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text 2018-10-04 05:29
5 Attention-Grabbing Benefits of Wooden Trundle bed

If you are a person that like their furniture to work for them a little more than the trundle beds are ideal one for you. Trundle beds are the beds which come with a hidden bed frame beneath it. Hence, you enjoy two beds within one and save a lot of floor space.
Beds are the colossal unit in the bedroom that uses the floor space majorly, and if you get two beds in one frame, it would be wonderful. You will save oodles of space by incorporating pull out trundle bed. And, when you need the extra bed, you can simply pull it out from beneath the primary bed.

I recently purchased a wooden trundle bed online for my kid's bedroom from Wooden Street. It is the best purchase ever and is worth every penny. Basically, the primary bed is the top bed, and the secondary bed has wheels which support smooth mechanism to pull it out. Thus, it is simple and effective.
I have penned the benefits of truckle bed that you can attain! Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Dual comfort, dual bed:
The primary benefit of this furniture unit is that it comes with two beds within one frame and both the beds have sufficient space. So, a person can comfortably sleep on it. It is also beneficial for the kids, so if you have two kids and they are inseparable and want to sleep together, then trundle beds are the best.
You can even use them in the guest room, as guest rooms are generally smaller in size and any colossal unit can make it look much smaller. The trundle beds are the best solution for such rooms.

2. Storage drawers:
Wouldn't it be wonderful if there is an extra ‘extra' in the amazing trundle beds? Yes, the next benefit of these beds is that these come with storage drawers. On the wooden street, the Pear kids trundle bed comes with the storage drawers is a complete package of dual beds as well as ample storage space.
Thus, it will help you keep the things well-organised and de-cluttered. You also have easy access to the storage space, all you have to do is pull it out and dump all the quilts, extra bed sheets and pillows inside it.


3. Wooden trundle beds:
Wooden trundle beds come with an advantage of perfect durability and sturdiness. The solid wood such as sheesham and mango are the ideal material as they have resistance towards natural decay. Hence these will last longer than the other material. The finish options for the wooden material are also extensive, from a natural finish to dark tones everything is available.
Everything appears to much more fun and attractive if you add a splash of colour onto it, so you can even opt for vibrant colors such as blue, yellow, etc.



4. Perfect replacement of diwan:
These pull-out trundle beds can be used as a diwan in the living room. So, when unexpected guests arrive, you can use it as seating space, and if they are staying overnight and you don't have extra beds, then you can simply pull out the bed beneath the trundle bed and give them a comfortable sleeping space.


5. Roll in and save space:
These two in one bed provides two sleeping space while taking the space of only one bed. Thus, it saves a lot of floor space and leaves you with ample floor space that can be used for other purposes.


Conclusion :
The trundle beds provide a classic look to the bedroom. These are space savers and allows you to have the extra bed when needed with the simple ‘pull-out' mechanism. You can view the fantastic collection of trundle beds in different sizes, designs and colors on Wooden Street. They also have the facility of customization, where you can create your personal design, and they will deliver the exact same trundle bed at your doorstep.
Avail the 20% extra Navratri discount with the coupon code ‘NAVRATRI'.

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text 2018-09-11 09:55
Where can I buy a double bed with storage in India?

A double bed is big enough for two people to feel comfortable and relaxed. But, the double bed with storage offers comfortable sleeping space with extra space to store your belongings easily.


An excellent looking bed always balances your desires and needs.

Every type of double beds with storage are built in numerous designs and styles with variants in the storage options. These come in the different type of wood finishes which make the room look adorable. These beds are not rustic in their look, but the designer patterns carved on it looks graceful and endearing.


To give a long-lasting nature and robustness to the furniture, these beds are made of hardwoods. The hardwoods like Mango and Sheesham are the best for it. I have done significant research about where you can buy double bed storage and different type of double bed with storage.


You can buy double bed with storage from various online stores like- Wooden Street, Pepperfry and Urban Ladder. These stores have high-quality products at a reasonable price.


To make your work easier, below I have mentioned various types of the double bed with storage available at these stores.

