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review 2018-01-20 00:00
Laws of Attraction
Laws of Attraction - Sarah Title Laws of Attraction - Sarah Title Is a 1.5 harsh? Perhaps.

What's really too bad is I feel I've read two middle of the road books from her and there's potential to have a breakout, stand apart book for me. Apparently, the opposite also holds.

This book did nothing for me. And I'm not convinced it was even well written. It felt like a bunch of scenes slapped together with no arc. Let me explain (and don't read further if you, like, care to find out for yourself):

Girl has sworn to BF that it's time for one night stands and no more nice boring guys. And no lawyers!
Boy walks into a bar to meet some old college friends. They have lame nicknames. Guy has beard and is wearing flannel, thus the ultimate conclusion is lumberjack. They click, woohoo! And he seems like a good candidate for a drunken sex-fest. So she accompanies him back to his posh apartment (he's subletting) evades some questions about his profession (why? Because he's a lawyer and all the ladies come round for lawyers and he doesn't want to be wanted for that ya know?), and the p-in-v is rushed and occurs on page...11.
Can you guess what happened then? There's a hotshot.... genius (they mentioned a few times) lawyer starting. But oh no. It's mister one night stand. He's shaved so he's a bit difficult to recognize. And now he's a lawyer and a genius, which are two no-nos. Her family is made up of geniuses, see, and she's not close with her family. And they don't respect her profession as a law librarian. Anyway, he seems a thorough lawyer, and he is new so he asks her questions. Her responses to these questions, are, well, bitchy. Even if you have told associates that, if he's asking you a question...I mean..do you get to give him the brush off? (This was after he attempted to ask her on a date-but no. Because genius lawyer. It's also why she doesn't like him. Makes sense.) I didn't interpret this as him seeking her out-just trying to keep it professional.

Here's the thing. I have no sense of the main characters. I have a better sense of secondary characters and then the story attempted to build on that. It..didn't work.

More plot points...Then she catches him singing horribly late in the library. Without protection, after being a utter bitch to him, yet still attracted to him, he goes down on her and gives her 3 orgasms.

Then he asks her to Thanksgiving. To fend off his mom who is forever setting him up with women. He said this is cause he's a catch...and she scoffs. At this point, I think, yeah, he seems annoying to work with but he's not a bad guy--is he? But she goes, they get snowed in. Or was it rain? I was so bored I think my eyes were just moving across the page. They have some pot brownies to relax and he brushes her hair back and she makes her move. And they do it. And then decide to be dating. YAY!

But he's got work to do. There's a conflict of interest but only kind of but they take a break (she offered he accepted) for appearances...some shit goes down with his sister. there's a dog. Her sister and the hero have a nice heart to heart and when his sister asks what he likes about Becky (the heroine's name, I almost forgot) he says a whole bunch of stuff that the author didn't show the work for in the book and he realizes he loves her. Grand gesture. Love confession. The End. Oh, there's another dog.

Didn't like this couple. Didn't like the story. Didn't like the heroine, didn't like the hero.

It was short though.
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review 2017-09-16 00:00
Falling for Trouble
Falling for Trouble - Sarah Title Falling for Trouble - Sarah Title These books are cute, but VERY chick-litty. I'm going to continue to read them because they make me feel warm & fuzzy. Recommend? eh, not necessarily.
Good town and cast of characters
Weaker on the relationship between MCs-although chemistry was certainly was there.
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review 2017-08-06 00:00
The Undateable
The Undateable - Sarah Title The Undateable - Sarah Title A unique premise and likeable characters, along with my favorite kind of arguing-all-the -time through their attraction couple make this book a solid 3-3.5 stars. It was a well-executed book overall, though at times it felt a little long.

It may have been higher, but I really love the development of a relationship in a book, and theirs was built while the heroine was dating other men. This left me with fewer butterflies and anxious moments than I tend to like in my romances (this might be chick lit, honestly). I appreciate low conflict but this was a little tepid as far as that goes. The real moments and genuine characters did save the book, besides it being an easy, sweet, and fun.

I plan to continue the series.
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review 2016-10-03 09:00
Review: Practice Makes Perfect by Sarah Title (@TitleAuthor)

Series: Southern Comfort, #5
Publisher: Lyrical Shine
Published: August 30, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 90 pages

I always stop and take a look at books featuring Librarians. I thought long and hard about becoming one, but finally decided that though I enjoy reading books, I personally wasn't professional librarian material.  However I still love libraries and those that take care of the books held within.

