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review 2018-07-11 19:48
Airbag Scars: A Micah Reed Thriller #1 by Jim Heskett
Airbag Scars (Micah Reed #0) - Jim Heske... Airbag Scars (Micah Reed #0) - Jim Heskett

Airbag Scars: A Micah Reed Thriller #1 by Jim Heskett published by Royal Arch Books caught my attention with the title & synopsis. It looked intriguing. It was a four-star book and an enjoyable read, although parts of it were disturbing to me.


"He inhaled a lungful of air and the pain in his chest burned until he had to cough the breath out in jagged hitches.


So much didn’t make sense. He’d been in an accident, that was for sure. But finding himself behind the wheel of a car? No matter how many times he’d relapsed and ended up blacking out drunk, he would never get behind the wheel."


His body was sore but no bones were broken. His hands made it clear he had punched someone violently. Michael aka Micah checked himself into a detox facility. He had taught himself to respond to Micah after changing his name. Interacting with the other patients was not his strong suit. He overheard some of them complaining about how they were abused by the system, their families, etc.


"'Poor me, poor me, pour me another drink.'


"Micah couldn’t claim injustice because the events of the night before last were a terrible blur. No one to blame for his downfall. But he knew that a few weeks ago, he’d relapsed after stringing together several months of sobriety, and that first drink had been the mistake that set everything else in motion." He had to claim personal responsibility for his own actions.


His boss & sponsor, Frank met him. After he left the detox center & reclaiming his damaged car he returned to the condo in Denver that the US government had bought for him. He never felt comfortable in the downtown area since he'd grown up in small-town Oklahoma.


Link to purchase: Not for sale anywhere, available only through the author's website.

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review 2018-04-03 09:29
a good start!
Seeing Beyond the Scars (The Manx Cat Guardians #1) - JP Sayle
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. For the most part, I quite enjoyed this, but there was one issue that very nearly ruined it for me. EDITING. This book needs a major edit. Almost every other page there were words, while spelt correctly, did not fit in the sentence. Images, when it should have said imagine. Little things, that mount up, and because of this, I very nearly dumped it. It NEEDS mentioning, because it did effect my reading pleasure. THAT SAID! I did enjoy it, mostly. The tale of a little cat, looking after her charge. A damaged man, and a disillusioned man, coming together. Brad is pretty much a recluse, only going out his house when he HAS to. His new neighbour and his naughty cat have him all a-dither. Martin is hit with that "MINE" moment you usually get with shifters (there are no shifters in this book!) and the attraction is instant and powerful. HOT too! But I found it a little too much, too soon, you know?? Brad is damaged, emotionally and physically, by his history, and I would have expected him to be way more skittish. I would have liked some more of Princess, more specifically, about HER, and her sort of being and her people (for want of a better word!) We get hints and clues, but I'm left feeling like I missed something, you know?? Something important about her. A first time author and in places, it shows. BUT!!! One to watch out for, I think. A good start, as a new author, AND as the first in a series. I'd like to follow it, maybe I'll get what I'm missing from Princess. 3 solid GOOD stars **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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text 2018-03-30 10:39
REVIEW BY DEBBIE - Seeing Beyond the Scars (The Manx Cat Guardians #1) by JP Sayle
Seeing Beyond the Scars (The Manx Cat Guardians #1) - JP Sayle

Living in a quiet, controlled world, Brad Cummings does everything he can to not dwell on his traumatic past. Staying hidden, unaware that fate is about to turn his life upside down. A new neighbour has Brad questioning everything about his life and his feelings. Coming to terms with his new life, Brad has no idea something sinister lurks, watching and waiting to steal his happiness and drag him back into the horrors of his past. 

Martin Clegg was dissatisfied with his life, he finds himself drawn to a small island off the Irish Sea, but the draw to the mysterious house across the way is even stronger. A new business, a new house, a new neighbour who just may be the reason for the pull Martin felt. Everything about Brad calls to Martin, but Brad's past seems to stand between them. Can Martin protect his heart when he is also worried about protecting Brad from the evil that surrounds them? 

Guardian cats walk this earth, there to protect—if you are fortunate enough to be blessed by the fates. Princess is one such cat. As far as Brad knows, she is his quirky little cheeky black cat. 
Princess is sworn to hide her secret about her real nature. But when Brad finds himself in danger Princess breaks all the rules that govern her. Will there be consequences for her actions, only time will tell. 

Warning: Seeing Beyond the Scars is only for adult readers as it contains, scenes of a sexual nature between two consenting adults. 
There are no cliffhangers but it does connect to the up and coming second book in the series and does have a HEA ending.


@JPSayle69, @debbiereadsbook, #M_M, #Fantasy, #Romance, 3 out of 5 (good)


Source: sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/debbie/seeingbeyondthescarsthemanxcatguardians1byjpsayle
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review 2018-03-07 09:06
Kiss Your Scars - Avril Ashton

This book is undeniably Avril Ashton; her men love with an intensity I rarely get to experience. It's raw, brutal and beautiful. And no one can make criminals likeable like she can ;-)

Kiss Your Scars does have references to some really nasty shit in Renzo's past, but it still didn't quite pack the emotional punch I've gotten from most of her other books. It's still a great read and I cannot wait to get to know Renzo's friends in the next series.

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text 2018-03-03 16:59
Reading progress update: I've read 13%.
Kiss Your Scars - Avril Ashton

He dropped his gaze to Renzo’s fingers wrapped around his wrist and as he watched, Renzo’s thumb stroked him.
Back and forth over the inside of his wrist.
Every slide broke something inside him.

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