King Size Bed :

When you have enough room space to sprawl out, king size bed with storage is the suitable option. This type of double bed provides luxurious comfort. King size bed doesn’t fit well in smaller bedrooms. The best thing about king size bed, however, these beds balance out larger bedrooms beautifully.

Queen Size Bed :

The queen size bed is the ideal choice for the guest’s room or small master bedrooms. The small size of this double bed with storage saves space and leaves more space to walk around.
This is the suitable option for those who like to redecorate often as it is easier to move around. When it comes to comfort, the height and the dimensions of this double bed with storage are conducive for convenient climbing and cosiness.

Poster Bed :

The poster beds are designed with the long posts, placed one at each corner. These posts can be used to support curtains and canopies for both functional and decorative purpose. These double beds are also available with the storage option where you can easily store extra stuff.

Trundle Bed :

The double bed with trundle is a low bed with wheels, placed beneath a taller bed that can be easily pulled out when necessary. This style of double bed with storage are great space-saver.

Upholstered Bed :

The upholstered bed is structured with frames and headboard which are covered and padded in the fabric. Its soft padding makes the headboard more comfortable with the classy look. These double beds with storage are available in various colours and textures and can be chosen according to your taste and comfort.


Hydraulic Bed :

The hydraulic beds provide a sufficient amount of storage space which you can access easily. These double beds have built-in storage underneath the mattress area and can be easily accessible by the gas lift mechanism. These beds are perfect for people living in small apartments, as these come with secret pockets, which allow space to hide unwanted items. By this style of double bed with storage, you can easily double your storage space.

Conclusion  :

The double bed with storage can bring up grandeur and add comfort to your bedroom. The decor's appeal can be enhanced many times with the inclusion of a double bed in the bedroom.

Online furniture store like Wooden Street has an extensive collection of good looking and comfortable wooden double beds. You can choose according to your requirements; they come in two options a storage type and another one without storage.

To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 woodenstreet.com.


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text 2018-08-27 12:28
Bar Cabinets: Intoxicating Way To Store Your Liquor

Are you tired of drinking in the noisy pubs? Then why not built an area dedicated to relaxing and drinking at your home? Bar furniture is the first step to creating this area, and Bar cabinets are the fundamental part of it.


From being showstopper furniture at your abode to being the most useful entity for storage of expensive bottles of wines, these are the best furniture unit for the home bar.
After researching a lot and knowing about the usability of this fantastic wooden bar cabinet. I got one for my abode from Wooden Street. The variety of wooden bar cabinets at their store was awesome, but I was looking for something which could be more like the one I saw in a pub. So, I customized the entire bar cabinet according to my requirements. Wooden Street did a heck of a job in building the exact bar cabinet.
For I have enjoyed the customization facility, I would like you to know the procedure of this fantastic service in detail and how beneficial it is for you!!

Let’s get to the points:


How to get a customized Bar cabinet online in India?


Bar cabinets are going to be the focal point in the home bar area as all the booze will be within it.


1. Get a quick check of the space available:
For finding the measurements of your wooden bar cabinets, it is vital for you to check whether enough space is available or not. So measure the floor area of the home bar and accurately measure the length, height, width of the space where you are going to assemble the furniture.


2. Size of the bar cabinet:
The size of the bar cabinet can be easily be calculated by the first step mentioned above. You will get to know what size will fit the best, whether you need a narrow and tall bar cabinet or a shorter and wider bar cabinet.


3. Material for the foundation:
There is a variety of material to choose from for your bar cabinet. Wood is the most tried, tested and true material for any furniture unit. Solid wood like Sheesham and mango are the finest wood for the construction of any furniture including bar cabinets.
Sheesham and mango wood are aesthetically beautiful as they have a lovely looking grain pattern on them; moreover, these are the strongest and durable of all the material.


4. Style of bar cabinets:
With all the measurements and selecting the material, it is now the time to choose what type of bar cabinet you wish to have. For this purpose, sketch out a rough layout of what you want and provide the details to the furniture store's customer care.
Keep in mind the number of bottles you own and how many wine bottle holders and glass holders do you require in your design. Whether you want an extra serving platform on the top of the cabinet or you want something simple and also ask yourself whether you want glass doors or simple wooden doors.