But this book had more than just librarians, it also had basset hounds. I have been in love with basset hounds since watching The Fox and The Hound as a child. Who can resist those sad eyes and that squishy face? Then we top that off with a guy who wears a bow tie. A history professor doing research about a brothel, all while wearing a bow tie. I mean, how adorkable is that?

The love story between Helen and Henry was one of friends to lovers. He was so sweet to read romance novels to help figure out how to woo Helen. I couldn't help but develop a bit of a crush on him as well.

This was a very nice read and I had a good time with it. Though this is part of a series, it would work fine as a stand alone.

Kensington and Netgalley provided me with this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Sometimes the best surprises come wrapped in a bow-tie…

Helen Lee has a top-secret dream: to publish a romance novel. There’s just one problem, and her most recent rejection letter doesn’t mince words: Helen can’t write a love scene to save her life. As Head of Reference at Willow Springs, Kentucky’s Pembroke College, Helen is hoping her library research skills will do the trick. But she may have to resort to a far more “hands-on” course of study. Luckily, there’s someone who’s more than happy to instruct her…

History professor Henry Beckham has noticed that his friend, Helen, is behaving strangely. Known for her laser sharp focus—not to mention her snorting laugh—she’s been oddly distracted. He misses that laugh. But it all makes sense when he catches Helen researching erotic writing and discovers her ambition. She seems to think her only option is to die of embarrassment or give up and surrender to spinsterhood in the company of her two basset hounds. Good thing Henry has a much more real-life approach in mind. And his tutorial just might teach them both a thing or two…
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31248236-practice-makes-perfect  http://amzn.to/2bw2pT6 http://goo.gl/ymr0Vb http://goo.gl/nW3s4U 
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Source: www.musingsandramblings.net/2016/10/review-practice-makes-perfect-sarah-title.html
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text 2015-10-21 16:07
Orchards in Romance Novels
A Season for Tending (Amish Vines and Orchards Series #1) - Cindy Woodsmall
The Fig Orchard - Layla Fiske
The Charmer (Assassins Guild #1) - C.J. Archer
Conor's Way - Laura Lee Guhrke
Sugar Creek (Destiny, Ohio Series #2) - Toni Blake
Sunrise Point (Virgin River, #19) - Robyn Carr
Miss Westlake's Windfall - Barbara Metzger
The Lemon Orchard - Luanne Rice
By Lori Foster Delicious [Mass Market Paperback] - Lori Foster
Sweet Hush - Deborah Smith

As Fall settles in, it is apple season around here. 


It is easy to see a love story play out in the orchard. 


Here are some wonderful Romances set in Orchards.



1. The Fig Orchard by Layla Fiske


In an isolated, tradition-bound village high above the Jordan River, balancing delicately amidst age-old superstitions and religious orthodoxy, Nisrina Huniah, a fifteen-year-old girl, is torn between innocent imaginings and looming apprehensions as she marries a man she has never met – only to fall in love on the night they are wed. 

Her joy, short-lived, takes a heart-wrenching turn when the encroaching World War fiercely shatters her reality, propelling her on an unexpected journey where she develops unlikely friendships that ultimately alter her perception of herself and the world around her.


2. A Season for Tending by Cindy Woodsmall


Old Order Amish Rhoda Byler’s unusual gift and her remarkable abilities to grow herbs and berries have caused many to think her odd. As rumors mount that Rhoda’s “gift” is a detriment to the community, she chooses isolation, spending her time in her fruit garden and on her thriving canning business.  
Miles away in Harvest Mills, Samuel King struggles to keep his family’s apple orchard profitable. As the eldest son, Samuel farms with his brothers, the irrepressible Jacob and brash Eli, while his longtime girlfriend Catherine remains hopeful that Samuel will marry her when he feels financially stable.  


3. The Charmer by C.J. Archer


andsome. Charming. Devastating. He was the last man she needed, but the only one she wanted. 

Orlando Holt has never assassinated a woman before. The lovely, feisty Lady Lynden will be his first. She's supposed to be a vicious murderess, but when Orlando begins to have doubts, he sets out to discover the identity of the person who hired him. What he learns will turn his world upside down, and propel him headlong into love with a woman who's immune to his charms. 

Twice widowed by the age of twenty-four, Lady Susanna Lynden has had enough of charming men. Her last husband knew all the right things to say to get her to the marriage bed…then made her life miserable. Money may be scarce and her house falling down around her, but the exotic fruit from her orange trees will keep poverty away. Except someone is thwarting her at every turn. Someone who may even want her dead. 


