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text 2020-12-07 11:30
Wall hung Vanity units; an eye-popping bathroom storage solution
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People reimagine about their bathrooms. They have natural desire to make look of their living spots more elegant and striking. People in the contemporary era have changed. There is blatant shift in their desires, choices and ambitions regarding bathroom furniture. They have become much vigilant about the changing trends of marketing and styles as well as designs. Because of globalization, people have become much aware about the things which they plan to buy. Internet has played a pivotal role in making them aware. The same thing is repeated with the bathroom products. Customers get much information about their purchases of bathroom products to make their look more eye grabbing. Thus, this most important fact of awareness of customers is kept in mind during preparation of the bathroom products buy not compromising on quality. Bathroom Wall hung Vanity units are prepared in this regard to give you more and more option to glorify look of your bathrooms.


Addition of unique and fabulous units


That is the era of styles and fashions. People have become much conscious about the styles and design patterns of the products on which they are going to invest in. They work out the product to which they are going to purchase. By considering this aspect of customers important, latest styles, as well as fashions, are applied on the preparation of the wall mounted vanity units. The most important thing is that traditional methods are also applied in the preparation of the units but under the sway of innovative ideas. Changes are made up under the aegis of the latest ideas which are getting momentum in choices of people. Traditional injection but in new ways is extremely a positive thing that can never be ignored. You will never stop yourself from getting attracted toward the products or units which are made up under the sway of the latest fashions and styles by preserving the traditional look of the product. Wall hung vanity unit with ceramic basin are the most important in this regard with other products of the category. Some of them are as below;


  • Parade 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Basin & Cabinet
  • Cardinal 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Modern Minimalist 400mm Ebony Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Basin
  • Eden 800mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet
  • Modern Minimalist 400mm Gloss White Wall Hung Cloakroom Vanity Unit & Basin
  • Premier Vault 400mm Natural Oak Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Vault 400mm Grey Avola Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Mid Edge Basin & Cabinet
  • Premier Athena 500mm Driftwood 2-Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit with Mid-Edged Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 500mm Gloss Grey Wall Hung Vanity Unit Minimalist Basin & Cabinet
  • Hudson Reed Coast 600mm Gloss White Wall Hung Vanity Unit Mid Edge Basin & Cabinet

Affordable Rates to preserve your economic stacks


In the contemporary, psychic patterns of customers have been changed. They always look for the products which can not only save their money as much as it is possible but also glorify look of their bathrooms. People desire two things at the same. On one side hand, they want to invest in the bathroom products which are economical as well as affordable. On the other hand, they desire to buy the products or wall hung sink unit which can make their bathrooms striking. Royal Bathrooms procures this demand of customers by offering them affordable rates as well as beautiful bathroom items for adornment cause. So, preserve your economic stacks by glorifying your bathrooms.


Variety of sizes for your cause


Sizing aspect is the most important aspect that can never be ignored because people have to make a proper space of their bathrooms following the units to which they plan to fix in. Some people prefer small bathrooms in which they have to fix small basin units. Most of them like to have luxurious bathrooms which can uplift their status in the eyes of guests who will come to visit their homes. To adjust this aspect of diversity, variety is created in the bathroom products for the best cause of customers. 600 wall hung vanity unit is made up to facilitate you more and more as per your desires. Most important vanity units of this category are as below;

Wall hung vanity units 1200 mm are also manufactured for the best cause of customers. These are prepared in highly decorated manners that will surely perfect decision of you to add them in your bathroom products. Some of them are as below;

  • Premier Athena 1200mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung 2-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Driftwood Wall Hung 2-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Hacienda Black Wall Hung 4-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin
  • Premier Athena 1200mm Driftwood Wall Hung 4-Drawer Vanity Unit Cabinet with Double Basin

Make your dream of beautifying bathrooms practical with the vanity units.

Source: royalbathrooms.co.uk
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review 2020-06-25 21:37
The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
The Only Good Indians - Stephen Graham Jones

I kept hearing whispers about this book. People were SO excited and wanted it so badly and those whispers stuck in my head but I hadn’t read the author and I REFUSED to visit Netgalley because I have absolutely zero willpower when it comes to their offerings. But then a few super early reviews came in and naturally I had a weak moment and hit up NetGalley and I am not at all sorry. Well, perhaps a wee bit because there was some animal stuff in here that was hard to read (prepare thyself) but trust me when I say this book is an experience that has the power to take your damn breath away. I don’t say that about a lot of books, hardly any at all actually, but this one managed to do it several times.

