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url 2018-11-26 09:41
Custom Made Tailored Shirts Belgium – CG Tailors

Discover a wide variety of Custom Made Tailored Shirts at CG Tailors. Our beautiful tailored Shirts are of Classic or Italian Style, which gives you a natural combo of professionalism and elegance. Fix your next appointment with CG Tailors!

Source: cgtailors.com/made-to-measure-shirts-belgium
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text 2018-11-13 07:55
New Believers Billboard Brand Available At Christian Clothing Store Online Distinctive Christin T-Shirts & Clothing

It is hard to find cool Christian clothing that stands out to you as you look through your closet for something to wear. Believers Billboard clothing is a unique brand of Christian T-Shirts, clothing, and accessories. Unlike many of the common Christian T-shirts and Christian clothing for sale, Believers Billboard is Christian clothing that finds its home in secular settings. While every design is inspiredby prayer, reflection, and scripture, not every shirt makes reference to specific scripture like most Christian clothing available. The goal of the Believers Billboard brand is to be a witness to the Lord by making a visual statement that allows the viewer to shape the design into the meaning of their own life. The ultimate prayer is to bring the wearer of the clothing closer in their relationship with God and to inspire others that view the clothing to seek a relationship with Christ. All designs are original and unique to the Believers Billboard brand. New designs and apparel choices are continually added to the collection.


Believers Billboard brand cool christian t shirts and clothing was founded out of prayer by David Benic. God made us all so different from one another. David is inspired to design clothing that represents you and our Lord! Some like a simple design to walk soft, and others like a bold design to shout from the mountaintops! You will find it here. If you have a design idea you would like to see on clothing;please contact David to see if he can make it for you. God is good and inspires others!


If you would like to view the Believers Billboard clothing collection online, the official website of the believers Billboard brand is Christiantshirtsandclothing. Christian T-Shirts & Clothing is David’s third ministry. His prayer is that you will help him shine a light on the Lord with Christian clothing. There are so many other good tools in God’s tool-shed too! Christian music is a favorite of David’s as well. If you have not given Christian music a listen, please do. Christian movies are also very cool. So is Christian clothing!


Please be sure to check out the entire Believers Billboard collection at Christiantshirtsandclothing. David Benic can be reached at:


DRB3 Enterprises LLC

1636 N Cedar Crest Blvd, #512

Allentown, PA 18104-2318





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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-11-09 20:27
Al Capone Does My Shirts
Al Capone Does My Shirts - Gennifer Choldenko

Some light spoilers follow. 


Interesting concept bogged down by too many characters and too many storylines. 


Choldenko (I thought this author's name was Cholden for the longest time because our spine labels only carry the first 7 of an author's surname) was unconvincing writing as a boy. I think the book suffers from being limited to Moose's perspective alone. I didn't really understand his relationship with his mother until his father spells it out at one point. And what as the deal with Piper? I felt like I was getting whiplash trying to figure out if Moose liked her or not (and ultimately it's a moot point, so why include it at all? He seemed to like Scout about the same as Piper and I preferred that relationship). 


The historical fiction aspect was also a big miss for me. I only really knew it was the 1930s because the book kept telling me and because they were living on Alcatraz. 


Almost every aspect seems to exist to service the plot, which was too fractured for me to really get into it. I wish the story were more streamlined, characters were better developed, and the conflicts made more explicit. One of the main conflicts is so vague I think that made it more sinister than Choldenko intended. However, I also think this is something only adults would worry about and that the lack of details will be fine for kids reading the books (they'll either pick up on it or they won't). 


 I will admit to getting chills at the ending. I really bought into the mythos of Al Capone on Alcatraz. That aspect of the book was effective. But that part of the book is gone so quickly and then the whole thing is over, it's hard to say that it felt that satisfying. I'd be interested to see where the sequels go, but I'll probably just Google the books rather than reading them. 


ETA: There is a scene at the end of the book between Moose and the warden that I did really like. Moose thinks how the warden tells him that Moose is almost a man and needs to act like it, but the warden treats Moose like a child. That to me is the 12-year-old feeling. That weird transitional period of life. I wanted more of that. 

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