4. Conor's Way by Laura Lee Guhrke


Olivia Maitland needs a man. Determined to hang onto her family’s Louisiana farm no matter what, Olivia knows she needs a big, strong man to help her, a man who’s not afraid of hard work. But in the aftermath of the Civil War, men like that are hard to come by, and when she finds ex-boxer Conor Branigan lying unconscious in the road, Olivia takes him in, even though the hard, brawling Irishman isn’t exactly what she had in mind, especially when he ignites a passion in her she’s never felt before.
Conor knows what it’s like to pour all your hopes, dreams, and sweat into a piece of land only to have it come to nothing. He’d already seen his family destroyed and their lands taken during the Irish famine when he was a boy, and he has no intention of sticking around long enough to watch a corrupt man with power do the same thing to Olivia. But she and her three adopted daughters touch dreams in Conor he thought he’d forgotten long ago. Can he let go of the bitterness of his past and make a new future with Olivia? Can he believe in love again, or is it just too late for his cynical heart?


5. Sugar Creek by Toni Blake


Rachel Farris returned to her childhood home with one mission in mind: get Mike Romo out of her family's apple orchard business and out of their lives. But hard-nosed and totally hot Mike, who happens to be the law in Destiny, is convinced the Farris clan stole the land from his family fifty years ago and he's not backing down. Even when shapely trouble shows up in a pair of designer blue jeans. However, neither the hunky cop nor the sexy prodigal hometown girl can anticipate the electricity that heats things up whenever they're together—adding new sizzle to an ongoing feud that's raged for generations, and soon putting both their hearts at risk.


 6. Delicious by Lori Foster,  Lucy Monroe, and Sarah Title
With a full moon hanging over the apple orchards of Delicious, Ohio, romance is in the air, and three couples are about to experience the magic of falling in love. 

Down on Jonathan Avenue, the shy proprietor of the quaint bookstore can't seem to keep her fantasies about a famous writer to herself. While at The Old Orchard Inn the tempting smell of spiced hot cider lures an out-of-town investor to investigate the magnetic attraction of his sultry but strangely old-fashioned manager. And over at Apple of My Pie a play-by-the-rules accountant wants much more than tasty treats from the pop up food truck's capricious baker. 
7. Sunrise Point by Robyn Carr
ormer marine Tom Cavanaugh has come home to Virgin River, ready to take over his family's apple orchard and settle down. He knows just what the perfect woman will be like: sweet, decent, maybe a little naive. The marrying kind.

Nothing like Nora Crane. So why can't he keep his eyes off the striking single mother?

Nora may not have finished college, but she graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. She's been through tough times and she'll do whatever it takes to support her family, including helping with harvest time at the Cavanaughs' orchard. She's always kept a single-minded focus on staying afloat…but suddenly her thoughts keep drifting back to rugged, opinionated Tom Cavanaugh.

Both Nora and Tom have their own ideas of what family means. But they're about to prove each other completely wrong.…
8. Miss Westlake's Windfall by Barbara Metzger
Ada Westlake has turned down Viscount Ashmead—again, convinced that a marriage of convenience would ruin their perfect friendship. She then also fails to latch onto the fortune in coins she finds in her apple orchard, assuming it is tainted money. Though the viscount knows something about that money, he can’t possibly tell Ada, and so he watches her try to dispose of it—without much luck…
9. The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice
It’s been five years since Julia’s daughter died. When she arrives to housesit at her uncle’s home in Malibu, she longs only for peace. But to her surprise, Julia becomes drawn to Roberto, the handsome man from Mexico who oversees the lemon orchard. When Roberto reveals his own heartbreak, Julia recognizes his pain, but their stories have one striking difference: Roberto’s daughter was lost—and never found.



10. Sweet Hush by Deborah Smith


Her Harvard-student son just eloped with the First Daughter. CNN is parked on the road to her apple orchards. Secret Service agents have commandeered her country kitchen. The irate First Parents are threatening to have her taxes audited. The President's handsome, tough, ex-military nephew is setting up camp in her guest room. Hush McGillan's quiet Appalachian world of heirloom apples, country festivals, and carefully guarded family secrets has just been flipped like one of her famous Sweet Hush Apple Turnovers. What do you do when your brand-new-in-laws are the First Family, and they don't like you any more than you like them? And what happens next when you find yourself falling in love with the man they sent to unearth all your secrets?


Have more? Vote on my Goodreads list! Orchards in Romance Novels 

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