It’s about a horrifically bleak and terrible dark deed done by a few over-zealous young punks on a part of the reservation that did not belong to them. This memory will follow and haunt them (as well it should if you ask me). This book is painful to read but truly hard to put down at the same time. Whenever I had to put it aside to return to reality it lingered at the edges of my brain.

“When the whole world hurts, you bite it, don’t you?”

I struggled with this review. I kept starting it and stopping it fearing I’d never be able to do any kind of justice to it without spoiling the hell out of it and I am not going to do that. This book shocked me even though I was warned that it was going to do just that. I figured, “Nah it’s not going to get ME” but I was wrong. The writing is engaging and harrowing, the characters flawed and hard to look away from and it’s simply a beautifully tragic masterpiece of horror on so many levels with anguish so strong you can feel it stain your soul. Read it if you want your heart ripped out of your chest, chewed up, spit out, rubbed in the bloody dirt, and then super glued back together with your tears.

Brilliantly breath-stealing. Just go read it if this is at all something that you think you’re into. I'm giving this one a rare five star because it is deserving and this book is the reason why I am so miserly with my five stars!

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review 2020-05-23 20:39
The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones
The Only Good Indians - Stephen Graham Jones

Ten years ago, four young Native American men poach elk on tribal lands set aside for elders. They are caught. There is more to the story.


'The Only Good Indians' is a brilliant, slow build, of a novel. Once events start really going wrong in the first section it just keeps coming. A reset for the second and third part of the novel build even faster. Very unnerving, and not for anyone still traumatized by 'Where the Red Fern Grows' or 'Bambi'.


Unfortunately for my husband, I am often a movie talker. At least when viewing at home, don't get me started on those youths talking to each other through a movie up front. Just exit and smoke behind the building like decent folk. Your parents will never know. ANYWAY, at home, I ask questions no one could possibly answer for me, I gesticulate, I shout. I stand up and leave the room only to turn around, stand on the threshold, and ask more questions. Books don't often do that to me, but this was one of them.


These characters were amazing. i should say more about the book, but read the other reviews! This book nails it. I am going to check out more from Jones and, with encouragement from the excellent 'Empire of Wild', I'm going to need to read more horror from First Nations authors, too.

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review 2020-05-14 14:32
The Only Good Indians
The Only Good Indians - Stephen Graham Jones

I liked how this book had an eerie feeling to it as I read it. When I finish reading a novel, I always take a few minutes to look at the novel’s cover to see if what I had just read, matches what the outside looks like.  When I looked at this book’s cover, I realized that this cover described this book perfectly.  It was everything: from that deer, to the variety of texts, to the use of shadowing and the dark colors chosen on the cover, this was the novel.  I thought this novel had a taunting, shadowy feeling which I really enjoyed.  I never knew what would happen when I turned the next page. 


The novel is about what happened when four Native American guys were out hunting one day.  It was the last time these four guys would be together hunting.  Cass was driving, the weather was getting bad, but they couldn’t stop now, they wanted to end their season on a high note.  They were hunting elk and they went into an area that was off-limits to them.  Yeah, I was thinking all kinds of problems now but nothing like what was coming. 


It’s been ten years since that day that the boys went hunting. Out hunting that day, Cass told his friends that he would take the heat for whatever happened that day but it doesn’t work that way because every single one of them was involved and they’ll all pay a price. 


I like how Jones lets us get to know the characters. Jones has a unique style of writing.  I love the times when I get so involved in my reading that I yearn to be inside the book and get the full effect. With Jones’ writing, I wanted to jump inside his book and witness first-hand what was transpiring.  I wanted to see the characters faces, see exactly everything that they’re seeing and witness the events.  This was an entertaining read for me.


Thank you to BookishFirst for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

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review 2019-11-11 05:15
The Only Good Indians
The Only Good Indians - Stephen Graham Jones

This is a truly strange book, and I like that about it. Jones really nails the whole creeping dread, slow burn, unhinged reality thing. And I am here for it. I also appreciated how much of this story was tied to Native American experiences and storytelling. This book couldn't have been written by, or about, white people and been even remotely similar. The horror, characters, and narrative all tie so tightly into native topics that you could never pull them apart. It was probably my favorite part.


I don't want to say too much about this one because I'm so glad I went into it blind, and I recommend avoiding spoilers as much as possible. All you need to know is this is a uniquely Native American take on the horror genre and it is chock full of tragedy, humanity, striking visuals, creeping dread, and a supernatural element that will chill you to your core. I was gritting my teeth and fighting the urge to look away, even as I read past my bedtime. If any of that sounds like it might be up your alley give this book a try.



The Only Good Indians hits shelves in April of 2020.

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC!

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