After, you get the answer to these questions you can finally sketch out the layout.


Bar cabinets are highly useful if you have a knack for storing wines or other intoxicating drinks. These have cavities to store your bottles and glassware safely and organized. Moreover, the bottles corks will stay moist hence not affecting the quality of the wine. The longer you store these, the better they taste, and this can be achieved by installing a bar cabinet in your abode.


Choose the one which fulfills your requirement. There are small designs to keep a few bottles and glasses to large structures where you can place 10-12 bottles. You can trust the wooden street if you are looking forth to buy a bar cabinet online. They have the customisation facility that we discussed above, and they also have already tailored products. So, you can select whatever you wish.


Don’t miss a chance to buy the bar cabinets online with WS and enjoy the special deals & offers.

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url 2018-08-13 06:59
Sleep Trends Mattress | Two Sided Mattress

You get a deeper and longer uninterrupted sleep with more support and less pain with Layla Mattresses. Our products always deliver customer satisfaction. You can visit our website for customer reviews or call us at 844-775-2952.

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text 2018-08-07 06:33
7 Different Types of Chairs Associated with Quality of Life

Well, I am quite fond of the adjustable office chair which I use in front of my computer. Everyone has a personal chair to which we get attached. For me, it represents the place where I work and, therefore, holds special importance as an aspect of my livelihood.

Even, my father has an attachment to the chair which is positioned in front of the television, and when he returned home from work, that chair was always the first place he would go.


You can easily buy wooden chairs online from Wooden Street, and this store has the number of designs and styles, one can easily get a perfect match for their home.

Below I am describing the different types of chairs which you should know before buying this furniture unit.


Dining Chairs :

Dining room in our home is a meeting place where comfort and style are considered as important factors. Dining chairs are the significant piece of furniture which offers support as well as stylish in your dining area.


Metal Chairs :

Colors, Colours and many colors!!! Metal chairs are available in bright colors which can add dramatic feel. This piece of furniture offers comfort as well as unique design, and it can really make a significant change in your outdoor as well as the indoor area.

Well, I personally think that the metal chairs can be the beauty enhancer for your garden area. Wooden Street has a huge collection of colorful metal chairs.


Study Chairs :

The study chairs are the best way to give an elegant look and provide incredible comfort. This furniture unit is the first thing to strike when anyone thinks of setting up a working area in the home. Whether it is a study chair for students or a study chair for adults, these chairs are the fundamental unit of any studying or working area. These chairs can also be used as the office chairs.


Lounge Chairs :

The lounge chairs are an attractive and appealing piece of furniture which makes your room more alive. This unit of furniture offers you a place where you can sit, relax, chat and unwind after a long and tiring day. You can also use this furniture unit in your office; moreover, it will create an air of professionalism and make clients feel comfortable.

Wooden Street has a wide range of lounge chairs, you can easily get a perfect one for office as well as home.


Wing Chairs :

Modern and timeless, refined and dramatic, majestic and elegant – the wing chairs, with its history dating back for hundreds of years. It was meant to be a kind of fireplace companion with its unique design. But, now these chairs are becoming more stylish than earlier versions so that you can use them in any type of room seating.


Rocking Chairs :

The rocking chair which is built for relaxing is one of the greatest joys in life. It feels so good to gently tilt back and forth in the most comfortable chair in the home, especially after a tiring day on your feet. And doing this each and every day for decades to come can give many health benefits. Or I can say you can rock healthily with this unit of furniture.


Arm Chairs :

The armchairs are relatively compact but are perfect for homes which have the shortage of space and do not want to compromise on comfort. It has arms for 1950s vibe and wide seat and comes with fixed covers, tapered legs, and a sprung seat.


Conclusion :

Every type of chair plays a significant role in our home by providing comfort. This unit of furniture is available in the online furniture store Wooden Street, in numerous designs and styles to suit the various desires and needs.

To know more about the wooden furniture, you can call us at 91-9314444747 or visit woodenstreet.com.


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