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text 2017-10-09 16:01
Future Japanese mystery reads
The Moai Island Puzzle - Ho-Ling Wong,Alice Arisugawa
The Devil's Disciple - Shiro Hamao,J. Keith Vincent,Hamao Shiro
The Ginza Ghost: and other stories - Keikichi Osaka,Ho-Ling Wong
The Tattoo Murder Case (Soho crime) - Akimitsu Takagi
All She Was Worth - Miyuki Miyabe
The Devotion of Suspect X: A Detective Galileo Novel - Keigo Higashino,Alexander O. Smith

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders makes me want more Japanese mysteries. Sadly, that appears to be the only book by Shimada translated into English, and I've already read everything available in English by Yukito Ayatsuji, the first similar author that comes to mind.


It looks like The Moai Island Puzzle and The Ginza Ghost are my best bets for mysteries similar in style to Shimada's book. The others in my list also seem like good possibilities, although not necessarily similar to The Tokyo Zodiac Murders in style.

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text 2017-09-27 08:46
A Few Tips for Protecting Dogs from Mosquito Bites

According to Christopher Ingraham of The Washington Post, “Mosquitoes may be the absolute worst organism inhabiting Earth today.” Aside from the annoyance and aggravation that billions of itchy bites bring, mosquitoes carry a number of terrible diseases that annually kill hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Humans have sprays and other defenses to battle dangerous mosquitoes, but these insects can be just as problematic for our defenseless pets, especially dogs.


 Dogs love to be outdoors, particularly when the weather is nice. Since we cannot lock our four-legged friends indoors during an entire mosquito-season, we must take steps to minimize exposure to bites and the potentially deadly diseases they transmit.


  • Eliminate Stagnant Water


Similar to humans, mosquitoes require water to live. Reducing access to water can prevent adult mosquitoes from breeding and producing even more of the pests. In addition to standing water in yards, birdbaths and other common areas, continually monitor water in dog bowls and eliminate stagnant water near room air conditioners and planters.


  • Avoid Mosquitoes’ Peak Times


Mosquitoes are most active at dawn, dusk and through the night but sleep or rest during the day. Therefore, owners should minimize the amount of time their dogs spend outside during these times. Dogs can be walked during the day, instead, while the mosquitoes are most likely to be inactive.


  • Fix Damaged Screens


Mosquitoes enter homes through open doors and windows or those with ineffective screens. It is important to have windows and screens maintained and, if necessary, repaired to prevent mosquitoes from entering. Also remember to fill gaps between frames and any window air conditioners.


  • Use Natural Repellents


Research has shown that it can be very dangerous to apply human insect repellent to dogs. Human repellent is specially formulated for human skin and contains chemicals such as DEET. These chemicals offer effective protection against insects without causing any harm to humans. However, in animals, these same repellents can cause skin irritation, seizures and vomiting so always use natural mosquito repellent for dogs.


For those owners searching for a trusted source of effective repellant and lotion for dogs, look no further than Green Goo. Green Goo’s exclusive Animal First Aid Salve is perfect for dry, cracked and blistered paws, bothersome insect bites and also wound care.


About Green Goo:  


Green Goo is a respected supplier of specially-developed and 100% natural mosquito repellant and lotions for dogs. Green Goo also sells a full range of exclusive products for humans including tattoo lotion, deodorant, first aid and pain relief salves, soaps and other skin care products. Each product is 100% natural and proudly created using ages-old homeopathic herbal wisdom and never propanediol, aluminum or other harmful ingredients.


For more information, please visit Greengoohelps.com



Original Source: https://goo.gl/EuS9pq


Source: greengoohelps.com/collections/farm-ranch/products/bugs-be-gone-4-5oz-bottle
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text 2017-08-31 01:25
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer
The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo - Amy Schumer

A special thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Well colour me surprised! I actually enjoyed The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo way more than I thought I would. There were things that made me laugh, and things that moved me too. I could have done without the lists, and most certainly done with out the chapter on her stuffed animals, but other than that, I felt she was incredibly honest, and real.

She shares with readers some truly painful experiences. The way she lost her virginity was sad, horrific, and painful. Schumer was also in an abusive relationship that resulted in a few terrifying ordeals that left me feeling incredibly sad for her, but optimistic in that maybe by sharing her story, she gave someone else the courage to leave an abusive relationship. My heart went out to her when she spoke of her father's MS, but she did take things a bit too far (poop story) and this was not necessary. I could empathize when she wrote about her mother, and their volatile relationship—she has had to establish some pretty tough and firm boundaries. Many mothers and daughters walk a fine line, and I really struggle to understand why women are so cruel to other women, oftentimes this starts out with criticisms from one's mother.

I love that she is unabashedly a feminist. She is also kind, smart, and doesn't make apologies for any of her failures or shortcomings. She works hard, and is of course funny.

“I know my worth. I embrace my power. I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story. I will. I’ll speak and share and fuck and love, and I will never apologize for it. I am amazing for you, not because of you. I am not who I sleep with. I am not my weight. I am not my mother. I am myself. And I am all of you."

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photo 2017-08-30 05:17
Shop Green Goo Tattoo Care Lotion for Healing your Tattoo Naturally

The life of your tattoo greatly depends on the care that you give it during the healing period. The freshly inked skin is tender and sensitive and therefore it needs special care and attention. The tattoo care lotion provided by Green Goo has an ointment which is rich in ingredients that help in healing your skin. To shop now visit our website.

Source: greengoohelps.com/collections/tattoo-care
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review 2017-08-11 23:57
Thorn (Thorn Tattoo Studio) by Leslie North
Thorn (Thorn Tattoo Studio Book 2) - Leslie North



The power of a second chance leads to one of the most beautifully written and highly unforgettable romances. Thorn is about taking a chance when the chips are down and the heart is a mess. A family in crisis, a business at a crossroads and a man in pain. Known for her intriguing heroes and sultry vixens, Ms. North tamps down the heat and delivers more of the sweet. The tattooed bad boy with the broken heart and the battered soul meets his match in a flower child woman with a few choice secrets of her own.

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