know if he is dead or alive and doesn't cope at all well. She and daughter Hannah get the opportunity to stay for a few days in a country hotel, run by the rather creepy Susan who is too effusive, too friendly. Gina and Hannah are a bit slow on the uptake it has to be said. Sadly, for me, there were no surprises in this book and had worked out the plot almost from the start. It was written well and keeps the reader turning the pages and definitely did have its moments. So take it on holiday or read it if you have a spare few hours as it passes the time nicely!

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